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9 Tips to Save You Hundreds While Traveling This Summer

The temperatures are rising, the rain clouds are dissipating and clothes are getting shorter, smaller and thinner by the day-summer is finally upon us. Every year tens of millions of Americans pull the suitcases out of the closets and basements and start packing them, reading themselves for the annual rite of passage-the summer vacation or road trip. For decades this these multi week, mid year sabbaticals have taken place upon great anticipation with increasing sophistication as the years go by.

Initially, these vacations consisted of nothing more that a station wagon, a road map and a car full of people but as technology has advanced, gone are the days of a Woody driving down an empty stretch of Route 66 and upon us are the times of travel websites, passenger planes and rental cars.

Although the internet can be used for nefarious activities, its initial creation and greatest use is for the transfer and sharing of information. It is because of this that you must realize that the internet is your best friend and within its bowels are millions of useful tips on how to keep hundreds of your dollars where they belong which is in your pocket.

With the recent economic events taking place around the globe and especially in America, most people think the days of summer vacations are gone but I’m here to show you how to not only have a memorable summer vacation but how to do it in style and without emptying your wallet. The economy is bad and everyone realizes it but what most people don’t realize is that travel companies realize this too and are hungry for your business. Because of this a few extra steps taken by you could lead to a few hundred dollars saved. In the following article I will offer a few tips on how to the internet as well as some old fashioned charm to help save hundred if not thousands on summer trips this season.

Tip#1- Do your research on the areas you plan to visit. Get online and see if any hotels, rental car agencies or businesses in the area are offering discounts that might be valuable to you.

Tip #2- Sign up for a few loyalty programs offered by different hotels. Almost every hotel chain nowadays offers some sort of discount program for customers and membership is usually free. This can help you in a few ways. By participating in these programs you can usually receive 10% off hotel rates, free upgrades or services or “points” that can be used for gift cards, flier miles, or anything else under the sun. A way to maximize this opportunity is to sign up for two competing hotel chain memberships. If you go to a hotel chain and mention that you are a member of a rival hotel chain’s loyalty program, the hotel will usually give you an even deeper discount of 15% or more as well as “double points” in order to “steal” your business away from their rivals.

Tip #3- Don’t use travel booking websites like Expedia, Travelocity, hotwire, etc… as you can usually find deals even better than theirs on your own with a little research and save yourself the “cut” that website would have taken out of the price you pay for your hotel. These websites usually pay 25-30% less than the BAR (Best Available Rate) as it is known in the hotel industry at hotels and then charge you a 10-15% premium for their services. You can bypass this middleman by calling the hotel yourself and talking to the front desk or sales agent. If hotels are experiencing low occupancy they will generally be willing to drop the rate by upwards of 15-20% if you drive a hard bargain and will usually upgrade you to a suite as well. A little more haggling can get you an early check, late check out or discount coupons for local restaurants.

Tip #4- For those who are renting vehicles to travel in instead of flying or taking your own vehicle, the best thing you can do before renting a vehicle is browsing competing rental agencies for deals. Car rental agencies often offer discounts on their websites that aren’t offered at the physical locations unless you mention them yourself.

Tip #5- Go to and type in “car rental discount codes” and see what pops up. Car rental and hotel websites are like adult video games in the sense that if you insert certain codes into their website at the checkout stage, the codes will trigger “cheats” that drop rates, offer incentives, etc… For instance, Hertz is currently offering a waiver of the fee they charge for drivers under age 25. This fee can easily surpass 20 dollars a day and if you are renting a vehicle for a week, this discount alone saves you at least $100 bucks. All you have to do is insert the listed code into the code field at the checkout screen and there you go. Other codes found on drop the rate by 25% a day, upgrade the trim level of the vehicle, offer free tanks of gas or add in free insurance. To make this even better, a lot of these codes can be doubled up to add even better value.

Tip #6- For those who are flying and taking the quicker route to your destination, try to book your flight as far in advance as you can. Southwest airlines is offering flights for as cheap as $35 one way and the only requirement is that you book the flight at least 25 days in advance.

Tip #7-For those of you who are driving their own vehicles, it could save you a lot of money to visit a few mechanic shops and take advantage of free services they offer. You can get free A/c checks at a lot of places during the summer as well as free brake checks, fluid checks, and discounted diagnostic tests. Meineke offers free A/C and brake checks, Autozone will scan your car’s ECU for trouble codes and check engine light problems for free, and a lot of places are offering discounted tune-ups.

Tip #8- For those do-it-yourselfers out there, websites like, and can be godsends. For instance, offers free articles on how to turn your gas guzzler into a gas sipper. can take you to websites that tell you how to give your car a tuneup and gives you video tutorials on how to change your own oil, brakes, spark plugs, etc…Did you know that adding Seafoam to your engine manifold can clean your fuel injectors and boost horsepower and fuel mileage? Or that adding 3 ounces of 100% pure acetone to your gas tank can boost your MPG by up to 5 miles per gallon?

Tip #9- If you have internet access while on your trip, whether it be via an iphone or other web enabled phone, a laptop using McDonald’s free wifi, or other means, you can check on for the cheapest gas in your area as well as best routes to take to get to your destination.

All in all, there are many ways that you can save yourself hundreds of dollars and all you have to do is take a few minutes out of your day. The internet is your friend and is a wealth of information and using this to your advantage can be extremely advantageous to your wallet. So when you take that trip this summer, implement some of these tips and watch as your wallet stays bloated and your credit card balance stays slim. Happy vacationing!

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A Saga-21 Against 10,000. Battle of Saragarhi

In 1897 the Afghan tribe’s men notably the Afridi and Orkazai tribes revolted against the British. In an effort to contain them the British had earlier built two forts at Lockhart and Gulistan.In between these Forts they had set up a small heliographic communication post. This post consisted of a small block house with loop holed ramparts made of stone and brick. At 9:00 am Sept 12th, 1897, 10,000 Afghan tribal troops launched a surprise attack on Saragarhi. Saragarhi was manned by 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikh Regiment. The man in charge was Havildar Ishwar Singh.

When the attack began the Sikhs were heavily outnumbered and accordingly they signaled to their Officer Commanding Col Haughten for relief. However as the fort was under attack and the tribes men had surrounded Saragarhi the relief column could not reach Saragarhi. As the Afghans could not make much head way against the fort they made repeated attempts to make the Sikhs to surrender. But these were ignored.

The battle lasted six hours and the Afghan Muslims lost over 1000 dead. Ishwar Singh ordered his soldiers to defend Saragarhi at any cost. He was aware that in case Saragarhi was captured the situation at Fort Lockhart would be disastrous and the resultant control of the British over this region (NWFP) would be greatly weakened. The battle continued for 6 hours and repeated charges of the Afghan were repelled. However with ammunition running low and causalities mounting the Afghans finally managed to break through & capture the post.

In meantime, the British forces had attacked the Afghan forces from the rear and opened a path to the fort. However the Afghans fled and the British were confronted by a burnt out fort and the bodies of the 21 Sikh soldiers who had fought to the bitter end. The Afghans won the battle but it was a Pyrrhic victory for them, for they lost as per credible accounts over 100 dead. Ultimately, Havaldar Ishwar Singh and his 20 men, all died in the defense of Saragarhi

Sepoy Gurmukh Singh will be forever remembered as he gave a minute by minute account of the battle to the forts with his flags. He was the last to die in hand to hand combat. The battle of Saragarhi will forever be remembered as a tribute to the valiant fighting qualities of the Sikhs. Let us salute them and soldiers all over the world learn what bravery is all about. This day the 12th of September is a classic page in the annals of the Indian army.

The House of Lords and House of commons recognized the courage of the 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikh regiment by paying homage to their bravery by standing up to a tumultuous ovation.All the soldiers were awarded the Indian Order of Merit, the equivalent of the Victoria Cross of its day. We talk of Thermopylae but Saragarhi is a living legend- to be remembered for all times to come.

Field Marshal WJ Slim had this to say about the bravery of the Sikhs at Saragarhi ” You are never disappointed when you are with the Sikhs. Those 21 soldiers all fought to the death. That bravery should be within all of us…….”.

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According to a Museum, Dinosaurs Were on Noah's Ark

The attractions at a museum range in size, content, and even geological location. However, at Kentucky’s Creation Museum, the message being said is under quite a bit of scrutiny from religious groups and scientists alike. The museum is saying dinosaurs sailed on a ship, which is uncommon, to say the least. However, this ship is not just any old ship. It’s Noah’s Ark.

The creators of the museum hope to attract as many as .5 million people every year to this new exhibit, which makes the Bible’s first book, Genesis, truth.

The $27 million dollar museum has drawn laughs from the media, as well as the U.S. scientists, those who believe God created the Earth in six days feel their views are finally being properly represented.

Among other biblical wonders, the exhibits at this museum claim dinosaurs coexisted with humans at one point in time, that dinosaurs were passengers on Noah’s Ark, and that Cain only married his sister to populate Earth.

Many are planning on protesting the museum’s opening on Monday. In fact, many scientists and moderate Christians were pleased with the signs of protest during the museum’s opening news conference. During the conference, an aircraft with a banner saying “Thou Shalt Not Lie” flew overhead.

Opponents of the museum’s message feel children will not be educated by this exhibit, but simply confused, as in school children learn the universe is 14 billion years old, as opposed to 6,000 years old.

“What we’ve done here is to give people an opportunity to hear information that is not readily available … to challenge them that really you can believe the Bible’s history,” said president of the group Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, to Yahoo! News.

Imagine the reaction on a teacher’s face when the students arrive in class a day after viewing the museum only to be more confused. After all, church and state are supposed to be separated. How would a teacher defend his/her teaching when some school districts dictate whether or not religious viewpoints may be brought into the classroom environment?

Dr. Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Centre for Science Education, told reporters, “Teachers don’t deserve a student coming into class saying ‘Gee Mrs. Brown, I went to this fancy museum and it said you’re teaching me a lie”.

In fact, a Gallup poll from just last year noted that almost half of Americans do not believe in human evolution, but rather that humans were created by God within the last ten centuries.

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A Mixture of Prosperity: Roseanne Barr Condemns My Lack of Solutions

This past week I learned that I only offer condemnation of our nation, rather than solutions. How do I know? Well, Roseanne Barr told me so. After seeing my article (the Thoroughness of a Good Whore: Buying into what’s left of the American Dream), she commented on Twitter that she offers solutions, not only condemnations. In the interest of not upsetting Roseanne, I will begin writing of solutions, or I could whip up a palatable mix of condemnation to go with them.

I’m not an expert, but I do aim for a certain level of professionalism in my writing.

Johnny Argent, Roseanne Barr’s lover said I was preaching it righteous. Laying it down straight. He retweeted my article, Occupy Wall Street is Dangerous. I tend to think he’s a very smart man. He’s got long hair and looks like Sir Richard Branson, who once flew to the moon, took a piss, and then rocketed back home. I like Argent, we could easily be good friends.

As I write this, I’m trying hard to avoid condemning things: the current American political situation, the coming austerity measures like those going on in Europe, the Occupy uprisings, the fact that Homeland Security is now turning its twitching, bloodshot eyes toward social media networks, and the fact that 46 million Americans live in poverty, and 50 million don’t have health insurance. Just shit like that. I’m staying away from condemnation, because frankly, I don’t have any solutions.

See Occupy Los Angeles swarms city call, the march

When I hear the word solution, I think of eye drops, specifically, and in general I imagine the interactions between molecules and ions. Are they energetically favored or not, I don’t know, but interactions just the same. I think of even distribution of molecules. Perhaps Roseanne’s an amateur chemist. In that case, she would know more about solutions than I. But let me say, without condemning:

The wealth in our society is not like a solution. It’s a mixture, unevenly distributed. I can imagine a dollar bill like a molecule floating within that system we call American society (assuming society exists). I can imagine a solution where the molecules, when stirred and shaken, evenly distribute and create a satisfying balance. Like sugar in water.

I don’t have to imagine what an unevenly distributed mixture would look like. I can see it everywhere I go. A thin layer of oil on water. One percent oil, ninety-nine percent water. You can shake and stir and raise a ruckus, but you can’t get that oil to evenly distribute throughout. This is not a solution, but a frustrating problem. Someone should condemn it.

More specifically, the American economy and financial prosperity of its citizens. The Rolls Royces and Ferraris on Sunset Blvd, blasting past homeless hillbillies and desperate hungry people. So desperate they would eat dead pigeons falling from the skies and landing in Larry King Square.

More specifically, the billions of bonus dollars on Wall Street, awarded to CEOs and hedge fund managers responsible for our financial crisis, bailed out by our taxpayer dollars, while our government works to defund Planned Parenthood, lay off teachers and firefighters, cut education, slash Medicare, and scale back on nutrition programs for kids.

What can we do? We could get an untainted third party, like a responsible entity with a steady hand, to carefully scrape and gather that one percent that greedily supports and suspends itself atop the ninety-nine, and cast it out to burn up in the pounding sun. Cut it off from the greater system it has tainted and polluted. Then you might be closer to a harmonious solution, rather than a chaotic mixture.

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5 Tips for Better Recycling in Your Neighborhood

Working together with your neighbors, both residential and business, to promote better recycling in your neighborhood will help you achieve a clean and beautiful local environment. In addition, you will help the planet by making sure recycled materials are in the best condition for quick reuse. Learn more below about 5 tips for better recycling in your area.

Tip #1: Break Down All Cardboard Boxes

While the public works department in your city or town may suggest you merely fold and bundle your cardboard boxes, recycling businesses actually recommend that you dismantle the cardboard boxes completely. Find the “seam” of the box where it is joined on one side or end and pull it apart. Tear the rest of the cardboard sections into small pieces no larger than the floor area of your blue bin. Offer any large, clean thick-walled cardboard boxes to neighbors for storage or packing for moving day.

Tip #2: Wash Out Glass Jars and Cans with Hot Soapy Water

Better recycling of glass jars, bottles and metal cans can be done when these items are washed thoroughly with hot soapy water to remove all food materials. Rinse the glass and metal containers before placing them in the recycling bins.

Tip #3: Encourage All Local Businesses to Recycle

Make a neighborhood presentation to a local business association, encouraging them to have recycling containers at their business instead of just trash cans. If several businesses join forces, they can share the cost of recycling pickup between them. Studies have shown people will recycle plastic and glass bottles, newspapers and other reusable materials if facilities are provided for them to do so.

Tip #4: Encourage Your Schools to Recycle

Contact your district or local school board about providing recycling containers for all cans, glass and plastic containers. Find out about providing industrial dishwashers for the school cafeteria so students can eat with reusable plates and cutlery, instead of disposables.

Tip #5: Adopt a Local Park

Get your neighbors together to adopt the park in your neighborhood to keep it free of litter and hazardous materials such as broken glass. Sort the recyclables from the park and put them in your municipal blue box.

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Antibacterial Germ Fighter Triclosan: A Future Super Germ?

Daily, millions of us, wash our bodies, clean our living spaces and prepare our foods with products containing triclosan. These products are often labeled antibacterial or antimicrobial. Textiles, plastics and some building supplies also contain this chemical. This seemingly simple ingredient, used in so many products, has a growing list of concerns from scientists and regulatory agencies. Concerns about triclosan as a carcinogenic, endocrine disruptor and antibiotic resistance contributor are varied and common.

By itself Triclosan is a powdery substance added to soaps, household cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants and even building supplies. Known by various names including Irgasan and Microban as well as the more common- Triclosan; it was first developed in the early 20th century. Within the EPA it is a registered pesticide-found on FIFRA. Its uses are as microbicide/microbistats, bacteriostats and as fungicides. Several environmental organizations list Triclosan as a high volume chemical (production/importation exceeds one million pounds annually)(1). It makes an appearance on a plethora of environmental and chemical “use with caution/prudence” lists. Scoring high as an environmental risk by the Environmental Defense Fund (1).

Triclosan works by affecting cell enzymes in much the same way as clinical antibiotics.This action & the resistance it causes concerns scientists

Triclosan is a broadspectrum antibacterial agent that works at targeting enzymes and encouraging mutations within cells. The targeted enzymes perform chemical catalysis across/through cell membranes. The effects of Triclosan on the cell is greater expression/leakage through the cell walls. Triclosan targets and promotes mutations within cells as part of its job. Enzymic activation or degradation are also observed actions of Triclosan. Mainly targeting cells with simple cell walls , it also targets certain intercellular parasitic fungal bacteria called mycobacteria. Mycobacteria are pathogenic organisms that include strains causing tuberculosis and leprosy. (1a)

Observed similarities between clinical antibiotic resistance and resistance to antibacterial triclosan is often noted by scientists. These similarities include resistance in targeting mutations within bacteria and increasing these mutations. Enzyme shutdown with increased disruption of cell wall functions are noted in the same studies ( 1b). Triclosan resistance has been found to affect intestinal and dermal tissue. Several studies have found links of increased potential of antibacterial resistance from Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Salmonella enterica. High levels of antibacterial resistance are often aquired after only 2 or 3 low level exposures( 2 ).

Triclosan’s interaction with other chemicals may allow it to act as a hormonally active agent.

Scientists are beginning to study Triclosan’s interaction with sunlight/heat and with other chemicals like chlorine. In both interactions Triclosan becomes a dioxin, causing possible endocrine disruption(2a). Many species could be affected by Triclosan turned Hormonally Active Dioxin. Because of this knowledge various groups are studing it as an emerging pollutant . It is on the EPA’s “use with caution” list; so several EPA studies have focused on its effects on secondary sexual characteristics in animals.

The effects of triclosan, as an antibacterial, on public health may not be evident yet; but it’s presence in humans and animals cannot be denied. Antibacterial Triclosan is found increasingly in the breast milk of humans and other mammals. Most of the U.S. population have triclosan in their urine(2b). Because of this additive to wastewater and because of runoff water, it is an increasing presence in aquatic life forms including fish and frogs. One US Geological study points to possible antibacterial cellular disruption in animals that live in aquatic environments receiving heavy runoff. Triclosan is found in up to 60% of US water ways according to the same US Geological Survey study (3).

Environmental and Public Health organizations are keeping a watchful eye on Triclosan.

Articles documenting the positive use of triclosan, once common in public health information, are containing more warnings about overuse of this chemical. Triclosan has been a big factor in the EPA questioning its definition of a “persistant” environmental pollutant. No longer is “persistant” applied just to chemicals with long half lives. The term can be applied to man made chemicals, with short half lifes, continually supplied from human interaction in the environment (4).

As an antibacterial pesticide the EPA cautions about Triclosan being an immunotoxicant and sense organ toxicant. When focusing on antibacterials as PPCPs (Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Pollutant) the agency watches the chemical but has little to say about its effect on the the environment. Often featured in emerging pollutant workshops by the EPA and other environmental groups-Triclosan’s antibacterial presence in the environment and in mammals is raising questions and maybe some alarm (5).

Many public health organizations have taken the stance that Triclosan and other antibacterial chemicals are to be used sparingly. In an article on the American Public Health Associations web site there is focus on a University of Michigan study that found hand sanitizer with Triclosan didn’t remove any more bacteria than plain soap. The researchers did point out that E. coli was able to develop resistance at the levels of Triclosan used in hand sanitizers.(6) Daily repeated use of antibacterial Triclosan is strongly discouraged. The American Medical Association, in 2000, went on record stating “Considering the available data and the critical nature of the antibiotic resistance problem, it may be prudent to avoid the use of antimicrobial agents in consumer products(7).”

The World Health Organization, in 2004, set up a consultancy to advise its members and others about antibacterial resistance-including Triclosan. The consultancy was a two step approach: the first step involved training about the human, veteranarian and agriculture uses of antibacterials like Triclosan, the second step focused on teaching the effects of antimicrobials moving into the food chain and the human public health consequences(8).

Concerns advocate for caution with antibacterial products.

Increasingly, more and more products are developed with Triclosan as an ingredient-over 700 are available in the U.S.. Concerns continue to develop about this widely used antibacterial chemical; besides increased resistance from bacteria and clinical antibiotics there are concerns about carcinogenesis and hormone disruption issues. With all the cautionary evidence-the big question is why the U.S public is not warned to “use prudence” with products containing this chemical? How ever Triclosan is used- the repeated listing of “use with caution” is a great warning to live by regarding this unknown, fearful and growing environmental additive.




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Advice for New Entrepreneurs to Start a Business

With the economy going down recently with no sight huge improvements in near future is it a good idea to start your own business? The answer is yes!

Being pressed by tough economic situation is actually a good condition that can pump your entrepreneurial skills. The main key is to start early while you are still enthusiastic about your new business ideas. Otherwise procrastination will eat your spirit bit by bit until all you have left is gloom and financial panic.

By no doubt new entrepreneurs will require some help to get a good start and to keep going in the first critical years. The main reason why the first few years are so critical is because new entrepreneurs have lots to learn. There are so many things that they don’t know yet. Smart entrepreneurs should seek out and list everything that they don’t understand and do everything they can to gain knowledge about them. Seek help from everyone you know that have proven business skills and squeeze every bit of business knowledge from them. If you can learn from their mistakes you’ll save lots of time in the future.

When possible get yourself a mentor, someone who can guide you through every steps of building your business. There are numerous good reasons to have a mentor. A mentor can answer all your questions as they arise and they can show you the good and bad points of your every business moves.

If you can’t find a one-on-one mentor see if you could enroll to a business workshop near you. Such a workshop is highly beneficial for business starters. It can teach stuff like the right way to borrow capital, creating a business and action plan, how to reach your targeted sales number, finding and hiring professional staffs and all other kinds of business issues.

Once you learn all you can about building a business. The kind of business of business that you should you start depends on your own skills and market opportunities. Keep an eye for people needs and wants. They keep changing over time but if you open your ears and eyes wide enough you can spot profitable niches that fit your own skills and interests.

One important thing to remember is you must have a business plan. Ignorant businessman wanna-be will ignore the importance of a business plan even though they have been told just how important it is. Since you are a smart entrepreneur you must have a business plan ready before you hit the business field. A short and concise plan written in several easy-to-understand sentences is good enough for a start. The plan should sort out all the things that you see as important for your business. For example from where will the money come from, how will you spend it and how will your business grow. Keep it simple and doable. A complex plan will only make it easier for procrastination to kick back at you.

And finally you need to understand the importance of pressing-on and moving forward. Most start-up businesses fail in their first year for numerous reasons. That is a fact but you don’t want to be one of them. When the going gets tough you must set your mind that you are tough enough to get going.

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6 Great Ways to Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags

Saving the world starts with one person at a time. There are many things that you can do to help to recycle everyday products and plastic grocery bags are no exception. I came across 6 different things that you could use a plastic grocery bag for so that it can be recycled around the home. These tips will help also help you to save money when you recycle.

1. First thing is first, most companies are starting to take paper and plastic bags so that they may use them once again. Places like Wal-Mart, now have stations or boxes set by their doors so that people may bring their bags into their store to recycle. Next time you need to make a trip to Wal-Mart, take your bags with you so that you can place them in the recycle bin.

2. One of my favorite ways to recycle them is to use them as trash can liners. I have a small trash can set in every room of the house and the small bags are perfect for them. This also keeps me from having to purchase small trash bags at the store, which helps me to save money. This is another great budgeting tip.

3. A friend of mine came up with this next idea since she is the owner of a cat, she uses them to line her kitty litter box and also uses them as gloves when she has to use the pooper scooper.

4. Instead of buying bubble wrap, you can use them in their place. When I moved, I used all of our plastic trash bags to stuff inside and around the breakables. It works like a charm and again, it will help you to save money when you don’t have to purchase bubble wrap which can be expensive.

5. If you are packing things away, you could use them to store things like your shoes in so that they don’t get dirt on all your other things. I have also found a great use for them to wrap up things like the toilet plunger so that it does not create a mess.

6. Try storing one in your car or purse so that you can keep the trash in it’s rightful place. I keep one in my car so that I can put my trash in it so that it does not manage to get in the floor board and then kicked out when I get in and out of the car. This will help to keep the litter off of the ground.

There are lot’s of ways that you can recycle trash bags, just use your imagination and see what you can come up with. Recycling is a great way to save money and help the Earth at the same time.

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A Product Review of Prego Heart Smart Traditional Italian Sauce: Cholesterol Free

I love making spaghetti and when I spotted a jar of Prego Heart Smart Traditional Italian Sauce, I was thrilled! I decided to purchase this heart smart spaghetti sauce, try it out and write an unbiased product review all about my personal experience with it. Here is what I discovered!

I purchased a large jar of Prego Heart Smart Traditional Italian Sauce for a few dollars. That is a decent deal, in my opinion. Each jar has five servings in it. This sauce is American Heart Association certified. It meets the requirements for low saturated fat and low cholesterol. That is fantastic and I appreciated that fact very much. Prego’s motto is well known. It is “It’s in there.” I was excited about trying this sauce. I love many Prego food products and I hoped that this one would also please me.

I decided to serve this sauce over spaghetti noodles, along with cooked ground beef added. I only had to heat the sauce up in a saucepan for a few minutes, until it was hot. I did stir it occasionally until thoroughly heated. This sauce looked great and it smelled wonderful. I served it over ground beef and spaghetti noodles, then me and some of my family members dug in. This sauce is flavorful and delicious. It has a great traditional Italian taste. I could taste garlic, onions and lots of spices in it. This sauce is easy to prepare and it helps me throw together a quick Italian spaghetti meal. I loved the taste. I rate Prego Heart Smart Traditional Italian Sauce four stars out of five stars. I will be buying it again. My relatives agreed.

This is a simple Italian sauce but, it is yummy! Low fat and low cal, not to mention cholesterol free. How about that? I loved that discovery. This sauce does not have a whole lot of vitamins, calcium and iron in it, I will admit. Still, it is a heart healthy choice, spaghetti sauce wise, in my opinion. Prego has also just came out with a line of veggie smart sauces with over one serving of veggies in them. Fantastic. The heart smart sauces line includes traditional, mushroom, roasted red pepper and garlic, ricotta parmesan and other flavors.

One serving of Prego Heart Smart Traditional Italian Sauce has 70 calories in it. Only 15 of those calories come from fat. One serving has only 1.5 grams of total fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 1 gram of monounsaturated fat, 0 mg’s of cholesterol, 360 mg’s of sodium, 390 mg’s of potassium, 13 grams of total carbs, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 10 grams of sugars and 2 grams of protein. This is a product of the Campbell’s soup company.

I loved trying Prego Heart Smart Traditional Italian Sauce and writing this product review all about it. It is yummy and easy to prepare. I can make a quick meal using this product and I love that. For more information about this and other Prego brand food products, you can visit the website.

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