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How is Typing on the Amazon Kindle?

The Amazon Kindle is easily the most popular ebook reader on the market, but the ebook reader market is more divide than, say, the smartphone market (which is dominated by Apple). Individual features are important for ebook buyers, and the limitations and abilities of the Kindle are what initially set it apart from the crowd.

With the addition of the Kindle’s basic Internet browser, some ebook fans have wondered how the Kindle’s keyboard stands up against a typical keyboard. Here’s a look at how it feels to type on the Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle’s Keyboard

The keyboard on the Kindle consists of QWERTY buttons laid out in a home row centered format. The buttons are slightly diagonal, which makes it easier to type without accidentally hitting keys unintentionally. However, the buttons on the Kindle’s keyboard are also extremely small.


It would be difficult to type normally on the Amazon Kindle’s keyboard, especially if you have larger hands. The Kindle is designed for thumb typing. After typing for a few hours with the ebook reader, I can say that it’s easier than some alternatives in my opinion, most notably the Apple iPad (although the iPad can use an attached keyboard, so this is a bit of a moot point). I sort of like that the Kindle didn’t use a touch screen, because touch screens are awful for typing. However, I could easily see how the buttons on the Kindle could break or become unresponsive if the device isn’t properly cared for.

Another drawback of the Amazon Kindle’s keyboard is the speed of the device itself. Hunt and peck typers will find it a bit annoying that typed text takes a moment to show up on the screen. You’re not likely to notice the delay when you’re searching for a book or a song, but you certainly might in some situations.

Knowing The Kindle’s Audience

The drawbacks of typing on the Kindle are somewhat mitigated by the fact that there’s not really much to type; you might search for a certain book or enter an address on the basic Internet browser, but it’s hard to imagine anyone trying to type out a research paper length document on the Kindle given its bare features. The keyboard of the Kindle is ultimately passable, and in fact much more intuitive than it needs to be. Nobody buys an Amazon Kindle for its typing abilities, but there’s nothing particularly frustrating or poorly designed about the device’s keyboard.

What do you think of typing on the Amazon Kindle? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Romantic Couples Costumes You Can Make Yourself

Turn a romantic evening or Halloween night into a special treat with these romantic couples costumes you can make yourself. No sewing is needed, just a visit to a craft store. There you’ll find all sorts of items that were never designed for making romantic couples costumes, like clip-on curtain rings and ornamental curtain cords, which you can use to connect fabric in elegant ways.

My favorite easy way to make romantic couples costumes uses duct tape to coat old clothes with matching patterns, like a heart on one costume and a bow and arrow on the other. Still more fun are romantic couples costumes of famous couples from literature, movies or real life. So pick your favorite from this enticing collection of romantic couples costumes you can make yourself.

Mirrored Lovers

For a sexy romantic couples costume you can make yourself, turn your bodies into mirrors that reflect each other. At a craft store look for a plain mirror with no frame (as this will be cheaper). In addition buy 2 high-quality duct tapes in your favorite colors. If you both like the same color, buy two variations of it to make a sexy romantic couples costume from two matching mirrors rather than identical ones.

To make the Mirrored Lovers romantic couples costume, lay a strip of duct tape over the edge of the mirror and fold it over on both sides. Repeat this step until you create a thick border around the mirror. Next, add romance to this romantic couples costume by increasing the size of the duct tape border to create the shape of a heart from the remaining (exposed) mirror.

Finally wrap duct tape around rope to create a duct tape cord. Attach the cord to the sides of the mirror (with duct tape, of course) to finish making the essential part of this romantic couples costume. Now, when you hang the mirrors around your necks and look at each other, you’ll see infinite reflections of yourselves, as if your love for each other runs deep into your heart.

It’s an easy romantic couples costume to make and one full of romance. And you can heighten the importance of your lover’s mirrors by each wearing clothes to match your mirrors exactly. All black for his black mirror, and all white for her white mirror, for example. Make this romantic couples costume a true set by pairing the colors logically, white with black, purple with pink, aquamarine blue with dark blue, etc.

Rainbow Lovers

For a breathtaking romantic couples costume you can make yourself, why not become two matching rainbows? At a party store buy helium balloons in many colors. Select a color theme for each of you. One of you can be water colors, like light blue, dark blue, aquamarine, grass green, hunter green, dark purple.

Now make this romantic couples costume more interesting by choosing a different color scheme for the next rainbow costume, like fire colors, red, orange, yellow, gold, copper and dark crimson. To make this romantic couples costume a brilliant success, don’t fill your balloons until the day you wish to dress up in your costumes.

To make the Rainbow Lovers romantic couples costume, each of you should dress in all the colors of his balloons. Then make your romantic couples costume even more interesting by adding accessories. A man can wear blue jeans with a green sweater, purple gloves, light blue scarf and a hunter green hat. A woman can wear red shoes, copper tights, dark yellow skirt, orange top and a crimson hat.

To make this romantic couples costume breathtaking, tie the helium balloons all around you, to his belt loops or her bra strap, to your arms and under your armpits. And be sure to hold a cluster of rainbow balloons in your hands.

Poetic Lovers

For the most romantic couples costume you can make yourself become giant poetry scrolls and dedicate a secret poem to each other. At a craft store buy rough, pale fabric in earth tones like sand or the color of an old parchment. Also buy craft wire, duct tape in a similar color, a stencil of the alphabet and gold spray paint. (You can also buy Rust Oleum hammered gold paint at home improvement stores).

To make the Poetic Lovers romantic couples costume each of you should create a giant scroll to wear over his body. The scroll will be made of a front and back, connect with taped fabric across your shoulders, so in fact you’ll be making a total of 4 giant poetry scrolls for this romantic couples costume.

Fold the fabric in half and cut it to match the length of your height from ankle to shoulder. Place craft wire at the bottom and side hems of each scroll, fold the fabric over the wire, then use the duct tape to secure the fold on the reverse side of the fabric. Finally, for each of the romantic couples costume cut two strips of fabric to connect the front and back together, so you can wear the scrolls over your shoulders.

The romantic aspect of this romantic couples costume you can make yourself should be done in secret. Each of you should write two poems, one for the back and one for the front. Use the stencil and gold spray paint to create immaculate handwriting. Here are a dozen audio love poems to inspire you.

Finish making this beautiful romantic couples costume by rolling the ends of the canvas as if it were a scroll. The craft wire will hold the fabric in place.

Star-cross Lovers

For the saddest romantic couples costume you can make yourself, create a pair of costumes that match and conflict simultaneously. Buy black, white and red duct tape. Take an old outfit or pajamas as the base on which to make this romantic couples costume. Cut strips of duct tape to coat the front of the garment all in black, then coat the back of the garment all in white.

For the second romantic couples costume you are making reverse the color order, using black on the back and white on the front. This will lend the romantic couples costume a feel of jarring opposites, like night and day.

Now add sadness to the romantic couples costume you are making. Using red duct tape create the image of a cracked heart on the breast of each costume. You can also create a stencil of a cracked heart and use red spray paint. Next cut the shapes of drops out of the red duct tape and paste these blood drops below the heart in a line of trickles.

Repeat the motif of tears to enhance the beauty of the romantic couples costume. Paint black teardrops beneath your eyes.

Here’s More Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

#1. Make His and Hers Mythological Halloween Costumes

From Pygmalion and Galatea to Ares and Aphrodite, his and hers mythological Halloween costumes are ideal for couples. Discover how to make these stunning mythological Halloween costumes yourself and be the talk of the party. Here’s how.

#2. Make Sexy Couples Halloween Costumes

Cast a silky dream this Halloween with these sexy couples Halloween costumes that you can make yourself. You’ll be the most stunning couple to haunt the streets this Halloween. Here’s how.

#3. Make Exotic Halloween Costumes for Women, Men, Couples

Take a walk on the wild side with these exotic Halloween costumes you can make yourself. For couples who wish to turn heads, or individuals who wish to dazzle, these exotic Halloween costumes make a stunning statement. Here’s how to make them.

#4. His and Hers Literary Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

Bring your favorite fictional characters to life with these dramatic literary Halloween costumes you can make yourself for men and women. Here’s how.

#5. How to Make Sexy Fairytale Halloween Costumes

Weave a dream of enchanting beauty by making your own sexy fairytale Halloween costumes. From a naked Lady Godiva to a pale snow white or a racy red riding hood, discover ways to be sexy in public this Halloween. Here’s how.

#6.How to Make Halloween Masquerade Masks

There’s nothing so exotically beautiful as a Venetian mask. Learn how to make such masquerade masks for Halloween, then weave the different techniques into any type of Halloween costume your heart desires. Here’s how.

#7.Erudite Halloween Costume Ideas

Become a symbol of knowledge, art and truth with these erudite Halloween costume ideas that are easy to make at home. Here’s how.

And for all lover’s of fiction and poetry, close the lights and listen to this collection of dark audio poems, or these Halloween audios that will start your holiday off just right.

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Having a budget and watching your shopping habits is only the start of financial planning. You also need to identify how to make your money grow so that you will have financial security. With careful planning, your small investment today could well mean a comfortable pension that will allow you to go on a round-the-world cruise when your slogging days are over.

Identifying what you want to accomplish ¡V owning a car, taking a vacation ¡V will motivate you to achieve it. Achieve your financial goals through disciplined savings and wise investments. Investing needs to be a priority, not an afterthought. Start with a small investment and watch it grow. Find out about different investment options available.

Sit down and work out a monthly budget ¡V how much you earn, how much you save and how much for rent, water, electricity, food, transport, family obligations, leisure and entertainment, insurance, dental and medical care. A budget give you control over your money because it established beforehand where your money will go. Place priority on your needs, not your wants. If you have over committed, on your purchases, you may have to sacrifice on your short-term financial goals.

If you have debts, settle them fast. Make debt repayment a fixed expense in your monthly budget. Debts include your education loan payments and car payments.

When your fixed expenses are under control, your next step is to evaluate your personal spending. Do control your luxury spending so that you will have a healthy cash flow even if an emergency arises.

Dedicate a percentage of your net income towards funding your goals. You can start with a 10% fixed saving and increase the rate when you get a raise. Make saving a priority. Consider insurance coverage that would help should anything happen to you. As your situation changes, so will your insurance needs.

Your budget will change as your earning capacity grows and your income increases. Your long-term financial planning builds on your short-term financial plans. Modify your financial goals and budget to reflect your current financial condition. For example, if you plan to get married, then part of your budget will be devoted towards saving for this.


with This Ring

As I was rummaging the other day
I happened to come accross,
a ring that I had bought for you
and thought that I had lost.

Each diamond tells a story
of many years gone by,
with each and every memory
brings a tear to my eyes.

the first year we were married
we sealed it with this ring,
I had just turned twenty
you only sixteen.

the second year another diamond
just a small token of your worth,
you brought my life more meaning
than anything on earth.

the third year was even better
like living in a dream,
with more love and effection
another diamond to the ring.

another year gone by
they passed off by the score,
untill at last the diamond ring
had no room, for one diamond more.

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Save Planet Earth

Everybody please get ready
for this important day
we have to save planet earth
before she fade away.
All the nations need to help preserve
all geographical integrates,span mountains,
oceans and time belts.
We all need to come together
and do all best.
Because we all are humans
we all one race.
We need to save all planet earth
before she fade away.

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Snack with Scrabble

A student of mine brought CHEEZ-IT baked snack crackers in his lunch the other day and I really didn’t pay much attention to them until I noticed the tiny squares had letters on them. LETTERS… yeah each cracker had a different letter, and like Alphabets cereal or Campbell’s Alphabet soup a child can make words. What sets these letters apart is the fact that Sunshine CHEEZE-IT’S promote the Scrabble crossword game for juniors.

My Husband and I love to play the board game Scrabble. For a while there we were playing every day. While our daughter was in the Military and far away from home we kept our minds busy with anything that did not revolve around the news or the T.V. Scrabble gave us an outlet that allowed us to sit together, challenge each other, snack, and have fun. The Scrabble board game is like a crossword puzzle for two or more players who arrange little tile letters to make words. Hasbro now has Scrabble available on-line to make it even easier to enjoy. We’re on our 3rd boxed game.

CHEEZ-IT Baked Snack Crackers from Sunshine

The little square crackers are the perfect dimension and to create the popular Scrabble Game tiles these crackers are the perfect matched size. When I purchased a box of CHEEZ-IT Baked snack crackers with the Scrabble logo on the box I could not wait to spell my name, and I could not get anybody in my family to play a game of Scrabble with me though so maybe I’ll take the box to school. The bad thing is we probably won’t get any words spelled since the tiles are edible and kids love CHEEZ-IT’S. If you’ve ever eaten these tasty crackers you’ll know that on the back of the box it says in Giant letters…GET YOUR OWN BOX.

If these tasty snack crackers, along with the really cool letters imprinted on them weren’t enough Sunshine went as far as printing a game board on the back, complete with WILD spaces, fun animals, and game rules. The box I bought was Game 2 of 3. The object is to create words on the game board using 26 scrabble Jr. CHEEZ-IT crackers. Collect points by completing words.

I was going to write out the rules for you so you can play, but then I realized that you’ll need to …GET YOUR OWN BOX.

This author was in no way compensated by Sunshine to review this product I had to buy my OWN BOX!

Sources embedded in text.

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Radiology Medical Imaging for the Growing Practice

The falling cost of personal computing technologies has revolutionized the medical field in general and radiology medical imaging in particular. While hospitals and medical facilities have strictly utilized film x-rays in the past, today that has all changed with the advent of digital medical imaging using the DICOM format. Because of this new format, which is similar to the popular jpeg format used for digital images from cameras, a variety of medical hardware and software systems can all function together because all can read and edit the DICOM medical imaging format. You can now find radiology viewers, and even radiology web viewers, scaled to suit all types of offices, from medical practices in their infancy to large thriving practices, as well as hospitals and other imaging centers.

It’s important to make sure you have an imaging system that can grow with your practice. You can find basic systems that you can expand as your budget and your need for additional features increases.

After digital medical images have been taken, they will need to be sent to radiology viewers for study and diagnoses. A PACS system is used to route the images from the modalities to the viewers. Having radiology web viewers in place will greatly speed up and expand how you can use your viewers. In order to send digital images throughout your office or hospital, you need to have a local-area network in place.

You can expand the viewing possibilities even further through the use of a wide-area network, where numerous clinics and medical facilities have communications that are networked together. Even more versatility is added with virtual private networks, which allow referring physicians located anywhere in the world to send and receive digital images securely to and from your viewers. This greatly speeds the process of reaching a diagnosis for a patient, thereby providing better patient care, while at the same time optimizing your office workflow. Security is also built into the system, which is a requirement for compliance with HIPPA regulations concerning patient confidentiality.

Fully functional radiology viewers allow multiple users to view radiology studies simultaneously. Multiple studies may also be viewed side-by-side, with speedy retrieval times an integral part of the systems. Prior studies can be customized to be retrieved, and the layout and positioning of the studies can also be optimized to speed up repetitive and routine tasks automatically.

You can find distributors of radiology medical imaging hardware and software online that offer equipment suitable for your growing medical practice.

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Select Superior Contractors for Concrete Staining in Los Angeles

Even though it is a few months away, for those in Southern California, summer comes early. You will want to have your house ready for the celebrations, graduations, weddings and barbecues this year by revamping your outdoor living areas. A patio, swimming pool surround, retaining walls, walkways, driveways and other areas can be dramatically improved with a new look from stained concrete. You can find concrete staining in Los Angeles as well as concrete stained in the San Fernando Valley through expert concrete contractors. A professional concrete contractor can take care of each step in the process of producing stained concrete in Los Angeles so that your project is finished well and on time for your summer enjoyment.

You may not be aware of the difficulty in crafting stained concrete Los Angeles, but your concrete contractors are. Concrete is made of very heavy materials, including sand and gravel, and therefore it is heavy work to move and shape. With the creation of stained concrete in Los Angeles, caustic chemicals are added to the concrete to turn it into all of the beautiful shades, but it does require someone with the proper training and expertise with concrete staining in Los Angeles to be able to perform this task both safely and effectively.

One dramatic way to change the look of your garden is to add a useful patio to it adorned with concrete floor staining in Los Angeles. The look of the floor will play a large role in the final appearance of the entire space, and so time spent on concrete floor staining Los Angeles is well spent. You will want the floor to be level so that tables and chairs do not wobble, and this can be tricky, especially if you need to compensate for any type of slope in the ground. Concrete contractors have experience with putting in concrete stained floors Los Angeles, and they have the equipment to create a level patio that will be a pleasure to use. Concrete floor staining in Los Angeles will make the floor a beautiful addition to your garden.

You may also need concrete stained in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles for use in retaining walls. These sorts of walls can turn a steep hillside into a usable area for entertaining and gardening. Retaining walls need to be structurally sound, because they must hold a great deal of weight from the soil in place. They are also prominently on display, so they must be attractive, which is why homeowners turn to contractors who perform concrete staining in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Concrete stained in the San Fernando Valley can be used to create stunning retaining walls that are works of art. You can also use concrete stained in the San Fernando Valley for short retaining walls that add extra seating in your garden, always a plus for your parties this summer.

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Somersault, you
got some nerve. Summer
assaults the senses and sensibilities
of misfortune. Irony can’t be troubled
and I don’t presume to predict. Wildly
or otherwise is the format of my flattery.
I’d risk the likes of retribution or specified
results to ice-down the heat. Of your laugh,
I find only admiration and self-scorn
that it offends so. What
may I do to please-yes-pleasure
you. I do not like
the sun or sarcasm of palomino
girls in bikini bathing
suits(perhaps french): fried
and freshly shaven. Italian ice is no different
than warm weather treats elsewhere. Cold and sweet
are the flavors of the week-the month-the season. Avoidance
is the ultimate solution, not ultimatums. All will pass
but not at will.

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" Tax Component as an Effective Instrument in the Development and Usage of Green-based Technologies in Malaysia "

” Tax Component as an Effective Instrument in the Development and Usage of Green-based Technologies in Malaysia “

Jeong Chun Phuoc, 25 dec 2009

I refer to the Datuk Halim Man’s (Secretary General for Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water) article today “Energy Solution is Right Here”, The Star -25.12.2009 at p. N35.

Achieving a ‘Grid Parity’ will take Malaysia perhaps another 10-15 years. This is the projected estimation if foreign technologies are used as a generating input into current development of renewable energy in the Malaysian context.

Local R&D into this area remains fragmented if not uncoordinated due to several constraints where financial support remains a stumbling block.

In enhancing local involvement in the research and development of sustainable green energy-related technologies, Malaysia may need to learn from international leaders such as Denmark , Germany , Japan , Korea etc depending on the specific niche area of green energy specialization.

The establishment of the recent Green Technology Policy(GTP) (and the accompanying Renewable Energy Policy & Action Plan Roadmap) is a move towards the right direction that the government is serious in taking renewable energy policy to the next level (where Grid Parity will be the prime objective in the context of national renewable energy paradigm).

Legal Measure not the only Effective Tool

The proposed Renewable Energy Act (REA) may help drive national policies on renewable energies but it will not be effective in facilitating such a drive unless due attention is also given to tax matrix as an effective tool apart from other related legal instruments or even the proposed Renewable Energy Act(REA).

GST and Green Technology and Energy

With reference to the imminent enforcement of GST, it can be seen that no attention has been given to the tax consideration as an effective tool in facilitating the pickup rate and public acceptance of green energy and related green technologies.

Tax Treatment of Green Technology and Energy

Usage of ‘green technologies’ will still be subject to the same tax liabilities and subsequent tax treatment(notwithstanding certain tax exemptions granted for specified R&D subject matter). Up to now, there is no indication at all from the government that the usage, promotion and implementation of green technologies and energy will not be treated differently from the tax liability aspect.

Tax as Another Effective Base Instrument

Hence, in order to achieve an integrated approach in finding a viable energy solution to the green technology and adoption of renewable energy equation, the tax component must be taken into serious account.


Jeong Chun-phuoc*
and a reader in Strategic Environmental Intelligence(SEI)
He can be reached at :

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