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1 Minute Makeover

Everyone wants a makeover. We all see the television shows that show dramatic differences in the before and after pictures. Not everyone will have these kinds of results. However, makeovers can make anyone look more alive and stylish. Unfortunately we don’t have the time and the money to get a makeover every few years. Instead, it is your job to make sure you always look your best. If you need some quick tips to look your best, here are some 1 minute makeover ideas.

Stand Up Straight
Slouching is a terrible habit many people in this world do. The shoulders sag forward while our belly hangs out and our head droops low. If you pull your shoulders back, and tighten your stomach muscles, you will not only support your back more, but also lose a visual 10 pounds. Posture can do a lot for your image.

Bra Straps
We all get into the habit of simply wearing bras that are comfortable and may not give us enough support. Breasts begin to sag and make us look heavy and old. A quick, 20 second fix is to shorten your bra straps ½ inch on both sides. This will give you a perkier look.

Flip Your Hair
When hair is left down, it tends to get heavier and flatter throughout the day. If you have an important meeting, you can easily liven up your hairdo by flipping your head upside down and massaging the roots for 20 seconds. You will be amazed how much body and bounce can be added by doing this simple trick.

Cheek Color
Whether you wear make up or not, adding color to your cheeks can do wonders for a personal makeover. Color makes us look younger, healthier, and more alive. If your makeup has faded during the day, or if you simply did not put on makeup in the morning, there is a trick you can do. Simply, pinch the apples of your cheeks a couple of times. This will give you a natural cheek glow.

Not everyone can be beautiful on the outside, but everyone can be beautiful on the inside. If you have confidence, people will look right past your physical features and focus on your thoughts and mind. However, if you would like to make more of a visual impression on your audience, try these simple 1 minute makeover tricks the next time you are caught in a bind.

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Why Parents of Young Black Boys Should Consider Alternate Education Methods

A recent report revealed that young black boys may be in a worse place academically than previously feared. According to the New York Times, “An achievement gap separating black from white students has long been documented – a social divide extremely vexing to policy makers and the target of one blast of school reform after another. But a new report focusing on black males suggests that the picture is even bleaker than generally known.”

The article goes on to explain the severe divide between education the educational outcome of black boys when compared to white boys and adds that income is not necessarily a good indicator when determining success or failure. It adds that the only way progress has been made is through personal investment of educators to the point of knocking on doors of students who miss school.

Meanwhile, an Atlanta Post article accuses the nation of ignoring the real problem. The author points to the success of Geoffrey Canada, of the Harlem Children’s Zone whose school provides smaller class sizes, mandates uniforms, fosters parent involvement, and enforces longer school hours. While the article mentions that an Afrocentric education might be useful because “people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds learn differently”, observation indicates that nothing motivates the African American male child better than one-on-one attention.

If Baltimore City Schools can raise graduation rates and lower drop out rates by having long school days and giving students mentors, something has to said for the power or relationship and the education of young black boys. If Mr. Canada can transform high school and college graduation rates in Harlem by being attentive and creating relationships with students, then something must be said about inspiring students to learn. If Ron Clark can turn disadvantaged students into academic superstars with creative teaching methods, then something must be said for adjusting the curriculum to fit the needs of the child. If all of these successes cannot be spread to all schools, then parents need to take these lessons and apply them to their own students themselves.

For the parent of a young black boy who is quickly becoming a statistic, if you don’t have resources provided by the likes of Geoffrey Canada and and Ron Clark, it makes sense to look at the option of one-on-one education through homeschooling, tutoring, and private school sources.

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New York City Safety: How Women Can Stay Safe in the Big Apple

Many women are apprehensive about traveling alone, especially in big cities. Even New York City can be safe if you use common sense. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, these tips will help you stay safe day and night.

1).Be smart about your valuables. Do not leave valuables out in the open. If you are walking in the city, leave valuables back at the hotel. Do not assume that because the hotel is locked, your items are safe. Leave them in a locked box or safe. Additionally, avoid wearing flashy jewelry if possible. Try not to carry too much cash on you, and if you do, never have it visible outside.

2). Avoid dark alleys and stick within crowds. There is power with numbers. Walking with or even behind a group of people at intersections or streets is safer than walking alone. Keep your head held high and look people in the eye. Criminals are less likely to grab your purse or belongings if they think you might be able to describe them to police later. Try to carry a small handbag instead of a long shoulder purse-they tend to be shorter and hug closer to your body for added protection. Better yet, if you are with someone, hold your purse in between you and the other person.

3). Know your neighborhoods and be safe at night. Try not to draw attention to yourself as a tourist. Look at maps inside buildings as opposed to outside. Generally speaking, Manhattan is safe and offers lots of tourist attractions. Central Park is also safe during the day, but avoid it at night. It is best to avoid walking alone at night period. Use cabs whenever possible at night and be sure to get in a marked cab. If there are no available cabs, walk near others and stick to the middle of the sidewalk at a medium-fast pace.

4). Be prepared. If you are truly concerned with safety, wear boots and a long coat. The boots will help if you need to kick a possible attacker, and a long coat can hide any nice jewelry. Additionally, objects such as sharp keys or a cell phone are within grasp in deep pockets. Do not wear headphones or text while walking. Keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

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Which is the Greater Influence the Internet or the Parent?

Is it possible that the ways and thinking of the young in your family are more of an influence of the internet than of their parent? Is your child spending more time online . . . friendster . . . multiply . . . myspace . . . youtube . . . facebook . . . and so on . . . but lesser time with Mom . . . Dad . . . family?


Over the past 10 years parents have been forced to deal with the overabundance of new media such as the Internet. Accustomed to media like television and radio where content access can reasonably be controlled or at least understood, parents have developed mediation techniques to help deal with unwanted content. But, given the expanding media environment afforded by the Internet and the lack of expertise being reported by parents, these mediation styles need to be examined in the context of online use.

Teens are now preferring the Internet to the telephone, and are increasingly seeking information online. Thus, it becomes very important for researchers to understand how content is being viewed and monitored in the home. Furthermore, with Internet use becoming bedroom accessible to youth, it now competes with traditional activities such as playing outside or family get-together. Thus, the scope of Internet mediation research now must extend to an investigation of general parenting styles and access location so that researchers can begin to understand how media such as the Internet are being integrated into everyday parenting situations.

The increasingly competitive economy is creating an environment where parents are forced to spend longer hours at work and fewer hours with their children. The internet and the media are bringing the outside world into homes. As a result, outside influences have greater access and influence over children than ever before.

If you are like most parents who cannot afford to decrease the amount of time at work in order to closely monitor your children’s activity, then it is safe to assume that quality of time you spend with your child is critical. What, then, are the steps you can learn to increase your influence over the negative effects of mass media, the internet and the rest of the outside world?

As we become the parent we deserve, it is very important that we provide wise parenting. By that I mean, we choose to provide supervision and support to help shape our child’s emotional, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual well-being, which the internet cannot give. A commonly used phrase, but one that has the ring of substantial truth, is that parent is a child’s first and foremost teacher. From birth to age eighteen, a child spends just a fraction of time in school. Therefore, it is not surprising that many factors outside the school environment can significantly influence a child’s prospect for academic success. Likewise, factors outside the home environment may empower or destroy the child. But, proper nurturing and encouragement liberates not limits, multiplies not divides the child’s chances of becoming a responsible person.

On the other hand, some of the same outside influences that can harm your child can be used to help your child. Get on the internet or stop by the book store to educate yourself about parenting. Learn the tools necessary to raise a happy, responsible and productive child in a loving, safe and nurturing environment. Other parents are terrific sources of support and ideas on parenting. Or contact a psychotherapist in your area who offers support groups, parenting classes and seminars. Be sure they are teaching useful parenting information.

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World Travel of the Non-Traveler

I have seen the USA.

I’ve been to Pugkeepsie and even Macadoo.

Been to the Deltas and down to Bourbon Street.

I’ve walked the beaches.

The sand between my toes.

The hawk has bitten my fingers.

I’ve been though my height of snows.

Over and over again…

I wonder is it the same.

Does the rest of the world…

look like the USA?

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Top 6 Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are gaining popularity among people who long to regain a youthful, vibrant appearance in their later years. In Long Beach facial fillers are becoming the solution for obtaining this youthful appearance, even if the results are only temporary. Take a look at the top 6 facial filler treatments in Long Beach, CA:

1. At the top of the list is Botox of course. Wrinkles and hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes someone to excessively sweat, can be successfully treated for up to 4 months. This Botulinum Toxin Type A filler is injected in the treated area and relaxes underlying muscles to create smooth skin with no downtime involved whatsoever. You can receive a Botox injection during your lunch break and immediately go back to work afterwards.
2. Another facial filler used by many people is Dysport. Dysport is another Botulinum Toxin Type A based injection. It is used to smooth out wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause deep wrinkles. Results also last approximately 4 months before another treatment becomes necessary.
3. Juvéderm is a very popular facial filler as well. This injectable gel made of hyaluronic acid adds volume to the area under wrinkles to “plump” them up so that they appear smooth. The results are immediate and last about 6 months.
4. Radiesse makes the list, too, which is no surprise. This facial filler stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen and adds instant volume to the facial tissue. What most people love about Radiesse is that the results usually last up to a year.
5. Another common facial filler is Restylane. Made from hyaluronic acid and containing no animal proteins, few people have allergic reactions to Restylane. Results last up to 6 months.
6. The way Sculptra works is very different from the other above mentioned facial fillers. Long Beach dermatologists use Sculptra because it gradually replaces lost volume in skin tissue. This allows you to be more discreet about your use of facial fillers, but more than one Sculptra treatment may be required for deeper wrinkles. Sculptra results last up to 2 years, which is another reason many people prefer it over the 5 facial fillers mentioned above.

The facial fillers Long Beach dermatologists use on their patients are quickly advancing and the number of available facial fillers is almost staggering. Since facial fillers are typically deemed a safe cosmetic treatment for people who don’t have existing medical conditions, Long Beach facial fillers are becoming quite popular indeed.

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Twelve Easy Tips to Increase Luck Through Feng Shui (Vastu)

All of us have heard and practised so much from Feng Shui and proclaim how effective it is in improving our lives. So much that one gets the impression that it is the only gateway to increase a person’s luck. There are other ways like through astrology, occult and a few other Indian and oriental practices. But it can be boldly said now that Feng Shui correction is one quick way to heighten our personal luck. Did we not hear from our grandparents that we draw our luck from the places we live and work all through the day and night? Here are twelve easy ways to do just that … (In India, we call it Vastu)

1. The entrance door to your apartment / house is probably the most important according to Feng Shui. For it is through here that the positive energy and luck enters through the house. An obstruction both inside and outside from the front door can result in bad luck for the inmates. And it is better that the front door should lead directly to a spacious and well-lit room. It should not face a pillar or a shoe-shelf. Correct by removing the shoe rack or even shift the door.

2. Do not erect a mirror right opposite the front door. The positive energy (Chi in Feng Shui) that enters is reflected back by the mirror and escapes through the door!

3. Avoid sleeping in front of the door. According to Feng Shui, when a man’s feet faces the door directly, it is considered as a dying position. In fact, this is the position for dead bodies to be placed. So please place the bed either to the right or to the left of the door.

4. Keep a bowl of fresh salt in the toilets. Toilets by their very nature are a source of negative energy wherever they are located. Hence it is advisable to keep a bowl of unrefined salt on the window sill of the toilet. It is said that the salt will absorb the negative energy. Also do not forget to replace the wet salt with fresh dry salt every so often.

5. Do not hang date calenders either in front or back of the front door. It is said that they affect the longevity of the inmates and is symbolic of telling you how many days are left remaining in your life!

6. Do not sit facing a blank wall. Today most managers in corporate houses sit facing a blank wall with their computer screens in front of them. This is not good according to Feng Shui as it affects their thinking.

7. Do not place mirrors in the bedroom. Mirrors facing the bed can cause disturbances in the marital relationship between husband and wife. As it is bad Feng Shui it sometimes brings a third person in the otherwise healthy marriage !

8. Couples should never sleep in a double bed with two separate mattresses. This is because sleeping in separate mattresses can lead to separation !

9. Keep a laughing Buddha on a mantle or shelf facing directly the front door. The positive energy that enters through the main door is welcomed by the laughing Buddha and gets activated. The laughing Buddha is available at all leading shops and stores selling Feng Shui items.

10. Keep three old chinese coins in the cash box in your house. According to Feng Shui, displaying old chinese coins is a very effective way for increasing wealth and prosperity. These three coins are generally tied together through the common hole running through the center. It is also available in most shops selling Feng Shui items.

11. Keep all brooms and mops hidden. They symbolize the cleaning away of negative energies that enter the room. When they are exposed they are considered inauspicious. It is also said that if you place a broom outside the main door of your house in the upside down position, it gives protection against intruders. Do this only during the night. Keep it hidden inside the house during the day.

12. According to chinese Feng Shui, ducks are symbolic of love and romance in young couples. These ducks are best placed in the south-west corner of the bedroom since the “south-west” is the area for relationships and romance. If you are single and longing for a love mate you could do well by hanging a painting of these ducks in your bedroom. But please note that you have a pair and not one or three. One implies that you will continue to remain single ! Three could indicate that there could be a third person in the relationship !

These twelve tips from Feng Shui (Vastu) are easy to carry out for even a lay person who wants to solve the minor problems of his life.


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"On Top of Spaghetti, My Ol' Meatball Fell -- ."

The cosmos is twisting. Keep this a secret. The cosmos is moving. The entire universe is moving at a break neck speed dodging obstacles and twining into and around itself, perpetually moving, forward, backward upside down, inside out, around and around at a speed so dizzying, so mind blowing, so insane and without rhyme or reason, rhythm or any sort of sense. Just tied up and up into knots of craze. Tangled and twisted and as unorganized and chaotic as to just plain be hopeless. But, yet, yet it is still moving and breathing and going. It still lives in this chaos.

We wonder why our lives are the suffering of the human condition. The freedom and blessing and curse of continual choice. Choices, choices, all endless. And the fear that this choice, this second which is so precious and can never be again, what, what will I do with it? And when I make that choice, what, what if it is the wrong one? What if, what if I am dying and am reliving my whole life and just spend all of it wondering, “Why did I do that? What if I had done that?” The misery of searching for meaning just to find nothing. Simply temporal comforting perceptions of reality necessary to make the insecurity and terror of living bearable. And all these symbols. These words. Do we really think in words or fleeting images? What continuity is there, are we cameras or editors? We continually sniff out meaning, but it’s all just vocal formalities.

We roll out of the cradle, endlessly rocking. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. We roll, and some seem to make their own destinies while others seem to roll along with the flow. And yet, then there are others, lost in the eternal storm that is their life. So sensitive to all the movement of the cosmos that they are thrown from place to place with no control or regard for their well being like a ball on a blanket pulled from all sides by children. We all are balls. Some have guidance; others seem to abandon any sort of guide. We roll along and occasionally bump into one another. Bump and thump and sometimes these are angry confrontations and others are the thumpings of my heart. Beat. Beat, beat. Beat. But these beats. They wear on us. Scuffed and bruised and literally, beaten. Then, the world tilts, and you roll once more.

I am red. At one time, I was a pleasing violet. Simple, quite, elegant. Liked by all. Now, it is a screaming tone. A tone that says, “I DEMAND ATTENTION. YOU MUST VALIDATE MY WORTH.” The color can only exist when other light is thrown upon it. And the color is passion. Love, anger, lust, aggression. Passion. It is free. But I am not free. And knot free I am not. Twisted and tangled in my own musings that roll back into themselves endlessly musing and creating and being, yet producing and showing nothing. It’s the color that throws paint on the walls and screams life into being, like a baby stretching the birth canal, exiting the womb. It’s the blood of the innocent to protect their rights. And it’s the motivation to stay in bed lingering with the touch of hunger for another. Its creation. Its destruction. The beginning and the end of the circle. The feared parts of life and hence the motivation for living. My cheeks are burning red with the embarrassment of simply existing.

I fall. I fall endlessly and hopelessly. Continually again and again I fall. I fall for false ads and false loves. I fall for bad lines and sick jokes. The weight of the world pulls me towards it in the orbit of the continual fires that burn below. The pitchness of the cavern, the endlessness of the crevice that opens up, opens up below me. I await. I await a man, a mother, lover, and father to save me. I await savior and push away auxiliaries. I scream and fall into the arms of love and through the fingers of time. I am a tiny piece of sand slipping, slipping like that time you wore those shoes on the gravel laden cobblestones in the rain. A simple twist you hoped no one noticed. Save you and the broken heel. I fall like that jolt that awakens you in the night. That’s the tingle. That’s it there, right there. That’s the fall.

And I throw back. I fight back and spit in the faces of those that would dare push me. Spit words of endless streams. Rushing words over the boulders of my teeth. The drip of the foaming at the mouth. The barking. The throw it back. Throw it back in their faces and ask the world to judge me. And I throw back. Throw back my head in that I-don’t-give-a-damn laughter. Careless, childlike laughter at the world and all its amazements. At myself, the situation, the life. Throw it back, throw it back. Throw back the small fish to go for the prize. Throw back the bullshit to go for the Truth.

There is so much movement. So much that when I sit for a second to smell some roses a little boy once gave me the world seems to sway side to side and up and down like when you lay your head down after a night dancing with Jack and his buddy Coke. The buzz of the world never stops and sometimes motion sickness sets in, and you want to take something for it, but there’s nothing in the cabinet. No dog, no bone. The needles in the drawer spell AIDS as you roll it open and the D.A.R.E. sticker is a virtuous token. The stranger’s breath smells funny and you pull away to offer just your check, honey. What to do? What to do? It’s youth, it’s life and you only get it once. But Jesus, does it have to be so….well, hard?

And you’re hard. Well, you had to be. To move forward, to still be free. To go on and to live, be successful, do well. Have something to show for who you are. And you still look back, past all the success, past the movement, the glory to all the rest. You still gaze past and see, that you weren’t, you weren’t ever really there for me. And then, then do you wonder, as you stop and stare, for whom did you really care? And this is the choice; this is the question that I asked you before. What do you do when you are faced and choose? For whom did you live for and whom did you love? Whose life is this and whose needs go above? That baby that you made years before, does he still call out for you in the night? Do you feel lonely and shiver in cold whenever nobody calls? Because you too are still human today, and God, God is still far away. And this universe is twisting, this nobody knows. But today, today….well here it goes.

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