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10 Best Books to Read to Your Kids

I have lived through some amazing adventures. I have lunched with kings, explored distant and magnificent lands, fought in tremendous battles for justice and truth, and traveled to the far reaches of the galaxy. I am not a diplomat or explorer, warrior or scientist. I am a mom, who read to her children and in doing so, got the greatest gift of all, the ability live unique and splendid adventures through the eyes of my children, as we entered into the wonderful world of books:

Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch, is perhaps one of my favorite books. It tells the story of the unwavering love between a mother and her son. No matter how old he becomes, or how far he travels, this is an unyielding and unbreakable bond. When reading this most tender story to my children, I sang a melody for the lullaby in the story. Though my children are grown, I am occasionally asked to sing it to them again. For them, it is a fond memory, for me…so much more.

Dragon Stew, by Tom McGowen is the whimsical tale of a demanding king, a resourceful young man and a truly unique dragon who learn over time the meaning of what is really important in one’s life.

The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss expresses the significance of caring for the world in a way only Theodore Geisel could convey. Through the use of descriptive rhyme and innovative new words, Geisel creates a world that is lost as a result of excess and greed, only to be recovered because of purity of heart, innocence and love. It is truly an inspirational work, meaningful to young and old alike as we all identify with the tragedy of loss due to greed and the treasure that is our earth.

Song and Dance Man, by Karen Ackerman reminds us of the importance of our past as brought to life through the accounts of our elder family members. Grandpa shares his experiences as a song and dance man, bringing his past to life for his grandchildren, as well as recreating an all but forgotten era for those who read it.

Just For You, by Mercer Mayer is the adorable story of small child’s attempt at doing something ‘˜just right’ for his mommy. He tried and he tried and just didn’t seem to succeed, until the last attempt of all. Simply adorable, it is a must read!

The Kingdom of the Singing Birds, by Miriam Aroner & Shelly Haas is the meaningful tale of a far away kingdom which is home to the most lovely and rare birds in all the land. Sadly, these caged birds won’t sing, and none of the wise elders can figure out why! The kingdom sends for the one man who can offer the king the answers he seeks and guide him on the right path to correct the problem. This moving story reminds us of the beauty of the spirit and the joy of the soul and what happens when these two elements are not permitted to thrive.

Wolf Plays Alone, by Dominic Catalano shares in clever rhythmic patterns the story of a wolf who wants to play his horn, alone. Learn what happens when teamwork comes into the forest in the form of all his animal friends!

Can You Find Sadie?, is just plain fun! Sadie the puppy keeps hiding, and it is up to the reader to find her! Where can she be? You and your child will just love where that silly puppy hides!

The Very Best Hanukkah Gift, by Cherie Karo Schwartz offers a touching glimpse into the meaning of giving and love through the eyes of a child, little Miriam, who, along with her brother and sister, are off to find the perfect Hanukkah gift for her grandma, Bubie Rae. Go with her on her amazing adventure as she struggles to find the right gift, and discover what she presents to her grandma, at the end of the tale. This sweet story it has become a holiday tradition in our home.

Anything by Dr. Seuss. It may appear to be cheating, but anything by Dr. Seuss is worth reading, and reading often. A master of his or any time, works like Yertle the Turtle, Horton Hatches the Egg, The 500 Hats and so many others will never become routine, never boring and will convey in tender meaning, the importance of kindness, caring and understanding to all who read it.

So you see, I have truly been on some amazing adventures to some fantastical lands. And although some may find it mundane, to me, they have been the greatest adventures of all.

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10 Best Indoor Dog Breeds

Airedale Terrier

This breed of indoor dogs is great for smaller houses. They have a very good children tolerance but they need to be outside and taken for a run or walks almost every day. Rain or shine for these dogs is not a problem because their fur is water resistant. The maintenance level is relatively low but they need to be brushed a lot.

Boston Terrier

With this dog you must think of them having asthma because technically they do. They need regular exercise but not extensive, because they have a tendency to get overheated in which they have difficulty breathing which strains their heart. They adapt to changes very well and are fairly easy to train. They get along with other pets but aren’t very friendly to strangers (part of that can depend on how they are trained). Some dogs of this breed tend to bark a lot.


This dog is likely one of the best indoor dog breeds for a family because of their devotedness, but on the other hand they are very independent, harder to train and not very tolerant with strangers though they get along with other pets. They require very little exercise, get along well with other pets and have a high tolerance level. But it is best to keep this dog inside one cold and rainy days because they are more prone to catching colds or respiratory problems.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This adorable dog enjoys everything at its most spoiled peak (hence the name). the perfect lap dog but also attentive and one of the smarter toy breeds. They are sweet and loving, enjoy short brisk walk s every day and have a high tolerance level of people and other dogs. This dog is also good for families with children or time for loving and playing with the dog.

Toy Manchester Terrier

This dog is very friendly and playful with its family but sometimes it can be unfriendly or even timid with strangers. They are best with indoor environments but they often chase small pets and don’t like to live with other pets as their character is protective to their family. They are best for people without children.

Jack Russell Terrier

These dogs are very adorable and children love them but they are very high energy so they need someone to constantly love and play with them. They will protect at all costs such as George in 2007, found small children being attacked by pit bulls, he held them at bay long enough for the children to get away. Unfortunately he was killed by the pit bulls but he protected them without even knowing them. In 2009 he was awarded the PDSA award and a former U.S. Marine donated his purple heart to George’s owner. But they should be properly trained because if they aren’t they can get aggressive towards strangers and other animals.


These dogs are very dossal, quiet and patient. These dogs are appropriate for people that won’t be home in the day because they often like to rest during most of the day. They are in the Great Dane family so they may need to run every once in a while. But they are very polite and good with older children.


These dogs are perfect for apartments or not very active owners. The only exercise they require is traipsing around your home all day. They are charming and loving making them the perfect lap dog although they are sometimes stubborn on some things. They do tend to snap sometimes around smaller children if they are bothered, though if they are trained well they will be almost perfectly behaved.

Mini Doberman Pinscher

These dogs are best to be gotten if you don’t have another pet because some of them tend to get jealous as they like having their own space but sometimes they will get along very well with other pets. Sometimes Pinschers don’t see themselves as small and will often challenge other breeds bigger than themselves so they are best kept inside away from big dogs and animals. They need a good diet because they can get overheated if they are overweight.


This certain breed can become very attached to their owners and may follow you everywhere. They are good indoor dogs because they don’t like to run around outside because it appears to overwhelm them and sometimes they tend to run off if let out. They are very loyal and are the perfect definition of lap dog. Though they sometimes tend to yap they aren’t very obnoxious.

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10 Best Mexican Boxers Ever

Mexico has produced many outstanding fighters throughout the years and naming the ten best Mexican boxers ever is a great privilege for every boxing fan. Here is a look at the best boxers that Mexico has to offer from the past era of boxing to the present:

Julio Cesar Chavez. He was regarded as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world in his era. Chavez conquered three different weight divisions, to wit super featherweight, lightweight, and super lightweight, in which he reigned as a six-time world champion.

Oscar De La Hoya. At the Barcelona Olympic Games, he won a gold medal by defeating Marco Rudolph in the lightweight division. De La Hoya collected ten world titles in six different weight divisions. Known as the Golden Boy, he generated an estimated $696 million pay-per-view profit during his active years in boxing.

Carlos Zarate. 90 percent of his victories came by way of knockout, thus Zarate was one of the purest punchers in the bantamweight and super bantamweight classes in his time. He was the only boxer in history to record two streaks of 20 or more knockout victories in succession.

Ruben Olivarez. He was considered by many boxing experts as the greatest bantamweight titlist of all time and earned the respect of his countrymen as Mexico’s greatest fighter for an extended period of time until the triumphant rise of Julio Cesar Chavez.

Salvador Sanchez. Many boxing writers and contemporaries of Sanchez reasoned that he could have been the greatest featherweight of all time had he not died prematurely at age 24 in a car crash. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991 after his death.

Ricardo Lopez. “El Finito” (The Fine One), as he was known in boxing, was one of the most illustrious fighters in the lower weight classes. He made 21 successful defenses of his strawweight title. Lopez also claimed the light flyweight championship and defended it twice before he retired from boxing.

Marco Antonio Barrera. The “Baby-Faced Assasin” fought the best boxers in his prime, such as Manny Pacquiao, Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Naseem Hamed. He is a seven-time world champion in three different weight classes, videlicet super bantamweight, featherweight, and super featherweight.

Erik Morales. “El Terrible” was the only Mexican fighter to defeat the Filipino hero Manny Pacquiao, holder of seven different titles in seven different weight divisions. He is a four-time world champion in the super bantamweight, featherweight, and junior lightweight divisions.

Juan Manuel Marquez. He belongs in the company of Mexican great warriors in the ring with his world titles in three distinct weight classes: featherweight, super featherweight, and lightweight. He is best remembered as the boxer who got up from three knockdowns in the first round and punished the multi-division Filipino titlist Manny Pacquiao in their featherweight match that resulted in a draw in 2004.

Fernando Montiel. “Cochulito” (The Rooster) is another Mexican warrior who has multiple titles in three different weight categories, namely flyweight, super flyweight and bantamweight. He breaks down his opponents with his counterpunching prowess and swift combinations. One more title for him in a higher weight class and he will be the only pure Mexican fighter to be crowned as a four-division world champion.

Mexico will continue to produce world champions in boxing because there is a constant discovery of legitimate contenders from its pool of boxers. And with that, the list of the ten best Mexican boxers ever will only get better.


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10 Best Father's Day Beer Gifts for Dad

I have been blessed with a full blooded German father who loves his beer. Mom hates to see him drunk, but if he is going to drink anyway, I think, “hey, why not indulge him with a beer gift.” It’s fun, reasonably inexpensive, and a great father’s day gift.

1.Beer gift baskets: Whether your dad likes sports, books, or is a Harley Davidson fan like my dad, this is sure to be a hit. One year for Father’s Day I filled a basket with his favorite beer, a Harley hat and a pair of leather gloves. Granted I had to wrap up the gloves so they weren’t drenched with condensation, it still went without a hitch.

2. Personalized beer mugs: What beer drinking dad would not like his own special mug engraved with, “Happy Father’s Day to the World’s Best Dad”?

3. Beer hats: These are great, and humorous. One year I bought a huge cowboy hat that looked like it was made out of a Budweiser case.

4. Beer cards: I buy one of these for my dad every Father’s Day, sometimes even for birthday’s and Christmas. I honestly can’t think of any other kind of card I find that would be appropriate for my dad… besides a biker card. There’s usually a beer on the front with some funny little ditty inside.

5. Beer shirts: Your dad’s wardrobe will not feel complete unless he has at least one t-shirt with his favorite beer logo on the front.

6. Beer socks: Yes, they make them. But if you can’t find the kind you want online, you can make them.

7. Beer underwear: Okay, I agree that we probably never want to actually see our fathers gallivanting around the house sporting their new pair of beer Speedos or boxers -we’ll save that for you mom- these are a wonderful Father’s Day gift.

8. Beer koozies: These are easy and cheap. Plus they can be found at nearly every convenience store that sells beer. Need a last minute gift for dad? Buy a koozie. Some of them are so cute that I have bought myself five, and I don’t even drink beer. But what woman cannot resist a koozie that says “Princess” on the front?

Beer gag gifts:

9. Framed beer or beer photo album/scrapbook : You can choose one or both.

The framed beer is ultimately for single fathers. Just buy a frame, and put a picture of your dad’s favorite beer in the display window. This is sure to inspire him if he sits it on his desk at work.

Beer photo album/scrapbook: The beer photo album is a bit more difficult and time consuming, but it is the most fun. The main idea behind this concept is to catch your dad at his drunkest, and snap a picture of him holding a beer. Compile all of these pictures together in an album entitled, “The best moments that I do not remember.”


10. Beer: If you have a dad with a laid back attitude, and a decent sense of humor, it wouldn’t be insulting to buy him a case of beer. I know my dad wouldn’t mind.

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10 Best Apps for Busy Moms

What are 10 of the top apps for busy moms? From cooking to first aid duties, moms have a lot on the daily to-do list. What are some great smart phone apps to help mom stay prepared and at the top of her game?

Dinner Spinner Pro. This must-have app for busy moms brings the world of All Recipes-the popular online recipe and cooking site to the hand held for quick and easy searching and retrieval of meal time recipes. With Dinner Spinner Pro -it’s possible to enter up to 8 ingredients-or even exclude them if they are on the family dinner boycott list. Dinner Spinner Pro is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for $2.99 through iTunes.

Cozi Family Organizer.Cozi offers both a free iPhone application and a Premium version ($5.99) to help busy families stay organized at home and on the go. The site offers simple calendar functionality-which syncs with Outlook to quickly and easily update and email activities and schedule changes.

Punchbowl. Looking for a great invitation and party planning app for moms? Moms are usually the family’s designated party planners-and the app makes party planning easy with a super simple app that can be used at home or on the go to plan every aspect of a party or event from invitations to notifying guests about planned party food

Mom Maps. Looking for kid friendly spots and activities on the go? Mom Maps finds family friendly sites using the phone’s current location-and sorts them into categories such as restaurants and playgrounds. This is a great app for moms exploring during vacation-or even for finding undiscovered treasures in the usual neighborhood. Mom Maps is free and available on iTunes.

Lose It! Lose It! is a busy mom friendly weight loss aiding app. With Lose It!, moms (and non-moms alike) are able to record daily food and exercise logs, track weight loss goals-and even share weight loss details and motivate friends through Lose It! is free and available through iTunes.

Pocket First Aid and CPR. Do you stop a nose bleed by holding the head forward or back? With this free app, mom is a little more prepared for the unexpected. Covering a wide range of First Aid and CPR skills and techniques, the Pocket First Aid and CPR app puts a much needed resource at the fingertips of caregivers.

Pet First Aid. Remember that pets have accidents and mishaps as well-and parents are usually the “first responders”. Pet First Aid is not exactly the same as the tips and tricks used for humans. This app may help you prevent an expensive, weekend trip to the emergency vet-or may help save the life of a family pet prior to a follow up at the emergency vet.

Grocery IQ. While many organizing apps have grocery list features, Grocery IQ takes grocery shopping list organization to a higher level. Lists can be created and organized by store-or aisle and saved for different favorite stores-all with a simple scan of a product barcode and a shuffle of the aisle order. The lists can be shared between users, linked with, and even updated in real-time so that last minute items can be added to a list when a spouse is in the store. Grocery IQ is also a free app.

e-Nag. The e-Nag app lets users set pre-scheduled text message reminders and alerts-a great alternative to often forgotten sticky notes. Users can select from a series of pre-programmed “Quick e-Nags” or type personalized reminder notes-choose e-Nag recipients and schedule the reminder for delivery when it’s needed. e-Nag is currently $2.99 through iTunes.

Craft Finder. Need a last minute project for a school activity, assignment-or just as a fun diversion for the kids? Craft Finder offers a database of arts and crafts themed projects, sorted by age and skill level, with free, step by step instructions and material lists from Family Fun magazine. The free app is available through iTunes.

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10 Best Butlers in Television History

The main job of a butler is to serve the household that they work for but television butlers must also serve the viewers at home. A butler on a television show is usually a character that adds support to the show whether it is being a sidekick of some sorts or serving comic relief. There have been some good butlers on television over the years.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 10. Aloysius Parker (Thunderbirds)
Aloysius Parker is a criminal-turned-butler puppet in the Thunderbirds television series. When Parker was a criminal in his previous occupation he was given the name “Nosey”. Besides being butler and chauffer, Parker also supports the Thunderbirds by using his old contacts from the crime scene.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 9. Duckworth (Ducktales)
Duckworth is the butler-duck on the show Ducktales. Ducktales stars Scrooge McDuck who naturally has plenty of money to have a butler. Duckworth doesn’t really have any other duties other than his regular butler duties.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 8. Lyn Belvedere (Mr. Belvedere)
Mr. Belvedere is the only character on this list that is not a supporting character. Mr. Belvedere is the main a character in his own TV show but we all know that Bob Uecker was the real star of the show.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 7. Ianto Jones (Torchwood)
Ianto Jones from the British BBC show Torchwood is not technically a butler, but is referred to as the “general support officer”. Ianto’s duties aren’t quite as menial as serving food or that sort of the thing but he has a similar supporting role as a butler.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 6. Alfred Pennyworth (Batman)
Alfred Pennyworth might be the most famous fictional butler of all but this list is not including movies or comic books. On his television work in the Adam West Batman series and Batman: The Animated Series, Alfred doesn’t quite make the top five.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 5. Max (Hart to Hart)
This Hart to Hart butler did the typical butler duties, such as cook, serve food and chauffer but was also vital in helping the Harts solve cases and help them escape from danger.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 4. Kato (Green Hornet)
Techically Kato’s job is a valet, which is a butler that is specifically assigned to one person and not an entire household like most of the butlers on this list. Kato was Britt Reid’s valet and sidekick of his crime-fighting alter ego Green Hornet. I think it is safe to say if these butlers had a large Royal Rumble that Kato would come out victorious.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 3. Waylon Smithers (The Simpsons)
Waylon Smithers official occupation is not a butler but is actually an executive assistant. Mr. Burns treats Smithers more like a manservant than simply an assistant though.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 2. Lurch (The Addams Family)
Visiting the Addams Family can be a strange adventure and it all begins with a tall Frankestein’s monster-like monster named Lurch answering the door. Even though Lurch is a large and intimidating figure he seems to be a gentle creature that is just taking orders from Gomez and Morticia.

10 Best Butlers in Television: 1. Geoffrey Butler (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
Without a doubt the best butler in television history is Geoffrey Butler, or “G” as Will calls him. Not only does Geoffrey serve the Banks family but he also isn’t afraid to serve up an insult or two and to serve up some comedy to the audience.

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10 Best Doris Day Hit Songs

More than fifty of Doris Day’s recordings appeared on the top-100 music popularity charts during her seventeen years at Columbia Records. Her sunny persona was firmly ensconced in the national consciousness and the lilt in her voice is immediately recognizable. Her best ‘should-have-been hits’ and her best ‘songs that-you-never-heard-of’ are discussed in other articles. Here are the best-ten of Doris Day’s most popular songs.

Secret Love 1954 #1
Doris Day introduced her number one hit record Secret Love in the 1953 musical film ‘Calamity Jane’ and it was the Oscar winning song that year.Performed in the film by Doris Day. Secret Love is musically compelling – shifting and changing – and Doris Day’s version is unlikely to ever be surpassed for pure heartfelt drama. It was one of her biggest hits. Sammy Fain wrote the music with lyrics by Paul Francis Webster and the orchestra was conducted by Ray Heindorf.

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) 1956 #2
Alfred Hitchcock assigned the gifted team of Jay Livingston and Ray Evans to write a simple lullaby for his 1956 suspense film ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ and it proved to be the biggest hit of Doris Day’s recording career. Que Sera, Sera received the 1956 Academy Award for best original song.It was performed by Doris Day early in the film and reprised at the climax. The orchestra was conducted by Frank DeVol.

A Guy is a Guy 1952 #1
Based on the 1719 British song A Knave is a Knave, Doris Day’s A Guy is a Guy was a #1 hit in 1952. In this Oscar Brand song, a disarming Doris Day admits that she is not surprised that a man is following her to her door because she knew that is what a guy would do. The orchestra was conducted by Paul Weston.

It’s Magic 1948 #2
The song It’s Magic was first performed by Doris Day in the film “Romance on the High Seas”, which was Doris Day’s debut film. It’s Magic is truly one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. It became a huge hit for Doris Day, was nominated for Best Song of 1948 at the Oscars, and for years was Doris Day’s official theme song. Jule Styne wrote the music and Sammy Cahn wrote the lyrics. Doris Day re-recorded the song in 1952 with the Percy Faith orchestra.

Everybody Loves a Lover 1958 #6
This peppy, girlish recording utilizes the multi-track voice overdub that lets Doris Day sing a duet with herself. The technique was frequently employed in 50s recordings. The lively, upbeat Everybody Loves a Lover was written by Richard Adler & Robert Allen. The orchestra was conducted by Frank DeVol. Everybody did love Doris Day in the fifties but this would be her last top-forty hit.

If I Give My Heart to You 1954 #3
A chart-topping sentimental hit recording for Doris Day, If I Give My Heart to You was written by Jimmy Brewster, Jimmie Crane, and Al Jacobs. Denise Lor also had a hit version in 1954 and a record by Kitty Kallen charted in 1959. Joan Regan’s recording for the UK market became the highest charting version in that country. Anne Shelton also recorded a version for the UK market, but it lost out to the Doris Day version. The orchestra was conducted by Paul Weston

Tunnel of Love 1958 #43
Driving a convertible through mountain tunnels, Doris Day introduced Tunnel of Love over the opening credits for her 1958 film ‘Tunnel of Love’. With a reverb arrangement and tunnel-echo-effect, the scene is memorable, and the bright breezy song suits Doris Day. The orchestra was conducted by Frank DeVol.

When I Fall In Love 1952 #20
Doris Day’s dreamy, memorable version of When I Fall In Love, accompanied by the Norman Luboff Choir, took the song to the top-twenty in 1952. Composer Victor Young and lyricist Edward Heyman wrote the song for the 1952 film ‘One Minute to Zero’, where it was performed as an instrumental. Many artists recorded the standard. Nat King Cole had a popular version in 1956, Johnny Mathis recorded it in 1959, and the Lettermen’s version was a top-ten hit in 1962. The orchestra on Doris Day’s 1952 hit was conducted by Carl Fischer.

Teacher’s Pet 1958 #56
Doris Day introduced the catchy title song to perfection over the opening credits of her 1958 film comedy ‘Teacher’s Pet’ co-starring Clark Gable and Gig Young (who was nominated for best supporting actor). The song was written by Joe Lubin and the orchestra was conducted by Frank DeVol.

I’ll Never Stop Loving You 1955 #13
This haunting original song is from Doris Day’s dramatic musical film ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ the turbulent MGM film biography of nightclub singer and Ziegfield Follies star Ruth Etting who flourished during the twenties and thirties. Doris Day brought her special magic to the timeless period pieces from the film. I’ll Never Stop Loving You was a new song especially composed for the film and became a popular hit single for Doris Day. The orchestra was conducted by Percy Faith.

In addition to Doris Day’s ten-best-greatest hits, one more hit song deserves honorable mention:

Sentimental Journey(1945 #1 hit as a vocalist with Les Brown & His Orchestra) (1964 arranged and conducted by Mort Garson from the 1964 ‘Sentimental Journey’ album).

As a singer with big bands during World War II, Doris Day toured with the Les Brown Orchestra and had several hit records, including one immortal classic in 1945, Sentimental Journey. The superb 1964 arrangement managed to sound contemporary without losing the flavor of the original and the result was simultaneously an exercise in wistful nostalgia and a celebration of timeless music.

In 1956 and 1957, Doris Day was voted ‘most popular singer’ in the national disc jockey poll and her recordings remain so that we can listen to them forever.

See my other Associated Content articles on Doris Day’s ‘Best Albums’, ‘Best Love Songs’, ‘Best Songs from films’, ‘Best Duets’, ‘Best Show Tunes’, ‘Best Christmas Songs’, ‘Worst Songs’, ‘Best Movies’, ‘Worst Movies’ and more.

More information about Doris Day and other popular singers and songs from the 1950s can be found at the website or in the book “Remembering 1950s EASY-POP Songs and Singers” by Daniel Niemeyer.

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10 Best Baseball Songs Ever Written

“Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?” – Natalie Cole.

“A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request” – Steve Goodman

“Baseball Dreams” – The Naturals with Mel Allen

“(Love is Like a) Baseball Game” – The Intruders

“Pete Rose Affinity” – Summer Hymns

“Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)” – The Treniers

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” – The Hold Steady

“I Love Mickey” – Mickey Mantle & Teresa Brewer

“If You Can’t Make a Hit at the Ballgame, You Can’t Make a Hit with Me” – The National Pastime Orchestra

“Life is a Ballgame” – Sister Winona Carr

If you need to feel that baseball spirit just listen to any of these songs.

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10 Best Chick Flicks for Valentines

There are some must watches for this Valentine’s Day and I have the Top 10 for the year. I love a good chick flick of course, cause I’m a chick. So, let’s not waist any time getting you the loving that you deserve for the year.

The Notebook

This is a very endearing story. The way that the guy goes after the girl in this movie is the same way that every girl wants to be pursued. Your girl will feel like you have pursued her after bringing home this flick for V-Day.

Watch The Notebook Trailer Here

The Titanic

I loved this long movie and its about the same premise as The Notebook. This love story is timeless where the young man dies for his love. So awesome. Every girl wants a man who is willing to die for her. Awesome!

Watch The Titanic Trailer Here

Gone With The Wind

This is a timeless classic. I think everyone knows or at least has heard of this 1939 film. It is the mother of all the great love classics in my book. If your lady likes the old movies, this one is for you.

Watch The Gone With The Wind Trailer Here

Pretty Woman

I think this classic made many men want to turn “whores into housewives.” It was a very good flick and any woman can feel the honor of being picked up by a prestigious man, even if she isn’t a lady of the evening. Be careful choosing this flick, even though it is in my top 10. Be sure your lady is into this type of movie. You don’t want any offenses on V-Day!

Watch The Pretty Woman Trailer Here

Legends of the Fall

Oh, God, I’ve been looking for this movie. I could not remember the name of it to save my life. But I loved the love stories that were in it. There was love, intrigue, betrayal. All the good mixing for a good chick flick. Your girl will think so too.

This is when movies were well thought out. How did they get so much into two hours?

Watch the Legends of the Fall Trailer Here

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I am so in love with this movie. What girl would not want a man to go as far as to change who he was for her. Your girl will love you for bringing this love story home. It’s a bit of a funny too. If you can get her to laugh, then she is smiling. If she is smiling then she is all yours.

Watch the My Big Fat Greek Wedding Trailer Here

Runaway Bride

Here is another movie where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts pull it off. Just like in Pretty Woman. This movie is quite different, but it is a blast and I am sure that most women will love this one. I know that I do.

Watch the Runaway Bride Trailer Here

50 First Dates

This is one of my favorite films. It is so funny and such a good love story. A man who has had problems with commitment is going through massive lengths to keep his girl who doesn’t even remember him the next day. Awesome!

Watch the 50 First Dates Trailer Here

Ever After

This is another movie with Drew Barrymore, but they had this beautiful princess in some good films. I’m telling you. This is another movie where a prestigious prince reaches and gets a commoner and loves her. Mmmm… good times.

Watch the Ever After Trailer Here

Never Been Kissed

Once again another Drew Barrymore film, but what can I say. This girl knows how to be picked up by the best of them or is she the one doing the picking up? This very weird intrigue ended in love indeed.

Watch the Never Been Kissed Trailer Here

Those are my top 10 in no particular order, but all will be good and she’ll be kissing you at the end. Happy love making!

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10 Best Drama TV Shows of the Decade (2000-2010)

Every decade has its memorable drama TV shows. Since 2000, TV from the “Oughts” (the 2000s) has brought us a more nuanced, grittier view of our lives. The heroes of the best drama shows are more complex and the problems they face seldom end in neat little packages. It was a messy, complicated, bittersweet decade. Here are ten of the best TV dramas from 2000-2010.

1.The Sopranos (1999-2007) – James Gandolfini starred as Tony Soprano, a mobster who tried to stay in control of his crew and family. Superb acting and writing lured viewers into the dark world of the New Jersey mob. Part soap opera and part Scorsese film, the Sopranos was the definition of compelling drama and was appointment TV for its entire eight year run.

2. The West Wing (1999-2006) – Writer/Producer Aaron Sorkin brought his unique rapid-fire wit to this “if only” political drama. Martin Sheen starred as President Josiah Barlett in this liberal-leaning drama with a superb ensemble cast including Allison, Janney, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford and Rob Lowe. The issue-oriented writing made this White House drama one of the smartest shows of the decade.

3. 24 (2001-Present) – Set in “real-time”, each season depicted a 24-hour period in the life of Agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). From terrorist plots to an annoying teenage daughter, Jack Bauer faced it all in this edge of your seat serial drama. Unique structure and heart-pounding plots make 24 one of the most fun, water-cooler friendly shows of the decade.

4. Foyle’s War (2002-Present) – Masterpiece Theater brought this brilliant series to American shores. Set in Hastings, England during WWII, this beautifully written drama centered on Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchens). Unable to fight, Foyle remains on the home front to solve murders in a time of war. Gorgeous production value and excellent acting and writing make this understated and underrated drama one of the best.

5. Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009) – Based on the campy series of the same name from the late 1970s, Battlestar Galactica is a clever reimagining of the premise. Great special effects and set design take a back seat to the human drama. Edward James Almos anchored this imaginative and thought-provoking science fiction series.

6. House (2004-Present) – British comedian, Hugh Laurie, shed his accent and his funny-man only status with the title role in this medical drama. Laurie’s Dr. Greg House is a curmudgeon’s curmudgeon. A misanthrope with only the tiniest glimmer of a heart, House is a character every woman wants to heal. Funny and shocking, House is a slow burn for redemption.

7. Six Feet Under (2001-2005) – Alan Ball’s complex drama tackled the big stuff: life and death. Set in a funeral parlor, Six Feet Under followed the lives of the Fisher family. Never easy, but always compelling, Six Feet Under made for great TV. The talented ensemble cast included Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy and Rachel Griffiths. More than just another TV drama, Six Feet Under is about the fragility of life and how we deal, or don’t deal, with our own mortality.

8. Mad Men (2007-Present) – Set in the world of a 1960s advertising agency, Mad Men is a reflection of our changing world. Beautifully filmed with fantastic period detail, Mad Men tells us where we are by showing us where we’ve been. Cool and stylized, Mad Men is repressed drama at its best.

9. The Wire (2002-2008) – Gritty and complicated, The Wire was an extreme close-up of our failures. Each season focused on a different aspect of Baltimore, Maryland from the drug trade to the government and the systemic failure of each. Violent and dark, The Wire is a grim police drama that required a commitment from its viewers and rewarded them with some of the best drama on television.

10. Friday Night Lights (2006-Present) – Based on a book and film of the same name, this wonderful series explores the sports-obsessed side of America. Set in the fictional Texas town of Dillon, Friday Night Lights follows the lives of the football team and their families. Grounded by an outstanding and understated performance by Kyle Chandler as coach Eric Taylor, the young cast is full of faces you’ll be seeing for a long time to come.

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10 Best Anti-Valentines Day Movies

If the lovey-dovey mushy kissy stuff isn’t really your bag this Valentine’s Day, try some of these anti-Valentine’s Day movies that are all about love gone wrong. There is something for everybody from every generation (well, maybe not children), so grab your popcorn! And if we are going to crown the King and Queen of Bad Love, let’s give it to Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, both of whom make multiple appearances on this list of ten unromantic movies to celebrate you anti-Valentine’s Day.

The Break-up, 2006: Jennifer Aniston, who some might consider unlucky in love off screen, and Vince Vaughn play a couple who splits because of different lifestyles. Neither of them, however, wants to give up their great condo in Chicago so they remain roommates through the break-up. They try to drive each other out of the condo with outrageous acts and immaturity. Though this film wouldn’t be considered great by any means, it is a comedic spin on a situation that many find to be very real.

American Beauty, 1999: Lester (Kevin Spacey) and Carolyn (Annette Benning) appear to have the perfect life together, but inside, Lester is experiencing a mid-life crisis. His wife, Carolyn, is less than pleasant and his daughter (Thora Birch) has instituted a rebellion. His wife begins having an affair and, eeking attention, Lester sets his eyes on his daughter’s sexually promiscuous teenage friend (Mena SuvarI). Nothing says love like affairs, teenage soul mates and underage lust.

Basic Instinct, 1992: Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) is assigned to a murder case involving a rock star who was killed during sex. During the investigation he meets a female author named Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), the rock star’s girlfriend at his time of death and a key suspect. When Curran fails to find enough evidence to arrest Tramell for the murder, he gets involved in a tangled web of seduction and manipulation. Is the attraction between Curran and Tramell hindering the investigation and putting Curran himself in danger?

Fatal Attraction, 1987: This is a story about a love so crazy that a woman will stop at nothing to win the heart of the one she loves. Sounds warm and fuzzy, right? Wrong. A family man and lawyer named Dan Callagher (Michael Douglas) has an affair with a colleague named Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) over a weekend. He thinks it is just a fling and will return to his family, but she has other ideas. She’ll do anything, including attempt suicide and kidnap his child, to gain his attention and affection.

The War of the Roses, 1989: This story line is very similar to The Break-up. A married couple (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) decide to divorce and what follows is bitterness and spite. Neither wants to give up the house they share and either will go to extreme lengths to keep it, as divorce lawyer (Danny DeVito) finds out. And don’t forget the kiddies! This is a humorous take on divorce and materialism.

Far From Heaven, 2002: In the 1950s, a successful wife ran a good house, had a successful husband and enjoyed a good social life. Cathy Whittaker (Julianne Moore, Academy Award Best Actress Nominee) has that life until she catches her husband Frank (Dennis Quaid) kissing another man. In trying to cope with this shocking discovery, she falls into the arms of her gardener, who happens to be black. In case you are new to what was deemed to be acceptable in the 1950s, neither of those two pairings fall into the ‘acceptable’ category. See? Love is not always pleasant.

Reversal of Fortune, 1990: This film is based on a true story about Mr. Claus von Bulow (Jeremy Irons, Academy Award Best Actor winner), who was convicted of attempting to murder his wealthy wife (Glenn Close), who now lies in a coma. Did he drug her, hoping to take all of her money? Or did she bring this on herself, taking drugs as a way to experience some release from her oh-so-stressful life of the rich? We see her life through a series of flashbacks leading up to her collapse into a coma. This movie epitomizes the classic love-or-money marriage.

Closer, 2004: Forget the love triangle, try the love square. The all-star cast of the love square includes Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. Jude Law and Natalie Portman are couple, but each falls in love with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. Each person becomes consumed with trying to hurt their significant other and nobody really ends up happy. “Why isn’t love enough?”

Suspicion, 1941: An oldie-but-goodie featuring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine, the plot centers around a gambler (Grant) who meets a lady (Fontaine) on a train. They marry quickly but she soon finds out that he is a gambling man, often borrowing money from friends to live a life he can’t afford. He becomes a suspect in the murder of his friend and she becomes suspicious, fearing for her life that she is the next victim.

Revolutionary Road, 2009: Kate Winslet won a Golden Globe, and Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for one, for their performances in a tragic film about a couple living the expected life of a 1950s suburban family. Frank (DiCaprio) hates the job he commutes to daily in New York City, and April (Winslet) has given up her dreams to be a housewife. And for what? April decides they should move to Paris where she could work and Frank could find his passion. But she finds out she is pregnant with their third child and will do anything to rid herself of her unhappiness. This ultimately leads to shouting matches, infidelity and death.

So if you are bitter, lonely or just don’t buy into the Valentine’s Day hype then pop one of these movies in and revel in the characters’ demise!

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