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10 Easy Steps to Picking the Right Healthcare Plan

Many of them have rate quotes that you can get on line. There are ten things to consider when choosing a healthcare plan that is right.
These tips give you key information to selecting a provider for you and your family.

1. Specialists – If you have a current condition that needs a specialist, check to see if he is in the network. Do you have to go through a Primary Care Physician first? Many plans do require going through a Primary Care Physician first. Other plans cover them. Don’t get what you won’t need. There’s no need to get more insurance than you’ll use.

2. Doctors – Picking a healthcare plan involves choosing the right Doctor. If you are in a plan with a specific network of Doctors you can use. If you are currently seeing a Doctor, ask if they are on the same plan or network. If you have to choose a new Doctor you can research with the AMA website. They have lists of Doctors that are safe,and knowledgible. The other information is location, hours, and availability. How often is the Doctor at that office and for how long? Another consideration is a waiting list, or a policy of not accepting new patients. A call to the office can clear those questions up.

3. Emergency Visits and Hospital Care – You need to find out what hospitals and emergency rooms are covered on your plan. Do you need to contact a Primary Care Physician first? For instance, I went to the Emergency Room for a itchy, skin rash that was burning. I was suppose to go to my Primary Care Physician first Instead of doing that I went to the Emergency Room and got treated. I was billed for an Emergency Room visit, which was over $200.00. I would never do that again. It’s worth it only if your plan covers the Emergency Room. The hospital coverage is essential to know. Is there In-patient deductible? Usually you have to call to get an authorization. The number is on the back of your insurance card. They give the limits of time for them, such as a certain amount of days.

4. Pre-Existing Conditions – This can vary between plans. Some have no coverage for pre-existing conditions, and others cover it completely. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act provides coverage for pre-existing conditions if you joining a new group, and have been insured for 12 months previously.

5. Prescription Drug Coverage – Many plans have differing coverage for prescription drugs. If you need and are currently using these drugs, then you need to get a plan with the biggest amount of prescription drug coverage. Find out what the cost of your prescriptions are, including generic drugs. Generic drugs are available at a much lower cost to you every time. They are identical to the original contents of your drugs. Any way to bring the cost down, realistically, to you and your family is good. My generic drugs have always performed well for my children and myself.

6. OB/GYN – If you regularly see one, see if they participate with your plan. Check the credentials on the AMA website. You needs the time and availability for the OB/GYN. For women who are planning on having a baby, find out what hospital to go to. How much is the cost of pregnancy and birth at the hospital? You should know ahead of time. There are three bills that you will receive. One for the OB/GYN, one for the hospital, and one for the pediatrician. They come to the hospital after the birth of your baby. You’ll be charged for the visit. Most healthcare plans cover a portion of those expenses. Lastly, a fertility treatment is something to consider when choosing the right plan. Some plans have new coverage for these fertility treatments. Be sure to check the facts.

7. Regular Physical and Health Screening – If you have children find out if well baby checkups and immunizations are covered. Most people like getting a physical every year. Anthem Healthkeepers HMO is my insurance company. I have had them for 7 years now. They cover yearly physicals for my children. For myself, a mammogram is a heatlh screening service that is covered after 40 years old with Anthem.

8. Additional Services – These include Nursing home and hospice, chiropractics care, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, mental health care, and counseling care. Also alternative medicines and experimental treatments. All of these need your attention if you have need of them in the future. Anthem Healthkeepers covers 50% of mental Health services.

9. Costs – The way to compare costs is to find out how much you must pay. Co-payments are the fees you need to pay when visiting your doctor, hospital, or emergency room. Finally, know your limits. Some plans have lifetime limits on how much the health care plan will pay and some have lifetime limits along with yearly limits. Find out what deductibles you will need to pay first before the health care gets in your favor. You will also want to know if your deductible needs to be met before any services can be used. Also, find out what percent the health care will pay after your deductible. Also find out how much it would be to see a doctor outside your network.

10. Exclusions – Look at that exclusion list and see if you have any of those conditions, or will have them in the future.

There are 3 types of Managed Healthcare Plans: ( HMO, PPO, & POS )

HMO is a Health Maintenance Organization provides employers a way to take care of all their employees’ health care needs with reduced costs by negotiating with specific doctors, hospitals, and clinics.

PPO is Preferred Provider Organization is similar to an HMO but they can chose an out of network doctor for services.

POS is point of Service where they chose their own physician who has agreed to a fee that is discounted.


If you’d like a great side by side rate quote, here’s the site to see. It’s called You go on this website, pick what coverage you need, (subscriber, subscriber, spouse, and children.) It lines up the HMO, PPO, and PPO right next to each other with three columns. The first page shows the benefits for each, such as lifetime maximum, annual deductible, office visits, hospital, prescription drugs, and maternity. The next part is rates, you click on the rates. The column has rates for HMO, PPO, and PPO. It goes by age starting at 0-2 and ending at 60-64. It’s the easiest sight to manage and get correct information for healthcare coverage. The beauty is the simplicity of it.

All of these managed care plans vary greatly in their amount of services given and amount of exclusions. Please consider the needs of your self and family when choosing a Healthcare provider. The best policy that fits your circumstances now and in the future. With these tips and suggestions you should be able to make knowledgeable decisions for your healthcare coverage. The targeted information should make choosing the right one easy. It takes all of the guesswork out of it, doesn’t it?


We spent $1.8 trillion (yes, I said trillion) on healthcare in America. The amount for a single person was $5,670. The federal government paid 24%, the state paid 15%, and 55% was privately paid. This was paid by private insurance and out of pocket expenses. The high cost of Healthcare combined with the high number of uninsured people. Getting insurance through your job is one of the easiest ways to get it. For others, trying to get healthcare insurance may be quite impossible to do. That’s the American crisis to not be able to afford a healthcare plan that you so desperately need. That’s why I’ve included these 10 steps to picking a healthcare plan. For those people who can’t afford it there are options to pick from other insurers. Each day these companies are arriving in the nick of time to offer lower rates. Hopefully, these websites can give you some quotes and ideas. With the rising costs I hope we are getting into some solutions for everyone. Gook luck to all of you.

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10 Denver Tourist Traps to Avoid

Denver has plenty of fun and unique tourist attractions that are real must see attractions. Sadly there are also many not so great attractions or tourist traps. If you want to see the best side of Denver then you should see the real sites and avoid the tourist traps. Here are 10 Denver tourist traps to avoid.

1. Denver Zoo: There is nothing bad about the Denver Zoo per se but there is nothing special about it either. If you are local and want to take your kids to a zoo then by all means go to the Denver Zoo. If you are a visitor though there are so many other unique places to see then a zoo that is no match for other larger zoos like San Diego, D.C., New York, or even smaller less famous zoos. Even a trip to Sea World or Busch Gardens is a more impressive zoological experience.

2. Cherry Creek: Cherry Creek is an upscale neighborhood. Being upscale it includes expensive houses that might be interesting to look at if you could see past the fences. They also have upscale shopping areas. However this is an expensive tourist trap that will cost you more then a normal bus fare to even get there. Other upscale neighborhoods like Beverly Hills are more interesting then Cherry Creek, which is not very tourist friendly.

3. 16th Street Mall: Well what can you say it’s a mall. It might be bigger then your local mall if you live in a smaller urban center then Denver but otherwise its not a attraction to see over the many good Denver attractions.

4. LoDo: Lower Downtown is the same thing as the mall and Cherry Creek. Its just one area of town that people live that is not as upscale as Cherry Creek but is a “historic district” so tourist who don’t know better will say hey it’s a “historic district” lets go see it. There is really nothing but stores and upscale apartment complexes to see and most people don’t consider that a real tourist destination worth seeing.

5. The Molly Brown House: Well if you saw the movie Titanic or have ever heard of the Unsinkable Molly Brown you might think it is a worthwhile tourist destination but you would be wrong. While it might be interesting if you are a local and have never been or are really into learning about the Titanic. For someone rich the house is really small. You learn about Molly Brown but a lot of it is lame like how she was ultimately an uncouth uneducated crass redneck and that is why no one liked her in Denver high society, but then again no one but rednecks would have liked her.

6. Denver Botanic Gardens: It’s a big garden that’s about it. It’s not even a good garden. There are plenty of other gardens across the nation that are better some of which are famous such as the Arboretum in LA where many films have been shot, or even in smaller cities like Fresno you can find better botanic gardens.

7. Lumber Baron Murder Mystery Theater: This theater is fun but expensive. It is not a unique idea to Denver and it is not the best of its kind. If you are a resident its worth going to but if you are visiting then avoid this tourist trap and go to a similar but probably better one in a large city near you.

8. Red Rocks: If you like outdoors then this is a good place to go, however as many places on the list is not special or unique. It is a state park and many consider it beautiful but there are many more interesting places that outdo Red Rocks that are near by including many Utah State Parks like Bryce Canyon Monument Valley, most any Utah state park actually is better, the Grand canyon, and many close neighboring states like Idaho have state parks or even places that are just recreational areas that are not even state parks that are as god or better. In Denver this is not even the best place to see nature, for instance you could go to the Loveland ski area. Or in Colorado there are many more places to see that are world famous which are worth your time.

9. Adams Mystery Playhouse: This is a worse version of the Lumber Baron. First it takes its name from the Adams Family, which is a bit dated, and never a mainstream show, and the movies are the kind that might have had an audience when they were in the theater but after that no one ever watches them. It also appears that is trying to be based off the Adams family but it hasn’t exactly licensed the name. Its like going to a knock off Chinese Disneyland with a mascot named Morty the Mouse. The one upside is that it offer a kid version of the show but are little kids going to be into a murder mystery and is it worth spending the money for them? Older kids might be interested but they wouldn’t want to go to the kid version they would want to do the regular show.

10. Black Hawk: If you like to gamble then you might be interested. They point out they have more casinos then Atlantic City and are not as gaudy as what they consider there counterparts of Reno and Kansas City. At least Reno casinos are not old dilapidated buildings. Most casino areas have something better then Black Hawk. Indian Casinos have ore to offer in way of games, Las Vegas, has more glamour, Atlantic City legally has to allow card counters, etc everywhere else has something making it be worth your time if you are interested in gambling.

While this list may seem long remember there are many places worth seeing in Denver. The capitol, Elitch Gardens, and many more tourist attractions are must sees if you are in Denver. Don’t waste your time in Denver on a tourist trap.

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10 DIY Bridal Bouquet Choices for the Modern Bride

The modern bride is always looking for that one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet to make her special day stand out from the rest. These non-traditional bouquets are easy to make, and will give the bride a unique and stunning look that will set her apart from all the others. Most of these bridal bouquets cost under $15 to make, and take under two hours to assemble. Incorporate your taste and creativity into the bridal bouquet you choose to let your true personality shine through.

Magical Wand Bouquet

Sparkled stars wrapped in luxurious satin ribbon will make you feel like Cinderella as you walk down the aisle. Paint several wooden stars white, then sprinkle both the front and back with glitter. Glue each star to a piece of heavy florist wire. This will enable you to bend the stars into the bouquet shape you desire. Put all the wire stems together. Starting from the top and working down, wrap the stems together with white satin ribbon. Glue a satin bow at the top of the bouquet. Glue faceted faux diamonds down the front, center of the wrapped handle for added glamour. This bouquet would be perfect for an evening or formal wedding.

Lace Parasol

Turn up the romance by walking down the aisle with a decorated lace parasol. Glue flowers and ribbon at the top of the parasol. Glue a string of pearls draped around the bottom edge of the parasol for an elegant and romantic look. The lace parasol is a perfect bouquet choice for a country, beach, outdoors or Victorian wedding.

Pin Bouquet

This non-traditional bouquet makes a head-turning look. Purchase a satin wedding pillow. Glue or sew a piece of thick elastic to the center, back of the pillow. This will enable the bride to securely carry the pillow bouquet down the aisle. Attach embellished pins to the front of the pillow. Borrow pins from your mom or any special ladies in you life. You can find a great selection of pins at flea markets. This type of bouquet would look stunning for any type of wedding venue.

Lace Fan

Add to the the romance of your day by walking down the aisle carrying a lace fan with a dramatic cascade of flowers draping from the bottom. Glue a satin bow at the pointed bottom end of the fan. Glue florals so that they cascade approximately 12 inches from the bottom of the fan. A lace fan is a lovely bouquet choice for a country, garden or Victorian wedding.

Seashell Cone

A bride who loves the beach will adore the seashell cone bouquet. For this style of bouquet you will need a foam cone and a round foam ball cut in half. Glue and wrap the foam cone with satin ribbon. Glue one half of the foam ball to the top of the wide part of the cone. Glue and cover the half ball with green moss. Glue seashells throughout the entire top of the bouquet. Glue a satin bow to the top, center where the cone and ball were glued together. For added detail, glue a couple of seashells to the center of the bow. This bridal bouquet is perfect for an outdoors or beach wedding.

Pine Cone and Berry Bouquet

If you are a natural girl who loves the outdoors, this is the bouquet style for you. You can leave the pine cones natural or add some sparkle to them. To add sparkle, spray glue on each pine cone, then sprinkle each cone with glitter. Wrap the bottom of each pine cone with heavy floral wire leaving an approximate eight inch stem after each cone is wrapped. Twist pine cone stems together. Wrap and glue the stems with jute. Glue berries throughout the pine cones. This non-traditional bouquet would make a stunning choice for a fall or holiday wedding.

Feather Bridal Bouquet

A feather bouquet is a great choice for a bride who wants to get noticed. Gather a pile of feathers. Peacock feathers are a great choice for this bouquet style. Assemble the feathers so that they form a dramatic fan design. Wrap stems with a bold colored satin ribbon. Glue one bold flower at the bottom, center of the bouquet. Glue a bow below this flower. This bouquet design would be a great choice for any wedding venue.

Holiday Ball Wedding Bouquet

If you are a bride who is planning a holiday wedding, walk down the aisle with the ball bouquet. Purchase a round bouquet holder. Glue small and medium gold or clear ornate ball tree ornaments on the foam. Glue an embellished bow of rhinestones and glitter to the center of the arrangement. For added drama, cascade a few ornate balls from the bouquet holder.

Purse and Flowers

Add a touch of elegance to your gown by walking down the aisle holding a beaded purse with florals peeking out from the inside. Calla lilies or white roses are a great flower choice for this bouquet style. You can find beaded purses at flea markets, used clothing stores or yard sales. The style of purse you choose can be adapted to compliment your wedding venue.

Basket Bouquet

The basket bouquet is modern, simple and elegant. Purchase or paint a handle basket white. Wrap and glue satin around the entire handle. Glue a satin bow to the front, bottom of the handle. Lay flowers across the center of the basket. Instead of flowers, you could also use painted twigs or feathers. This bouquet style can be designed to compliment your specific taste and wedding style.

Enjoy creating your non-traditional bouquet for your special day. Check your local Dollar Store and the discount section of your craft stores to find supplies needed to make these bouquets. The website offers great discounts on bridal and craft supplies needed to make these non-traditional wedding bouquets.

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$10 Dollar Store Gifts for Graduation: Cleaning Supplies

There are a few essential things that anyone, in this case someone who has graduated and will be having their own place soon, needs in order to clean their home. Ten things come to mind, all of which can be found at a dollar store.

Ajax or Comet
Ajax and Comet can both be found at a dollar store and can be used to clean many different surfaces. Kitchen counters, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, toilets, kitchen stoves and more can be properly cleaned with either Ajax or Comet.

Bleach is great because when combined with water the graduate that you are giving the gift to will be able to sanitize everything in their new home.

For every floor surface that isn’t carpet in a graduate’s new home can be cleaned with a broom. It is likely the kitchen and dining area will not have carpets as well as the bathroom.

The key item that is holding all of the supporting gifts is the bucket, which will come in handy when the graduate needs to mop the floor.

Dust Pan
One thing that helps complete the tasks of sweeping is a dust pan. Compare the dust pan that you choose to buy with the size of the broom that you choose to buy because you will want to make sure that the dust pan is no smaller than the size of the broom.

One way to help the graduate protect their hands from the cleaning chemicals is to give them a pair of latex gloves, perhaps it will make them more comfortable about cleaning up.

When the graduate is done sweeping their non-carpeted areas of the home they can mop up the floor with a little bit of bleach and a lot of water, this is where that bucket that is holding all of these wonderful items comes in handy.

Paper Towels
Sometimes if you are lucky you’ll be able to find industrial, thicker, heavier and more durable, paper towels. This is great for cleaning jobs that take a paper towel.

When you are discussing cleaning products you have to bring up sponges. You’ll be able to find a variety bag of sponges at your dollar store and the graduate can use them for what cleaning task that they see fit. They will come in different shapes and sizes.

Perfect for window and mirror cleaning, a dollar worth of Windex can go a long way.

This inexpensive ensemble of gifts is a great way to give a graduate all that they will need to clean their new place.

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10 Diet Tips for Teens

Here are 10 tips for teen dieters.

Don’t feel guilty for eating. Depending on your muscle tone and body build, your body may need 1,500 to 2,400 calories just for living and breathing (with more needed for extra energy and proper growth).

For 1,500 calories a day, you can enjoy three fruit servings; six to seven servings of high fiber starch foods, such as whole-wheat products, rice, corn, potatoes; three to four servings of low-fat dairy products’; unlimited low-cal vegetables such as carrots, green beans, zucchini, deep green leafy vegetables, mushrooms; one to two servings of high iron foods, such as dark meat turkey, mature beans, lean beef, pork or chicken; plus a few eggs a week.

It is wiser (and more comfortable) than starving to take in all the good food and nutrients your body and mind require, and then work off extra calories through regular, enjoyable exercise.

Dancing to your favorite music for an hour can use up more than 400 calories. An after-dinner stroll can work off about 200 calories.

Don’t skimp on sleep. Getting enough rest can mean eating only for hunger, instead of eating constantly just to “rev yourself up” to get the energy you need to get through an ordinary day.

How about the “one-week strawberry and banana binge diet”? Or “the four-day soup and salad diet”? “The six-day shop, sit and sip diet”? The next time you see those ads, remember they probably were made up just as fast as these, so don’t be tempted.

If you are seriously wondering what and how much to eat and/or are finding yourself going on crazy binges or feeling like a martyr, you can get help: Ask your physician, school nurse, or local health department for scientific diet counseling. If you are troubled by life or by dieting, see that professional counselor now.

There are solutions to even the toughest problems. Sometimes just talking things out can help get a fresh perspective, however private or painful it may be.

Concentrate on all that you need to eat each day for shiny hair, beautiful skin, clear eyes and enough mental and physical energy to enjoy your favorite activities or learn new ones. You may find that after you’ve had three pieces of fruit, six to eight servings of high fiber starchy foods, three to four servings of low-fat dairy products, some raw or cooked vegetables, and a couple of servings of a rich iron food, you may not have room for empty calorie munchies.

But when munchies are needed, remember popcorn or those chewy puffy rice crackers – they’re low in fat and very high in fiber. If you skip meals, studies show, you may eat twice as much as usual at the next meal

If you can’t eat a regular breakfast, pack yourself something to eat nuts and raisins are easy to keep in a purse or pocket (replace them once a month or they’ll get rancid). Or try a peanut butter and banana sandwich, or cheese, crackers and fruit.

Be alert for social eating when you’re not really hungry. You can always have club soda with a splash of lime (or even milk with a dash of chocolate sauce).

Don’t let anyone force food on you if you are not hungry. Just say “I just ate,” or “Thanks, but I’m so full.”


Diet Information for Teens : Health Tips about Diet and Nutrition by Karen Bellenir (Jan 2001)

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$10 Dollar Store Gifts for Graduation: Complete Kitchen Rack

When someone is graduating it is likely that the event of them getting their own place will follow shortly after the school year ends. If you want to give a graduate a practical gift the Complete Kitchen Rack is a perfect choice and inexpensive. Just look at it as a gift basket of practical and useful items for the graduate’s kitchen.

Dish Rack
If your graduate is lucky they will have a dishwasher, but they may be doing all of their dishes by hand. A dish rack, which is actually the core piece here since it holds all of the gifts, can be handy for air drying anything that can’t go into a dishwasher or for all the clean dishes in a residence without a dishwasher.

You have to have a sponge in order to clean dishes. You’ll be able to find a six pack of sponges at the dollar store for only a buck and they will likely have scrubby sides as well.

Netted Sponges
Something that can be used to clean fruits and vegetables really well or pot and pans are netted sponges, they are often orange. You’ll be able to find these at the dollar store too, probably in a four pack.

Dish Brush
A dish brush will help a graduate, well anyone for that matter, go through washing the cups in their pile of dirty dishes a lot quicker than a sponge.

Dish Cloths
This is a great thing to add because the graduate that you are buying the gifts for won’t have to buy new sponges they can just rewash dish cloths. You’ll be able to find a four pack at the dollar store for a buck.

Dish Towels
It is a good idea to lay a dish towel underneath the dish rack, for any water that may drip on to the counter and these will come in handy for the graduate to dry the dishes with. If they decide that they want to let their dishes air dry they can use these to dry their hands off after they wash them. You’ll likely find them in a two pack, maybe a four pack, at the dollar store for a dollar.

Dish Soap
You have to have dish soap to be able to wash dishes. This is a great steal because it only cost a dollar and will last the graduate a long time.

Dish Gloves
For anyone who has sensitive skin or just doesn’t care to was dishes with their bare hands latex dish gloves can be a nice gift to add. You likely find a package that has two pairs at the dollar store for a dollar.

Dish Soap for Pots and Pans
Something that can make the dish soap the you added as a gift last longer is to give another dish soap that is strictly for pots and pans, tougher on grease usually.

SOS Pads
Sometimes when someone is first out on their own they may not be on top of those dishes. If they aren’t the best cook and there is potential that they could burn some of their meals SOS pads will be an ideal thing to add to the dish rack of gifts.

It is nice when you can find an inexpensive gift, it is even nicer though when you know that the gift that you are getting someone is a gift that they will most definitely use.

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10 Days Without Food or Water

You hear the news that the President has ordered a 10-day State of Emergency, and he has asked all citizens to return to their homes to watch the news and await further instructions. Your mind races to think of all the reasons why he had to make the declaration. Was it radioactive fallout headed from Japan? Is there a release of some newly flu virus that is coming? Does the government know of an eminent terrorist threat that may endanger lives? If these or other scenarios were to play out, could you be ready to heed the declaration and return home to “hunker down” for ten days or more?

The Boy Scout motto rings true as much now and it ever did, “Be Prepared”. Everyone needs to be able to take care of ourselves in an emergency. If your emergency plan is to call 9-1-1 and have someone bring you food because you are hungry, it is time to wake up. Our country is slipping into an entitlement mentality, believing that our elected officials are responsible to “take care of us.” No casino in Las Vegas would bet on that. There just are not enough rescuers standing by when the proverbial poop hit the fan. You may not have a chance to run down to the market and fill up a shopping cart full of goodies because everyone else in the area just heard the same message, and they may get to the store quicker.

Some people are better at this than others. Radicals may be called “survivalists” and they are ready for World War III, held up with their supplies until doomsday. Unfortunately, others swing the “pendulum of preparation” to the other far extreme. If there isn’t any food in the house, just eat on the way home at some restaurant. What if the restaurants are closed? This is a common outlook, but bad emergency planning. Get something on hand “just in case” some event occurs. People in potential hurricane impact areas know this. Those who get stuck for days in their houses in the Midwest due to snow and blizzard conditions are savvy and stock up. The American Red Cross warns us to be ready. Even squirrels know it is a good idea to have something stashed away for situations.

Make a list to have some important items ready. Stock up with at least 10 days of food. Cans of stew or tuna, noodles, beans, rice and nonperishable foods are best. Think of it as indoor camping. Careful, your neighbors, friends or family members may unexpectedly want to camp with you. Encourage them to likewise be self sustaining. Next, have cash on hand. If the ATM machines go down, don’t expect your credit or debit card to buy you much. Rinse out those empty milk jugs and have some gallons of drinking water. Lastly, have candles or flashlights if the power goes out. Do something now because later may be too late. Be prepared.

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10 Deadly Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

It is not every day that people buy homes. Thus it is not unusual for people to commit some deadly mistakes that affect their mortgage. Knowledge about these mistakes prior to planning to buy a home will go a long way in saving thousands of dollars as well as unnecessary financial stress. Knowledge is power when buying a home and knowledge about mortgage is more so. Given below is a list of the ten deadly mortgage mistakes that people usually commit.

1. Not enlightening their mortgage brokers about their financial condition and hiding important facts from them. However embarrassing some of the facts about your finances may be, you should take mortgage brokers fully into your confidence. Any previous financial difficulties that you had faced or are facing now should be discussed with your mortgage broker. Only with all data about your financial condition can your mortgage broker help you to get the most suitable mortgage loan.

2. Purchasing very expensive things or making large purchases before applying for a mortgage. You may mistakenly think that you should get major purchases out of the way before applying for a mortgage. The effect of a large outstanding loan is that it pulls down your credit rating drastically. For example a couple were surprised to find that their credit rating had fallen by several points after they had bought an expensive car. A large outstanding debt has that kind of effect on your credit. How much of a home you are eligible for, down payment and interest rates depend on your credit rating.

3. Choosing a lender unwisely. Many people have the tendency to go with the first lender that comes their way. There are many important considerations when choosing a lender. You must consider several lenders and study what they have to offer before deciding to do business with one. Some of the factors that you should consider while choosing a lender are mortgage rate, APR, originating fees and accessibility. You should be able to discuss the details of you financing with your lender and easily contact for any other information. For this a local lender may be more suitable even if the rates are the lowest.

4. Not getting pre-approved for a loan. Being pre-approved will help you to get the best deal and move confidently in a negotiation. You know where you stand and can make firm commitments. This way you can save thousands of dollars. A good real estate agent will ask you to get pre-approved first before showing you any homes. This way a lot of confusion is avoided and you know where you stand financially.

5. Not having a budget planned out. This is a major cause of many recent foreclosures. You and your spouse should sit down together and make a budget to find out how much money you can comfortably spare now and in the future without causing any major upheavals in your lifestyle, your children’s education. medical and other emergencies should be factored into your budget. Many people have lost their dream homes because they were unable to meet their mortgage commitments.

6. Not making provision for closing costs at the outset. One should be fully aware of and be prepared for all closing costs. The closing costs can be anywhere between 3 to 5 % of the cost of a home and amount to quite a lot. Closing costs usually come as a surprise to many home buyers who are unprepared for them. The buyer is usually required to pay all closing costs on closing day which include taxes, attorney and other professional fees, taxes title and homeowner’s insurance, lender’s fees, etc.
Not being fully prepared for these can cause unnecessary embarrassment and disruption.

7. Not keeping credit card bills under control. Although it is convenient to use credit cards it is very easy to run up huge unpaid credit with them. This will adversely affect your credit rating and your ability to get the best rates and terms when applying for a loan. Thus you should start cutting down your credit card bills some time before applying for a mortgage loan. You will need the coperation of your spouse and other family members for this.

8. Co-signing someone else’s loan. Although it may seem to be a innocuous good deed at the time, you could be taking on unnecessary liability that may affect your capability to buy your own home. So be careful before agreeing to co-sign someone else’s loan.

9. Not making payments in time or defaulting on payments. If you have delayed any loan payments or defaulted during the previous year it will drastically affect your ability to get a loan or the best possible terms if you manage to get one. If you are planning to buy a home sometime in the near future you must avoid such a situation under all circumstances.

10. Opting for the wrong type of loan. In the present day real estate market, wilh slow appreciation and falling real estate prices, using a payment option adjustable rate or an interest only loan can prove to be a very costly mistake. People usually use these types of loans to buy expensive homes that they cannot otherwise afford and can end up with a mortgage value much higher than the value of their home.

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10 Differences Between the Constitutional and Administrative Law of India

Accordingly to Keith: “It is logically impossible to distinguish administrative law from constitutional law and all attempts to do so are artificially.” But still some of the most important differences between the constitutional and administrative law of India are:

Constitutional Law:

1. It is the supreme and highest law of the country. No law can be regarded above the law of constitution of India.
2. The constructional law is always regarded as the genus. It is the main law.
3. This law mainly deals with various organs of a state.
4. It mainly deals with the structure of the state.
5. It touches all the branches of law and gives guidelines with regard to the general principal relating to organization and powers of organs of the state, and their relations between citizens and towards the state.
6. It also gives guidelines about the intentional relations.
7. It deals with the general principal of state pertaining to all branches.
8. It demarcates the constitutional status of Ministers and public servants.
9. It imposes certain negative duties on administrators, if they are found violating the fundamental rights of the citizens and etc. It also imposes certain positive duties on administrators, viz, implementation of social welfare schemes.
10. The constitutional laws have complete control on the administrative law and administrators of the country.

Administrative Law:

1. It is not the supreme law of the country rather it is subordinate to the constitutional law.
2. Administrative law is the species of Constitution law.
3. It deals with the organs of the state as motion.
4. It mainly deals with the various functions of the state.
5. It doesn’t deal with all branches of law, rather it details with the powers and functions of administrative authorities.
6. It does not deal with the international law. It deals exclusively with the powers and functions of administrative authorities.
7. It deals with the powers and functions of administrative authorities, including services, public departments, local authorities and other statutory bodies exercising administrative powers, quasi judicial powers, etc.
8. It is concerned with the organization of the services or the working of the various government departments.
9. The administrators have to follow constitutional law first and next the administrative law.
10. The administrators should perform their functions with utmost obedience to constitutional law. Administrative law is just a subordinate to constitutional law.

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10 Dog Fun Facts

A recent article in the fabulous Dog magazine, Dogs USA, was full of fun facts and trivia about dogs. Not the kind of facts that you memorize to be a responsible pet owner, but the kind that make you laugh out loud. Here are just a handful of amazing dog fun facts to brighten up your day.

#1. Dog Fun Facts: Richest Dog in the World

The millionaire club isn’t just for dogs. Gunther IV, a German Sheppard living in Germany, inherited a great fortune from his father, the son of Countess Liebenstien. Valued at 372 million Dollars, Sir Gunther owns properties worldwide, including an estate once owned by Madonna. (By comparison, Oprah Winfrey’s dogs will receive a mere 30 million Dollars upon her death).

#2. Dog Fun Facts: Most Expensive Dog Collar in the World

Not all dog collars come from Petco. With 52 carats of diamonds valued at 3.2 million Dollars, the most expensive dog collar in the world was designed by California jeweler, I Love Dogs. The store is looking for a dog owner insane enough to buy it.

#3. Dog Fun Facts: The Smallest Dog in the World

Keep the floor vents covered. The smallest dog in the world would have no problem falling into one of them. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Chihuahua, Heaven Sent Brandy, is only 6 inches long and weighs 2 lbs.

#4. Dog Fun Facts: Fido in the Whitehouse

Many US presidents have had dogs living with them at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue. Abraham Lincoln was no exception. His dog was a mongrel named Fido.

#5. Dog Fun Facts: The Dominatrix Lassie

The famous Collie from the children’s stories by Eric Knight was a beautiful female collie. However all the dogs who have played Lassie in movies have been… you guessed it… males.

#6. Dog Fun Facts: Military Posh

The Great Dane, Just Nuisance, was enlisted in the British Royal Navy in 1939, and served his country faithfully until 1944 when he passed away. Just Nuisance was buried with full military honors, and his commemorative statue is a tourist attraction to this day in Simon’s Town, South Africa.

#7. Dog Fun Facts: Endless Love

The most famously faithful dog in the 19th century was Bobby, the Skye Terrier Greyfriars. After his owner and best friend, John Gray, died, Bobby sat guarding the grave for 14 years, until his own death. The two had been inseparable in life as well, working the beat in the Scottish police.

#8. Dog Fun Facts: What Were They Thinking

The most unusual recorded dog names include Rush Limbark, Low Jack, Meat-wad, Peanut Wigglebutt, and Admiral Toot. I personally have shaken paws with a Mr. Half A Gyro once.

#9 . Dog Fun Facts: Doggie Beauty Pageants

The most famous canine beauty pageant is held in California, exclusively for bulldogs. The Ugliest Dog Contest also takes place in California, offering the locals the best of everything.

#10. Dog Fun Facts: And the Winner Is…

The most prestigious dog show in the world is the Westminster Dog Show. And the breed to win the coveted title of Best in Show the most times is the Terrier, wining 44 times out of the total 101 times the prize was awarded.


Dogs USA. Dogs Rule. Dogs USA 2010 Annual, Special 25th Anniversary Issue, Volume 25 . PP. 112-119.

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