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10 Healthy Ways to Make Oatmeal Taste Great

Eating oatmeal on a regular basis is a heart-healthy thing to do. However, eating oatmeal on a regular basis without adding any flavor to it can be no fun. The main goal in making oatmeal flavorful in a healthy manner is to experiment with the different options. Avoid processed sugars and butter when making your oatmeal and check out these ten great healthy options you can mix and match in order to add flavor and variety to your oatmeal:

1. Frozen fruit, like different types of berries, mangos, or even peaches can easily be added to instant oatmeal. Just put the desired amount in the bowl and heat the oatmeal in the microwave for approximately thirty more seconds.

2. Dried fruit like cranberries, raisins or even banana chips can be added to oatmeal. It adds a great and different texture to the normally smooth taste of oatmeal.

3. A teaspoon of cinnamon can be added to oatmeal for a great flavor. If you add it to an apple-flavored instant oatmeal or some bits of real apple, it can taste similar to apple pie.

4. Non-fat yoghurt in whatever flavor you prefer can be a nice addition to oatmeal. It is a cool treat to the normal oatmeal flavor.

5. Soymilk, especially in vanilla flavor, can add a nice, but subtle, flavor to oatmeal. Try mixing soymilk with oatmeal instead of water in instant oatmeal.

6. Honey can be a way to add a sweet flavor to oatmeal in a healthy manner. Honey tastes particularly good with cinnamon.

7. Almonds, pistachios and other nuts can be a great addition to oatmeal. The crunch is tasty and it adds some protein to this meal.

8. Granola can also add a tasty crunch to oatmeal. I like to combine dried fruit with granola and oatmeal. You can even add certain granola-based cereals to oatmeal.

9. Sugar free Maple Syrup made from Splenda can be a great way to flavor your oatmeal.

10. Oatmeal doesn’t have to be eaten as mushy hot cereal. I like to make a batch of healthy oatmeal cookies using the following recipe to be eaten for the rest of the week:
1/2 cup soymilk
1/2 cup brown sugar or sugar free maple syrup
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup dried fruit
2 cups oatmeal
2 egg whites

Mix together, drop spoonfuls onto cookie sheet, cook for 10 minutes at 375 degrees.

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10 Habits of Highly Successful Small Business Owners

People often wonder how highly successful small business owners make a large amount of money each year. They often want to know the secrets to being successful. Here are ten habits of highly successful small business owners.

1. They are motivated to be successful and very determined. They are dedicated to their business each day. They understand the importance of tasks being completed in a timely manner.

2. They know the importance of accomplishing goals each week and every month. They realize that they need to accomplish goals in order to stay successful. They know that they can’t fall behind on tasks and goals no matter what.

3. They understand the importance of time management. They know that each hour that is wasted is the result of losing money. The know that they need to manage time and money in order to help them stay successful from day to day.

4. Money is what they are focused on. Money is usually all they care about in regards to business. The more business transactions then the more money that they make for their company. They know what goals they need to focus on each day.

5. They know how to save money and how to manage properly. They understand that money needs to be saved in order to survive the slow season when in business. They know how to manage money to help succeed through the slow season that almost every company has.

6. They have good work habits. They realize the importance of work habits. They know the result of having good work habits equals more money each month for the company.

7. They usually make important decisions to help their money grow. They often try to get the highest return on their money in the banks. It is important to always go with the best plan to make the most money in business.

8. They always remember the importance of money. They know that money is what enables them to have the things that they have. The know that it enables them to have the lifestyle that they currently have.

9. They are very successful because they always remember what is important to them. They always remember the goal in business to make as much money as possible by the end of each month.

10. Most successful highly business owners spend their money wisely. Some of them don’t spend money foolishly. They understand the proper steps of handling money well.

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10 Green New Year's Resolutions

It’s time to start thinking about the New Year’s resolutions you will make for the upcoming year. Instead of choosing New Year’s resolutions you’ll never stick to, why not go green in the New Year? Green New Year’s resolutions are so easy that you’ll stick to all of them.

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #1: Change All Your Light Bulbs to Fluorescent

When you switch to fluorescent light bulbs, you not only save the environment, but you save money as well. Each light bulb will save you $30 throughout the course of its life. Just think how much money you’ll save by switching all the light bulbs in and outside your home.

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #2: Stop Using Grocery Bags

This green New Year’s resolution may be harder to get used to, but it really does save the environment. Instead of getting paper or plastic grocery bags, take your own tote bags. Just think of how many plastic or paper bags you use over the course of a year. Do you really want to kill all those trees or have all that plastic end up in a landfill?

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #3: Recycle Everything You Can

This green New Year’s resolution requires a bit of creativity. Whenever you get done using something, think about how it can be recycled. For example, old silverware can be turned into craft supplies and newspaper comics can be turned into gift wrap.

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #4: Stop Buying Water Bottles

What do you think happens with most of the water bottles you throw away? Unless you’re recycling them, they end up sitting in a landfill. Instead of buying bottled water, install a water filter onto the outside of your home. This way, all of the water coming into your home will be filtered. If you want to be able to take water with you, buy reusable containers.

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #5: Purchase a Rain Barrel

This is another green New Year’s resolution that is super easy. A rain barrel simply fits under your gutter to collect rain water. Of course, this water can’t be used for drinking or even bathing, but it can be used to water your garden or wash your car.

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #6: Switch to a Digital Thermostat

Cooling or heating your home while your away just doesn’t make sense, but what does make sense is this green New Year’s resolution. A digital thermostat can be programmed to only heat and cool your home during certain parts of the day. Plus, you can set it to a certain temperature so that your heating/cooling system uses less energy.

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #7: Install Timers

Some people hate to come home to a dark house, but they also hate to waste energy. This green New Year’s resolution can help overcome that dilemma. With a timer, you can set your lights to come on a few minutes before you come home. You can purchase timers for all your appliances, which are also great for children who forget to turn the TV off.

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #8: Buy Energy Star Appliances

This green New Year’s resolution may seem expensive at first, but you’ll soon see a savings on your electric bill. Energy Star appliances will save you money throughout the year, but especially at tax time. You can get a tax break by buying many Energy Star appliances.

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #9: Consider a Hybrid Vehicle

Everyone hates paying outrageous prices at the gas pump. If you have the money to do so, you may want to consider this green New Year’s resolution. If you can afford it, you may even want to consider completely green models that use water or solar power.

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions #10: Rent Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can be expensive, but many companies are now allowing homeowners to rent solar panels. The company will even install the panels for free, making this green New Year’s resolution accessible to almost everyone.

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10 Guest Room Basics

Decide what fundamental items a guest room needs by giving some thought to what you would like if you were the guest. The simple goal is to ensure a visitor’s comfort. This tip sheet provides a homeowner with ten basic items for a guest room.

1 – Closet Space – A guest-ready room will have closet space void of the homeowner’s belongings if possible. Provide the guest with a closet free of your clothing or personal items. Store your personal items in another part of the home for the duration of the visit.

2 – A Bureau – Even if it is small, a bureau is an important item in the guest room. Make sure the bureau is empty and the draws clean. For an added touch, line the draws with inexpensive heavy weight gift-wrapping paper, which can easily be cut to fit the draws.

3 – Simple Robe – An extra terrycloth robe or two in the closet is a good idea in a guest room. Most visitors bring a robe, but just in case someone shows up unexpectedly, no one will be caught off guard.

4 – Reading Material – Stock the guest room with a thoughtful selection of books and up-to-date magazines; include a variety of appropriate reading material. Scour yard sales and the local library book sales for inexpensive books that appeal to a wide audience. Display the books in a large basket on the floor, which you can also pick up at a flea market for a few dollars.

5 – Bedding – A guest room basic is extra bedding. In the closet, store some pillows of various lofts. Depending on the season, a light or heavy blanket ought to be available. Extra bedding ought to be crisp and clean. Launder bedding prior to the guest visit and remake the bed.

6 – Mirror – No guest room is complete without a full-length mirror. Whether attached to the inside of a closet door or a freestanding Cheval, a mirror is a must-have to accommodate the visitor. Most Walmart department stores carry Cheval mirrors that will enhance any guest room.

7 – Seating – It does not have to be fancy, but a comfortable chair is definitely a guest room essential. Buy an old chair at a flea market or yard sale or check out Craig’s List. Freshen with upholstery cleaner and cover with an inexpensive decorative throw. A chair provides the guest with a place to relax. A chair also offers them a place to drape their clothing.

8 – Alarm Clock – A clock may seem overly basic in a guest room, but it is nonetheless an important fixture. There is no need to spend a fortune on a state-of-the-art clock, however. A simple clock with an alarm is ideal, which you can find for $10 and under at a Family Dollar store.

9 – Baskets or Bowls – A fabulous guest room essential includes a few baskets, bowls or containers. A guest appreciates having a place to put keys, change, wallets and such. Bowls or decorative small containers can hold jewelry, cell phones, lipstick and other small items.

10 – House Phone – While most people today have a cell phone, it is still a good idea to have a regular phone in the guest room. A cell phone may end up out of range of a signal, so a land phone is critical. A telephone is an important item in case of an emergency.

Although considered guest room basics, these ten items are certainly not the only things a homeowner can incorporate to make a guest room comfortable. If guests are frequent, a small television and DVD player make a nice addition. Used only on occasion, though, a TV can be moved from one room to the guest room, prior to the arrival of company.

Sources: – Cheval Mirror

Family Dollar Store

Craig’s List

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10 Great New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

As a new year approaches, it’s time to think about what you have accomplished in the past year, and what you would like to get done in the coming year. The same applies to goals regarding the home, both inside and out. What kind of New Year’s resolutions might you make for the home?

1. Make energy-saving improvements. There are dozens of ways you can save money on energy bills each month, from turning off lights to turning down the heat and buying energy efficient home appliances.

2. Seal up drafty areas in the home. Winterize the house by sealing up air leaks around windows and doors. This is another way you can cut back on energy use inside the home.

3. Service your home’s HVAC equipment. Have your heating and air conditioning checked out yearly to achieve maximum efficiency.

4. Pressure wash the exterior. You can give the outside of your home a brighter outlook simply by renting a pressure washer to clean up the exterior of your house and the deck. Might as well add a fresh coat of paint or stain while you’re at it.

5. Repair the lawn. Clean up any dead spots in the lawn in the spring and plant new grass seed if you need to. By the end of summer, you should have fresh, healthy grass growing in your yard.

6. Rearrange the furniture. Give your interior a whole new look simply by moving the furniture around a little to better suit the way you use your space.

7. Deep clean the carpets. How often do you steam clean the carpeting in your house? For some, it is not very often, and you might be surprised at what is hiding underneath the fibers.

8. Start recycling. Many of you might recycle empty containers, but there are many who do not. If your city does not have curbside pick-up service, find out where you can bring your recycled goods.

9. Inspect the smoke detectors. When is the last time you checked the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Make sure they work to ensure peace of mind regarding your family’s safety.

10. Clean out the basement and attic. Go through boxes of items you never use and either donate, recycle or toss everything you do not need.

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10 Grocery Items You Must Store for the Winter

Imagine this: It’s dark outside, the streets are icy, and your stomach is growling. One thing that could make this scenario worse would be an empty pantry or freezer.

Don’t get stuck in the cold when it comes to wintertime at-home dining. Keep these 10 grocery items on hand for cold winter nights.

1. Soup – Stock extra cans of your favorite soup. Chicken noodle, vegetable, and tomato soup are examples of meals that are incredibly easy to make and sure to warm you up.

2. Bread – Carbohydrate-filled foods are known comfort foods, and during those cold months, comfort food calls. Bread goes perfectly with that soup too.

3. Casserole – Nothing freezes better than a store bought or homemade casserole. And on those cold dark nights, this one-dish meal is exactly what you need.

4. Pasta – An easy-to-make meal that satisfies every one’s comfort food craving. Just don’t forget to store several cans of vegetables too. No point in loading up on carbs if you can’t step-up the dish with healthy vegetables. Canned mushrooms, green beans, or even corn can complement a nice pasta meal.

5. Canned fish – Sardines and tuna packed in water are excellent sources of vitamin D; a vitamin most of us lack, especially during those dark winter months. Add sardines to a salad or to a bit of bread for a light winter evening meal.

6. Rice and beans – One bag of rice and one bag of beans will feed a family of four several times. Rice and beans is an inexpensive meal and can easily work with your favorite meats, spices, and vegetables. It’s safe to say that rice and beans is one of the most versatile meals around.

7. Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars – If the electricity goes out and you have to snuggle up to that fire, make it a fun evening with s’mores.

You don’t have a fireplace? No problem, s’mores taste good out of the microwave or directly from the package too.

8. Condiments – Without mayonnaise, salt, ketchup, or other condiments your meal might lack its luster. Purchase a “picnic pack” that includes individual serving size packages of condiments, and keep them in the pantry for desperate times.

9. Fruit – Fresh fruit is the most nutritious, but frozen or canned fruit isn’t bad either. Keep a frozen medley of berries and stock up on canned pineapple and peaches. Fruit makes for a healthy, sweet dessert or snack.

10. A gallon jug of water – Pipes do freeze in the winter time. Whether for drinking or brushing your teeth, a gallon jug of water can be one of the most important items to store.

Add your favorite, easy-to-store foods to this list, and after one trip to the grocery store you’ll be ready to eat well this winter.

This article is presented by Le Cordon Bleu in North America. Le Cordon Bleu offers culinary, pâtisserie and baking, and hospitality and restaurant management training programs across the United States. To learn more about the class offerings, please visit for more information.

Le Cordon Bleu does not guarantee employment or salary. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Le Cordon Bleu ® and the Le Cordon Bleu logo are registered trademarks of Career Education Corporation.

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10 Great Tips to Make Any DIY Winter Wedding Photography Successful!

This winter many couples are choosing do it yourself wedding photography in an attempt to save money. Wedding photography is tricky because if not done right there will be no good documentation of the special day. My dad does wedding photography as an amateur hobby; wedding photography is not skill less, but can be done easily with practice by almost any amateur photographer. This article will take a look at 10 tips to make DIY winter wedding photography successful; however keep in mind DIY wedding photography takes copious amounts of editing after the ceremony.

1. Camera

Taking wedding photographs should be done with the right camera, not a regular point and shoot camera. I recommend using the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, it takes high quality pictures and is relatively easy to use. This camera can be found at for $569.95, but you should check to see if anyone in the wedding party can provide this camera or a similar model to save on money.

2. Flash

Relying on the built in pop up flash in any camera is a recipe for failure; you will want to use an external flash for low lighting pictures, such as a church or an evening reception. Winter conditions outside will not require a flash due to the reflection of the snow, but it can be used if done right; however inside you will want a powerful flash. I cannot give a recommendation because certain flashes work for different cameras; therefore the flash will be determined by your digital camera choice. has a good variety of flashes, lenses, and cameras.

3. Lenses

Unfortunately DIY picture taking is not cheap and requires the proper zoom lenses for great photos from anywhere in the room. Buying any secondary lenses is not necessary, but they will make the pictures better. has a good selection of lenses; it is where I purchased mine.

4. Go Digital

The hardest part of DIY wedding photography is getting professional looking shots. Going digital allows for touchups on the pictures after they are taken so that they come out perfect. Going digital also saves on prints since all the photos can be saved on a flash drive or a CD.

5. Choose an artistic guest for the job

Capturing the right moment is what photography is all about; having a guest that is willing to take pictures who has an artistic eye is the best way to get quality shots. Do not expect a gift from the photographer as it takes hours of work to take and edit great shots.

6. Be aware of lighting conditions

Winter is the hardest time of the year to take photographs outside due to the reflective nature of snow and the brightness of the sun. Be creative on the angles of your photographs; many high end cameras also show the contrast ratio on the photos taken, look at the contrast to make sure the photos are coming out correctly.

7. Be aware of where the sun is

Do not shoot towards the sun or objects that are in the sun, it can cause shadows and some funky looking pictures. Just be aware of the sun and preview one or two pictures before taking more.

8. Capture photos with the theme

If your theme is a winter wonderland then capture that theme in the photos! Try to include shots of the bridal party and newlyweds in the natural theme of the wedding; also try to include guests in the same theme. Be creative with the shots, you may have to shoot at different angles to get the desired results.

9. Use the flash

Even in snowy conditions you should experiment with the flash for better pictures, the bright the background the more the object you are photographing will stand out. This may not always be the case; therefore you should check the pictures being taken to make sure they are coming out professionally.

10. Edit, Edit, Edit

No DIY photography is complete up completion of the ceremony! There are countless hours of editing that must be taken on to get professional looking results. If you do not have the proper computer skills try to find a guest that would be willing to help edit in exchange for their wedding present.

This site has some extra DIY tips that can help during a winter wedding; I did not cover many these tips, so it may be a good read:

Sources:, DIY Winter Wedding Photography

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10 Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns

With Halloween still a ways off there is enough time to complete a Halloween themed cross stitch. Here are ten of the best Halloween cross stitch patterns available for free.

Trick or Treat Banner – This free Halloween cross stitch pattern has the words “Trick or Treat” in the middle with interchangeable Halloween faces in the corners. You can choose which of these faces to use: Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy, and Dracula. This pattern is fairly easy, but is fairly large at roughly 10″ by 6″.

Witch Riding Broom – This 16″ by 16″ free Halloween cross stitch pattern is quite detailed and is for advanced users. With a witch riding a broom across a moonlit sky it makes for a great Halloween pillow or bag.

Halloween Pumpkin Bookmark – This Halloween cross stitch pattern is free to use and print. It has four small pumpkins with some bats. It is 2.14″ by 4.29″.

Tiny Ghost – At 3″ by 3″ this Halloween themed cross stitch pattern features a small, smiling ghost with a jack-o-lantern.

Pumpkins and Full Moon – With three pumpkins and a full moon in the background this 4.5″ by 5.5″ Halloween cross stitch pattern is nicely laid out. It is a small but advanced free pattern.

Pumpkin or Ghost Happy Halloween – These two Halloween cross stitch patterns have the words “Happy Halloween” below the picture of the ghost or pumpkin.

Imogene Witch – This happy, smiling witch Halloween themed cross stitch is very detailed for the size. It is roughly 7″ by 5″ including the border.

Pumpkin Trio and Happy Ghost – Both of these free Halloween cross stitch patterns are about 2″ by 3″. They are both simple designs that use only a few colors.

Simple Ghost – This ghost pattern is a simple Halloween cross stitch is great for beginners with only five colors. It is roughly 3″ by 3″.

Haunted House – This Halloween cross stitch pattern is quite advanced and large at 8″ x 10″. With over a dozen colors it will take a while to complete but when done it looks great.

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10 Greatest Cereal Mascots of All-time

As a child there were many reasons that I begged my mother for certain kinds of cereals. Some cereals had marshmallows, some were covered in sugar and some were miniature chocolate chip cookies. The number one reason that children wanted a certain cereal though was the mascots. Many of the major cereals had colorful mascots in their commercials that would entice children to beg their parents to buy the products. These are the 10 best cereal mascots of all-time.

10) Franken Berry
Let’s face it, Franken Berry pales in comparison to his Count Chocula mate, just like Frankenstin is no Dracula. Plus, you can’t really take a monster with “Berry” in his name very seriously. Nonetheless, Franken Berry barely makes the list at number ten.

9) Toucan Sam
Toucan Sam is a famous enough cereal mascot that everybody would recognize him but he’s definitely not in the upper echelon of cereal mascots. If there was a cereal mascot Hall of Fame Toucan Sam might get in eventually but definitely not on the first ballot.

8) Count Chocula
Count Chocula ranks higher than Franken Berry but still isn’t one of the all-time greats. Part of the reason is that in many commercials Count Chocula had to share the spotlight with Franken Berry, which only brought him down.

7) Cookie Crook, Officer Crumb and Chip the Dog
The Cookie Crook, his dog Chip and the police officer that chased after him, Officer Crumb, is a personal favorite of mine because Cookie Crisp is my favorite cereal. Unfortunately the classic mascot has now been done away with and has been replaced by a lame coyote.

6) Cap’n Crunch
Cap’n Crunch is a very recognizable cereal mascot but there are two things stopping him from being ranked higher. The first is that he’s just not as popular as the top five. The second problem is that Cap’n Crunch’s cereal is nobody’s favorite. Most people joke about how badly it tears up the inside of the mouth.

5) Sonny (Cocoa Puffs)
If you were to hold up a picture of Sonny then I’m not sure he would be as recognizable as the other cereal mascots. The reason he takes the number five spot is simply because of his catchphrase. They might not recognize his face but everybody will recognize, “I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs!”

4) Trix Rabbit
The Trix Rabbit is a little more recognizable than the Sonny from Cocoa Puffs but like Sonny he is most well known for the catchphrase “silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!”

3) Tony the Tiger
Tony the Tiger has a grrreeeat catchphrase and is recognizable. The commercials are also memorable and most of all Tony the Tiger has alliteration. That is very important for any cartoon character. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, it works. Maybe if the Trix Rabbit was like Ronnie Rabbit then he’d be in the top three.

2) Lucky
Lucky is exactly what this cereal mascot is. Let’s face it, if Lucky Charms was an unpopular cereal then Lucky would drop pretty low on the list. But Lucky Charms was every child’s favorite marshmallowed cereal. Lucky benefitted greatly from simply having a really popular cereal.

1) Snap, Crackle, Pop
There is no question that the Rice Krispies brothers are the number one mascot. There was a good decade of my life (or maybe longer) where a single bowl of Rice Krispies could not be enjoyed without anybody mentioning the fact that the cereal was making sound effects. Nobody ever mentions it anymore so I can finally enjoy my Rice Krispies in silence…sort of.

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10 Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations

This year, fill your home with dazzling Hanukkah decorations you made yourself. From dreidel garlands to a glasses-and-beads menorah, baskets of gelt to a Hanukkah centerpiece-these Hanukkah crafts will fill your home with unique Hanukkah decorations you will see nowhere else.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #1 Paper Menorah Hanukkah Decorations

Create a stunning menorah with burning candles made of paper, in blue and white, silver and flames. It’s easy to make this Hanukkah craft, which can grace your coffee table, piano or hallway cadenza. See the easy step-by-step instructions with photos on HGTV. This paper menorah will also make an excellent Hanukkah card to give to friends and family.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #2 Menorah of Glasses Hanukkah Decorations

An easy and beautiful way to fill your Hanukkah with holiday light is to create several menorahs. A menorah made from small wine or cherry glasses is the perfect Hanukkah craft because you can make it at the last minute, while still adding unique elegance to your Hanukkah decorations. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions from Martha Stewart, and place a Menorah at your window to decorate your home for Hanukkah both inside and out.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #3 Hanging Menorah Hanukkah Decorations

It’s easy to create your own hanging menorah from cardboard and a stunning Hanukkah wrapping paper. Simply cut out the shape of a menorah from cardboard. Then fold your wrapping paper in half and use the cardboard menorah to cut out two wrapping paper menorahs. Next glue the Hanukkah wrapping paper onto the cardboard menorah, then tie a beautiful Hanukkah ribbon at the top-and you’re done. Create a few hanging menorahs and hang them over your Hanukkah table for a dazzling display of homemade Hanukkah decorations.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #4 Baskets of Gilt Hanukkah Decorations

For a tasty, easy to make Hanukkah craft create baskets of gilt. Simply spray paint an old wicker basket with the color of your choice. Then fill the basket with a bounty of Hanukkah gilt and candy. For a fantastic selection of treats that is sure to fill your Hanukkah with laughter and joy, visit Chocolate Gelt. And create several baskets, each with different candy, to double the fun.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #5 Menorah Flag Hanukkah Decorations

Cut a thick cloth into the size you want your flag to be, then hem the edges, making a two inch open hem at the top, to slip a stick through at the end of the project. Next, cut out the shape of a menorah from cardboard. The menorah should be big enough to fill your flag. In a well-ventilated area, spread the cloth on a work table with the cardboard menorah held in place with a little masking tape on the back. Spray paint the cloth around the menorah with the color of your choice or a metallic color of your choice. Once this paint is dry, take the original cardboard from which you cut out the menorah and place it over the cloth. Now spray paint the exposed menorah with a different color. Finally slip a stick through the top and tie a Hanukkah ribbon at both ends, to hand the flag with.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #6 Hanging Dreidels Hanukkah Decorations

Hanging driedels are easy to make Hanukkah decorations. All you need is cardboard and a stunning Hannukah wrapping paper. Begin by drawing a large dreidel on the cardboard, then folding the cardboard in half and cutting out the dreidel. This way you will end up with two cardboard flat dreidels. Now cut out the shape of the dreidel from your stunning Hannukah wrapping paper. You’ll need a total of four wrapping paper dreidels. Smear glue on your cardboard dreidel and glue the wrapping paper to both sides.

Once you have coated both the cardboard dreidels, comes the fun part. Create a diagonal cut at the center of the first dreidel, going from the bottom up to the center. Next do the same thing to the second dreidel, but this time create the cut from the top down to the center. Now simply insert one dreidel into the other, forming the shape of an X. Tie a beautiful Hanukkah ribbon to the top of this 3 dimensional dreidel and hang it over you Hanukkah table.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #7 Dazzling Hanukkah Centerpiece Decoration

Add unique elegance to your table with a dazzling Hanukkah centerpiece crafted from glass and silver wire. This silvery, blue centerpiece provides a pool for candles that seem to float at its center. It’s an easy Hanukkah craft and the full instructions and photos are easy to follow. Just visit HGTV for the step-by-step guide.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #8 Paper Dreidels Garland Hanukkah Decoration

Hang a sophisticated, three dimensional dreidel garland over your mantelpiece for a beautiful Hanukkah decoration. This stunning Hanukkah crafts comes from Better Homes and Gardens for many years to come. The dreidels in this garland look like actual dreidels you could play with, and yet they are an illusion created from paper. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions from Better Homes and Gardens.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #9 Homemade Hanukkah Candles

Create your own Hanukkah candles in the colors and shapes of your choice. Such Hanukkah candles can be personalized to your needs, and are sure to add unique charm to your Hanukkah decorations. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions from Martha Stewart.

Hanukkah Crafts for Dazzling Hanukkah Decorations: #10 Glittering Dreidels Garland Hanukkah Decoration

For a glittering garland of dreidels that you can festoon over your Hanukkah table and the backs of chairs, visit this delightful article by Sarah Ganly, and glimpse the other Hanukkah crafts anyone can make to fill Hanukkah with unique decorations you will find nowhere else.

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