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10 Ideas for Making Money Online

I had an interesting conversation with my boss today about people that make a living online. He’s semi-old school, so he doesn’t really understand (or believe) that so many people these days provide for their families from website revenue and such. As I rattled on and tried to explain to him how every day people are accomplishing this, he obviously didn’t understand like I wanted him to, and after 15 minutes of Internet Marketing babble, he shocked me when he asked me if I could name 10 ways people make money online.

Sure, no problem, boss! So here is what I came up with:

1. First choice, obviously, was blogging. Of course, I had to explain the ways you can make money with a blog (paid reviews, selling ads, text link sales, etc…) I think I drove the point home, and it made more sense when I explained the concept to him. The key to making money with your blog is to stick with it no matter what. Add content, grow it, and start raking in the cash.

2. I had to mention Ebay. Ebay was the starting point some 7 years ago when I started to technically “make money online”. I even tried to sell paper plates once…it was an addiction. Seriously though, the average American household has so much crap stored away, you’d be surprised at what you can dig out and sell for a few bucks. It all adds up!

3. Drop-shipping. This one wasn’t hard to explain, and it relates to #2. Basically, a company that offers a drop-shipping program will allow you to sell their products at whatever price you want to sell them at (over their price) and put the profit in your pocket – and they’ll also ship the product from their warehouse to the customers home, so you never physically touch any product. This was really popular a few years back, but due to extreme saturation of the market, it’s died down some.

4. Sell your skills. Nothing is more in demand online, than talent. Can you write, design, code, or translate? There are literally thousands of people out there that need your help, and usually don’t know where to go and find it. Here’s the cool part – they’ll pay you handsomely for you services! To start finding gigs in your specialty area, head over to the Digital Point forums – plenty of waiting customers! (Logos sell really, really well!)

5. Can you make stuff that sells? If you specialize in making robots out of toothpicks and forks, then why the hell aren’t you selling them online through your own website? This tip is kind of obvious (after-all, it IS 2007), but if you have a unique product or service, then pay the $500 (more or less)to get a custom website, and start taking orders! Again, this is a real no-brainer, but sometimes people need reminding.

6. PPC campaigns. This one is one of my personal favorites that I’ve been testing lately. PPC (pay per click) are ads that you buy on search engines (Google Adwords) to promote a product or service – usually through an affiliate. Each time someone clicks on your ad and makes a purchase, you get a commission. This method can be tricky and potentially costly at first, but the key to success is test, test, and more tests. Get creative with your keywords and ads – make them stand out. Tweak your landing pages until your conversions pick up. Usually, you’ll find success after a lot of trial and error. Just watch your spending at first, because it’s very easy to lose money if you slack in the research department!

7. Own a popular website or blog? Sell advertising! Although this may seem obvious, there are still a surprising amount of sites that don’t actively sell their available ad spots. Make sure you have a link or page that clearly describes your rates and available types of ads. I hate nothing more than when I click on someones advertising page, and all it has is a contact form. I’ll pass on it nearly every time.

8.Write and sell an e-book! With digital products being one of the hottest selling items on the internet right now, what better time to create you own and start raking in the cash! Do you know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich using nothing but cheese, cardboard, and lighter? Write a book about it! Trust me, no matter what, someone will buy it. 9. Do you take pictures? If so, another hot selling item is your original photography. With a quick Google search, you’ll find 20 sites that offer to buy your stock digital photos. Some even pay royalties when users download them. For those of you that have huge photo collections of interesting stuff, you’re sitting on a goldmine.

10. Exploit the virtual gold trade in video games (a personal favorite!). There are millions of people who play online games such as World of Warcraft who do nothing but stash the in game currency and sell it in bulk to brokers who resell it to regular players. This is a HUGE market, and although the market is packed, it seems like there is always room for one more ‘player’. Check out to see what I mean. That’s it for now, there are many more ways to make money online, but these are some of the easier and more obvious ones. I didn’t go into great detail for each method because it would take me 4 days to get it all down. I know that if you’re reading this blog, you’re search engine savvy enough to find out more information if you need it. Now get out there and start earning some extra money!

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10 Home Security Tips You Never Thought Of

Ten out o the box home security tips for maximum home safety:

  1. Get a life-size cardboard cutout of yourself and put it a few feet away from a window that’s gives the impression someone is always home.

  2. Get another life-size cutout of you lying on the couch watching TV and keep the TV on while you are gone.

  3. Find a Talk AM radio station and keep it on LOUD all day and night while you are gone.

  4. Plant defensive shrubs or thorny bushes around basement or ground-floor windows that make it difficult for the bad guy to get through.

  5. Buy and install a “This Property is Protected with VIDEO SURVEILANCE” sign.

  6. Get 2 big dog food bowls and write KILLER on them and put them on your front and back porch.

  7. Whenever you leave the home turn phone ringers down or off so the bad guy won’t hear ringing and ringing and ringing when you’re not home.

  8. Set your answering machine to say “Sorrry I can’t answer the phone right now, I’m busy cleaning my guns, leave a message and I’ll call you back once they are all loaded again.”

  9. Pick up a home alarm that senses when someone jiggles your door handles. These alarms will send off a siren or they will play a recording of a barking dog.

  10. Get out and buy, then install “POLICE CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS” tape on your front and back door or porch giving the impression something bad has happened. Not only will your neighbors pay serious attention to it, they’ll most likely call you and you can tell them to watch your house. Plus any bad guys will steer clear of your home.

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing Home Invasions on Montel Williams.

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10 Historical Museums and Attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee museums and cultural attractions can make for a fun and interesting family vacation. There are several different historical sites to choose from. Most offer free parking and many offer free admission. This helps make a Knoxville vacation as affordable as it is fun.

Each site below has been chosen because of historical value. Use this list to help you plan your next visit.

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #1
Beck Cultural Exchange Center
Highlighting the achievements of African-Americans, visitors can enjoy photographs, art and books. It is also a research library and cultural center. Free admission. Open Tuesday – Saturday from 10 – 6.

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #2
Blount Mansion
Governor William Blount was a local statesman and signer of the U.S. Constitution. The Blount Mansion was built in 1792. Vistors can tour the grounds, take a guided tour and enjoy educational programs. Admission fees and hours are online at the above link.

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #3
Bleak House – Confederate Memorial Hall
Completed in 1858, this slave-built antebellum mansion served at the headquarters of Gen. James Longtreet, C.S.A. Confederate artifacts are on display. Tours are available.

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #4
Armstrong – Lockett House; Crescent Bend House and Gardens
Built in 1834 this mansion displays 18th century furniture, arts and silver. Overlooking the Tennessee River are Italian terraced gardens. We could not find a website. Call to verify hours and admission prices.
Located at:
2728 Kingston Pike-Cumberland Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37919
Phone: (867) 637-3163

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #5
East Tennessee History Center
The East Tennessee History Center is a multi-museum facility. The Knox County Archives and the Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection are both housed here. It is located on Gay St. directly across the street from the famous Tennessee Theater. Click the link above for more information.

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #6
Ewing Gallery
Modern art and architechure exhibits are featured throughout the year. This gallery is on the campus of the University of Tennessee. There is no admission and it is open all year around. Street parking is available but it also open to UT students. A parking garage is available at the University Center.

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #7
Frank H. McClung Museum
Known locally as the “McClung Museum” this museum is also on the UT campus. The best place to park is Circle Park. It’s free but the permit is only for 30 minutes. Exhibits range from ancient Egypt, American Indian art and geology and fossil history. The museum is open on weekends and admission is free.

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #8
Girl Scout Museum at Daisy’s Place
You don’t have to be a Girl Scout to enjoy this museum but it helps. Memorabilia and archives are almost a century old. There is even a doll that was once on exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum. The vast library contains vintage Girl Scout and modern handbooks, songbooks and more. Admission is free. Hours vary by season.

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #9
Mabry-Hazen House Museum
This house was used as headquarters by both Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War. See original artifacts of china, crystals and antiques. It is also one of the best spots in Knoxville for Boomsday viewing. Be sure to get your Boomsday, Bluegrass and Barbeque tickets early.

Historical museums and attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee #10
James White’s Fort
James White was a Revolutionary War hero. His fort was the first home in Tennessee. Visitors can now enjoy seeing artifacts and original tools that were used in the 1780’s. Parking is free. You can also ride the free trolley from the World’s Fair Park or UT Campus. James White’s Fort is closed on Sunday. Visitors need to know that it is also closed during all UT home football games.

Personal Experience
James White’s Fort
Mabry-Hazen House
Blount Mansion
Beck Cultural Exchange Center
Bleak House
Armstrong-Lockett House
East Tennessee History Center
McClung Museum
Ewing Museum
Girl Scout Museum

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10 Honest Questions for Real Vampires

Lately my world has been turned upside down in terms of what I once believed and what I now am believing to be true.

As we get older we are taught to believe that concepts like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are faux, yet what about certain other “folklore”? Certainly if faeries and witches were not real, than the concepts of them would have been banished long ago (that’s not to say they haven’t been repressed by religion.)

Anyway, I find it interesting that as we lose certain fantasies as children, we also are opened up to mystical ideas as adults, and it’s these ideas, in their ambiguity, that often hold strongest in our society, whether you personally believe in them or not.

While I also find it interesting that vampires have been suddenly popping up all over the media, I feel many of these TV shows and movies are using vampires as a brilliant metaphor for something else entirely. However, I do admit that I believe real vampires exist, and if you are a real vamp and are reading this, I assure you that I will never mention anything about True Blood or Twilight past this sentence.

So, while encountering a real vampire is certainly on my bucket list, I’m smart enough to realize that searching for one is an immature and rather pointless task. Therefore, in this article I’m going to post some questions that I would ask a vampire, if I did potentially encounter one.

1. How/when did you first discover that you were different than other people? If the people that raised you have memories of your childhood, did you reflect these traits at a young age, or did you realize them on a more personal level as you got older?

2. Are common traits of vampires genetic? And if so, does one have to have certain traits in order to consider themselves a “real” vampire? For example, is it possible to be dark-skinned and have fangs, or to have white skin and be able to go in the sunlight? Are these “traits” even valid at all?…Or, does one have to be bitten as the only way in which to “turn”?

3. Has any movie, book or media portrayal that you’ve seen, ever gotten the concept of a vampire correctly? What is the worst depiction of vampires in the media that you’ve witnessed? Do you believe of or know of personally, any other forms of “folklore” that do exist?

4. Due to all the media hype, I’m sure you live a pretty private or secluded life. Are there certain areas or parts of the world that appeal to you more than others in terms of living a secluded life? Are there certain countries whose cultural values appeal more to you than others? If you don’t live a secluded life, how easy or difficult is it to hide your identity to others? Do you have a job?

5. Do you have any friends that are or have you ever met anyone else that was a vampire? (If you do than kudos to you, as there are so many fake ones running loose in chat rooms these days.) If you live in solitude and have most of your life, do you ever get depressed or lonely? How do you cope, if so?

6. Does one have to live strictly off of blood in their diet? Does blood from animals and blood from humans taste different? Moreover, many will cut themselves, lick the blood and say it tastes like iron; does blood have a different taste for you, or is it tasteless? Some believe drinking snake blood can be beneficial to humans. Have you ever tried it? And if so, does it make you feel different than the blood of other animals (if you’ve tried animal blood)?

7. What is the correct terminology for the modern vampire? (Dead, the Undead, etc.) Or do you find all of these terms derogatory and/or incorrect? Is the term “vampire” even correct?

8. Can vampires get sick? Is there anything besides blood that you can take into your body that will have a negative or positive affect on you?

9. What do you enjoy doing for fun? Do you have any additional traits that most humans don’t that can assist or help make tasks easier? Who is your favorite band/musician?

10. Have you ever considered coming out publicly? Besides lack of privacy, what other fears do you have of how society would view you and how your life would change? Do you consider vampires an endangered species?

Well, that’s it. I’m sure if I had a real interview with a REAL vampire more questions would surely arise.

And for all you “fangbangers” out there, notice not once did I ask, “Will you bite me?”

The End.

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10 Horror Movies for Halloween : Alternates to the Classics

As Halloween night grows ever closer many horror fans struggle with the same problem.

What to watch to really get in the mood for a night of treats and tricks. Most scary movies guides will suggest the same classics year after year films such as The Exorcist,

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Night of the Living Dead. No one can deny that these are some of the most frightening and iconic of horror films but after repeated they can lose some of their chills. Here is a list of alternatives in the genre that will still give viewers the creeps but add a fresh dose of shivers this Halloween.

10. PumpkinHead

A gothic tale perfect for the Halloween season. A farmer calls to life a local legendary monster to extract revenge for his young son’s death. But can he control the monster he has unleashed? The creature itself is far more grotesque than his name, PumpkinHead, implies.

9. House of 1,000 Corpses

Rob Zombie’s homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may be short on plot and character development but makes up for it in atmosphere. This is audience’s first encounter with the firefly clan in all their brutal glory. Torture, bizarre rituals and even a few actual zombies give this film just the right ambience for Halloween.

8. Ginger Snaps

This Canadian flick takes the traditional werewolf movie and gives a new spin. Namely Ginger the teenaged girl doomed to become a werewolf while dealing with her sexuality, pms, and her sister and closest confidant. Ginger Snaps is a fun ride and brings a novel and modern look at an old legend.

7. Book of Shadows: The Blair Witch 2

This movie can stand on it’s own despite being a sequel. In the film it acknowledges that the original is fiction and explores the hype surrounding the movie and the town it was filmed in. A tour group visiting the woods where the original was filmed find that there is a fine line between obsession and reality. Again the woods in the fall with spooky apparitions and mysterious disappearances make this a good choice to get into a witchy mood.

6. Creepshow

Brought to the screen by George A. Romero and Stephen King, Creepshow delivers five vignettes from all walks of horror. Cockroaches, demonic monster, zombies and even serious case of moss overgrowth, Creepshow captures the short scary story another staple of Halloween entertaining.

5. Candyman

Urban legends are a popular way for people to frighten one another. How often is Bloody Mary repeated in front of mirrors at Halloween parties with the belief it will cause the ghost to emerge. Candyman takes the idea of the urban legend and creates its own version, a folkloric boogeyman who comes to those who call him and make them part of his story. Perhaps this film can serve as a warning to those on Halloween who are thinking of calling a spirit through the mirror.

4. Evil Dead 2

A classic but not as overplayed as others and featuring Bruce Campbell in his signature role of Ash. Need I say more.

3. The Strangers

After viewing this film of a couple’s home over run with psychos in masks you may just hesitate before opening the door for any trick or treaters.

2. May

Sad and disturbing at the same time it’s hard not to root for May. Even as she begins her reign of blood after an ill-fated Halloween Party.

1. Halloween 2007

Rob Zombie’s remake of the all time classic Halloween film will of course never replace the original but still is well done offering great scares and some interesting background on one of the most famous horror movie icons, Michael Myers.

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10 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse can be a great place to work, especially if you have the skills and education to land your dream job. Here are 10 of the highest paying jobs in the Syracuse area, along with the requirements for obtaining that job.

Mechanical Engineers- Estimated Yearly Salary, $70,340

To become a mechanical engineer you’ll need at least a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree. In some instances, you may even need a Master’s degree, as well as experience in the field. Some positions may also require you to be registered by the state.

For more info on this career go to:

Physicians Assistants- Estimated Yearly Salary, $73,920

To become a physicians assistant, applicants must complete a 2 year formal education program and take and pass the Physicians Assistant Certifying National Examination to obtain a license. Some employers may also require extensive experience in the medical field.

For more info on this career go to:

Personal Financial Advisors- Estimated Yearly Salary, $74,280

To become a personal financial advisor there are some things that you should have but are not necessarily required to possess. Most employers (and customers) will prefer applicants to have a college education, but it is not required. Likewise, employers may prefer applicants to be certified, but again, this is not required to pursue this job position.

For more info on this career go to:

Computer Software Engineers- Estimated Yearly Salary, $74,890

Most employers require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering for this job. Some may also require prior experience in this field.

For more info on this career go to:

Post-Secondary Teachers- Estimated Yearly Salary, $84,040

Applicants for this position must complete a 4 year program at an accredited school, earning a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Most employers will also require at least 3 years of prior experience in a related field and may also require a license or certification.

For more info on this career go to:

Pharmacists- Estimated Yearly Salary, $94,250

In order to work as a pharmacist you will need to graduate from an accredited school of pharmacy and take and pass an exam to obtain your license. Some employers may also require prior experience.

For more info on this career go to:

Lawyers- Estimated Yearly Salary, $94,530

There are several things you must do to pursue this career. The first thing you will need to do is earn a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a law related field. You cannot get into a law school without at least a Bachelor’s degree. Once you’ve gotten into a law school, it will take on average about 7 years to complete. After completion, you will then need to take and pass the Bar exam in order to obtain your license to practice law. Depending on the firm you apply to, you may also be required to have prior experience in this field.

For more info on this career go to:

General and Operations Managers- Estimated Yearly Salary, $107,640

This position may require a Bachelor’s degree or higher, depending on the job. Employers may also require several years of previous experience in a related field.

For more info on this career go to:

Sales Managers- Estimated Yearly Salary, $109,330

Employers in this field usually require at least 2 years prior sales experience, as well as some type of degree, although neither is mandatory. In certain instances, you may also need to obtain a state license.

For more info on this career go to:

Physicians and Surgeons- Estimated Yearly Salary, $141,240

Becoming a doctor is quite challenging, but very rewarding, both financially and emotionally. To become a physician or surgeon, one must complete 4 years of undergraduate school, another 4 years of medical school, participate in and complete a 3 to 8 year internship and complete a residency. These things are all mandatory in this particular career.

For more info on this career go to:

Note: Salary figures were taken from a 2006 report and may be subject to change.

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10 Humorous Anecdotes of a Fat Girl

I am a fat girl and when someone asks for my weight, it is my usual practice to tell them the truth (of course deducting 30 pounds from my actual weight). It is very strange that my attitude evaporated faster then my weight. If I try to make a list of diets I have tried, then I think it will spill out from the standard legal size paper.

After so much efforts if I tell you that I have not lost any weight then it is a lie. I have lost 10 pound in 3 months and recovered back that 10 pounds with an additional bonus of 5 pounds in 15 days. This type of statistics prevents me to try something new.

Apart from these I have found out following humorous anecdotes which are very convincing and gives my mind very soothing effect. Let me confess, I have not developed all these anecdotes. But I have gathered it from the other fat girls like me.

My grandmother who is 64 read somewhere that “jogging a mile will add one minute in your life,” after 5 days she admitted into nursing home for 5 months costing $5500 per month.

A fat girl told me that her grandfather started jogging 5 miles a day when he was 68. He must be 73 now but for god’s sake, we don’t know where he is.

A fat girl joined a health club to loose some pounds. But after 30 days she lost 500 pounds and her middle portion is still intake.

A Fat girl loves long walks that are taken by the people who get on her nerves.

Fat girls usually have a pair of very ugly thighs, but thank god they can’t see it due to their big belly.

If a fat girl does the exercises daily then I don’t know the other advantages but at least she will die healthy.

A fat girl hates jogging, since she can’t control the jumping of ice from her glass.

A fat girl finds it very easy to pass gas when she presses her stomach with her both legs in a yoga class. She feels very relaxed, but all their class fellows started complaining.

A fat girl bought a new weight loss handy machine. Hopefully, this will work because the treadmill is covered in layers of folded clothes.

Humorous nature is directly proportional to the body weight, that’s why many fat girls, fat women and fat men are humorous like me.

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Someone Going on a Cruise

If you know someone going on a cruise and want to give them a gift for the holidays, the following gifts offer some ideas. To help you maintain your shopping budget, the gifts suggested below include ideas for every budget.

1. Disposable Cameras
This gift is a great idea if the recipient does not own a camera. Several disposable cameras placed in a gift bag make a terrific gift. They will be able to take lots of photos and not worry about buying a camera.

2. Digital Camera or Film Camera
Depending on which camera you purchase, this gift can be expensive. As you shop, you will see that there are many types of digital and film cameras, in various prices, for sale. You can choose the camera that allows you to keep within your budget.

3. Photo Frame
There is sure to be at least one photograph taken during their cruise that the person on your gift-giving list would like to display in a frame. With so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find one they will like.

4. Beach Towel
If the person you are shopping for will be swimming in the pool on the cruise ship, a beach towel is a thoughtful gift. This is also a good holiday gift if they are going to a destination where there is a beach. A beach towel is a gift that the recipient might not think to buy for herself or himself.

5. Luggage Set or Piece of Luggage on Wheels
Luggage on wheels is very easy to use; you just pull up the handle and pull the luggage around. This gift can be extravagant depending on the size of the luggage set or the piece of luggage you purchase. Another factor of the cost is the name brand of the luggage. If you decide on this holiday gift, the recipient is sure to be pleased and thankful.

6. Toiletry Bag or Cosmetic Bag
A good gift is a toiletry bag for a man or a cosmetic bag for a woman. They can fill it with various items such as toothpaste, a hairbrush, a comb, etc.

7. Evening Bag
Usually cruise ships have one or more formal nights during a cruise. A woman might not think about purchasing a new formal evening bag for these occasions. This gift will surely make her smile and brighten her holiday.

8. Binoculars
This is an especially nice gift if the person is going on an Alaskan cruise. There are so many sights to see and binoculars make sightseeing more enjoyable.

9. Camera Bag
Even if the recipient already owns a camera, they might not own a camera bag. This gift makes carrying around a camera more convenient.

10. Gift Bag
A gift bag is a fine idea. You can fill a gift bag with gifts such as luggage tags, luggage locks, sunglasses, etc. These are items the individual can use and will appreciate.

Hope that the ideas given above helped you find a holiday gift for the person going on a cruise. Happy shopping!

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10 Home Remedies for Dandruff

Are you tired of having dandruff embarrass you ever time you go out? Try these dandruff home remedies and get rid of dandruff once and for all.

There is nothing worse than looking down and see that you have white flakes all over your clothing. Dandruff is not only embarrassing but can be difficult to get rid of, depending on how bad you have it. People have spent thousands of dollars just trying to get rid of the dandruff. Dandruff treatment doesn’t have to be expensive! Try these dandruff home remedies and spend less money and see amazing results!

These home remedies are intended to help you get control over your dandruff. Don’t be caught embarrassed again! Take control of your dandruff once and for all.

#1 Dandruff Home Remedy

What you need:

Neem Oil Shampoo


You can find Neem Oil or Neem Oil Shampoo at a local health food store. If you buy the Neem Oil, just add a few drops into your favorite shampoo. Shampoo as you normally shampoo. This process can take time but you will start to see less dandruff. If you use the Neem Oil Shampoo, it is concentrated so you will not need much. The Neem Oil works amazingly with great results!

#2 Dandruff Home Remedy

What you need:

Cider Vinegar


After washing your hair, you want to pour the cider vinegar as a final rinse over your hair. The cider vinegar will help keep the dandruff away! Repeat several times a week for best results.

#3 Dandruff Home Remedy

What you need:

Moisturizing Shampoo


Shampooing your hair every day keeps all the dirt and oils out of your hair. Keep the dandruff away by washing your hair daily! For your final rinse, use the cider vinegar as a last rinse. This has proven to be effective as a dandruff home remedy.

#4 Dandruff Home Remedy

Often times, the best way to treat dandruff is to try different shampoos. If the first shampoo doesn’t work, try another. Don’t throw away the first shampoo and you might find getting rid of dandruff happens best if you switch out dandruff shampoos. Get creative with your remedies.

#5 Dandruff Home Remedy

What you need:

Coconut Oil

Lemon Juice


Black Pepper


This mixture is very hydrating as well as moisturizing to your scalp. To begin use a 1/3 mixture, one part coconut oil, and use three parts all of the other ingredients. Add at least one third a cup of lemon, 3 tablespoons of honey, and one third a cup of pepper. Mix this all together and rub into scalp. Make sure your hair is wet as it will be easier to rub into the scalp. Rub for at least ten minutes. The honey and coconut oil will hydrate your skin while the lemon will give your hair a wonderful smell.

#6 Dandruff Home Remedy

Create a diet that will help get rid of dandruff. Eat lots of veggies, nuts, whole grains, and fruits as a part of your daily diet.

#7 Dandruff Home Remedy

What you need:

Baby Oil

Lemon Juice


For heavy dandruff buildup, you are going to need to bring in the big guns. Take the bay oil and mix in some lemon. Now pour over your entire head and begin to scrub. Once you have scrubbed your entire head, you want to put a shower cap or plastic bag over your head. Leave this on your head for the entire night. Wash our hair in the morning. You can repeat this as necessary but this method will dramatically help get rid of dandruff.

#8 Dandruff Home Remedy

What you need:

Olive Oil

Lemon Juice

Tea Tree Oil


The tea tree oil has magical powers. I use the tea tree oil on every head issue I have as it always helps. Ok, to create the dandruff home remedy, you need to mix equal parts of the olive oil and tea tree oil. Add in at least one third a cup of lemon juice. Now apply over your entire head. Make sure you get the mixture into your scalp. Now add a shower cap or plastic bag over your head and leave on all night long. When you wash out your hair, if you have a hard time getting the oil out, use cider vinegar as a final wash as it will get rid of the oils.

#9 Dandruff Home Remedy

What you need:

White Vinegar


Again, this is another overnight method that is easy and quick. Wet your hair and pour an entire bottle of white vinegar over your head. Cover with a plastic bag or shower cap and leave on overnight. This will get rid of even the heaviest dandruff. This can be done every couple of weeks for the best results.

#10 Dandruff Home Remedy

What you need:

Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera Gel


We’ve all heard that Aloe Vera has miracle powers when it comes to ailments. This is no different for dandruff. If you’ve suffered from dandruff, you want to go out and buy an Aloe Vera plant or Aloe Vera gel. To get rid of the dandruff, you want to apply the Aloe Vera directly onto the scalp and massage into the skin. Aloe Vera is not only hydrating but will also heal the skin. Cover your scalp with a plastic bag or shower cap and leave on all night. Wash hair completely in the morning to remove any leftover residue.


If your shampoo isn’t working, change your shampoo!

Lather your hair more than once when shampooing.

Lemon juice is a wonderful last rinse to keep your hair smelling wonderful!

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10 Homemade Sexy Valentine's Day Lingerie

You don’t have to be rich to look sexy this Valentine, wearing one of these 10 homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie. All the ideas can be made for men, woman or couples, and the variety of colors and textures is sure to please all your senses. Whether you’re naughty or nice, one of these 10 homemade sexy Valentine’s day lingerie ideas is sure to make this Valentine a night to remember for you and your lover.

#1. Silvery Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s day lingerie is very regal. At a party store buy a super long pale-haired wig for a women and an elf long-haired wig for a man and tie the hair back from your faces with pale pink silk ribbons. Next, coat a pair of old underwear in foil paper until it shimmers as if made with silver. The bra is optional in the female version of this homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie. And be sure to craft bracelets and anklets from foil paper too.

#2. Shiny Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie is perfect for lovers of shimmering faux leather. At a craft store buy red or pink duct tape. Coat the outside of a pair of old underwear (with a bra for women) until it looks stunning. For ultra-sexy lingerie, cut provocative holes in the fabric here and there and overlap the duct tape through the holes to give them a perfect finish. To make homemade sexy Valentine’s Day accessories to match your sexy lingerie, simply apply duct tape to an old pair of high heel shoes, or for men create a duct tape hat or mask.

#3. Non-Existent Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s day lingerie will make you seem dressed and undressed simultaneously. Find an old pair of skin-toned underwear (with a bra for woman). Cut the fabric out so as to leave the rim of the garment only. Next wrap a thick layer of Saran Wrap around the rim until it seems to disappear.

#4. Sexy Nude Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie is erotic in its minimalism. At a craft store buy wire glitter ribbon in red. Tie large bows from the glitter ribbon and use the wire rims to give each bow a full, pretty shape. Make a loop from red duct tape with the sticky side facing out and use it to stick the ribbons over your bodies in erotic locations like over the breasts, above the buttocks or below your belly buttons.

#5. Sexy Fish Net Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie will dress you but leave you equally undressed. At a lingerie store buy a cheap fish net bodysuit. In addition, buy sexy body tattoos and place them on your bodies at super sexy locations. For women, wear the suit as is over your tattoos. For men, cut the top off an extra-large fish net body suit and then remove the sleeves as well. Wear it as a fish net tank top with sexy silk underwear.

#6. Sexy Fig Leaf Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie is immodest in its show of modesty. At a craft store look for silk fig leaves. If the leaves are small buy a whole bunch, along with craft glue and glass beads. Glue the fig leaves to form large clusters to cover your breasts and crutch areas.

Next glue the cluster of fig leaves to very small G-string underwear. And to give this homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie a little sparkle, cut the sides of the G-strings and thread glass beads on them before sewing them together again.

#7. Sexy Giftwrap Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie will turn you into a sensuous gift waiting to be unwrapped. Go to a fabric store and buy a see-through net fabric used for lining skirts. Choose pink or red and buy 3 yards. To make the homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie for a man, cut enough fabric to go around his waist 1.5 times. Stretch the fabric over the buttocks, and tie an erotic butterfly knot over the front of the body. To make this homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie for a women use a wide strip of fabric and wrap it around you to cover your breasts down to your crotch, then tie a knot at the back.

#8. Sexy Ribbon Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie is perfect for people who like to unwrap their gifts slowly. Buy 2 inch wide decorating ribbon at a craft store in red (look for Christmas closeouts). Hold a ribbon under your foot and crisscross it over your shin to create the sexy ribbon leg pattern. With another ribbon start weaving the same pattern around your other leg. When you reach the middle of your body weave both ribbons around you to completely dress yourself in a crisscross pattern that will leave you entirely naked.

#9. Sexy Dish Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie is cute and playful. Buy some small red plastic plates and glue glitter decoration over them (from a party store). Using red ribbon from a craft store, string two plates like a bra, by cutting holes through which to loop the ribbon. Do the same to hold two glittering plates as underwear. Leave the ribbons very long so you can crisscross them around your stomach to keep your underwear or bra from slipping out of place.

#10. Faux Fur Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This homemade sexy Valentine’s day lingerie is for the animal inside you. At a craft store buy faux fur fabric, craft wire and glass beads. For women, cut the faux fur fabric into a large square. Thread craft wire into one corner of the fabric and hang the wire around your neck with the fabric resting over your chest and stomach. Next, twirl more craft wire around your stomach to secure the faux fur around your body’s contours. Then thread glass beads through the craft wire to make it glitter. A rubber band will help secure the last glass bead in the chain. To make this homemade sexy Valentine’s day lingerie for men, thread wire through the faux fur fabric (it’s okay to cut holes in the fabric), then wrap the wire around the stomach like a belt with the faux fur draping over the groin area. Once more string glass beads over the craft wire.

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