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April Fool's Day Lesson Plan Ideas for ESL and ELD

Help your ESL/ELD students get the most out of their first April Fool’s Day jokes and fun with these language building activities. These sites are all geared to the older ESL and ELD students: junior high, high school, and adult learners will all benefit.

An introduction to basic April Fool’s Day vocabulary is a prerequisite for all of these activities. Here are a few basic words and phrases used on April Fool’s Day: April Fool’s Day, prank, practical joke, joke, gullible, fool, hoax, play a joke (on), jokester, joker, laugh, laughter, giggle, funny, hilarious, chuckle, crafty, kidding, just kidding, humor, humorous, clever, April, surprise, annoy

Worksheets to Teach April Fool’s Day Concepts and Vocabulary

Once you have introduced basic April Fool’s Day vocabulary, has a nice selection of skill building worksheets. All of the worksheets are ready to print, but you must have the Flash 10 plug in installed on your computer in order to view and to print them. Worksheets are all April Fool’s themed and include: alphabetization activities, word searches, crosswords, and more. To access the worksheets, click here.

Another website with free worksheets is April Fool’s Downloads are divided into lesson plans, clip art, worksheets, and other. For’s collection of worksheets, click here.

April Fool’s History has a brief history of April Fools’ Day on its website. To access the site, click here. A short video on the topic of April Fool’s Day is also available on by clicking here.

April Fool’s Writing and Speaking Topics for ESL and ELD students

Journal and discussion topics can be used to assess students’ understanding of the culture and history of April Fool’s Day. Sample questions include:

How do you thing April Fool’s Day began?

What is the funniest practical joke you have ever heard about?

Have you ever fooled anyone on April Fool’s Day? What did you do?

Have you ever been fooled on April Fool’s Day? What happened?

Are practical jokes ever wrong? When?

Teaching Jokes on April Fool’s Day

Jokes are one of the signature features of April Fool’s Day. ESL students will enjoy decoding a few jokes for April Fool’s Day. For a full lesson on teaching jokes in the ESL classroom, click here. One of the best websites to find jokes for teaching ESL or ELD classes is on the Internet TESL Journal. Jokes on this site are submitted by ESL teachers who have used the jokes in their classroom already. Joke books found in children’s section of the bookstore are also a source of appropriate jokes for students.

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