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An Overview of New Age Beliefs and Practices

Many ancient religious and spiritual traditions have seen a revival through what is more popularly known as “New Age” practices. This term has been used now for some decades and yet it remains difficult to classify all New Age beliefs and practices because of the diversity and immense assortment of elements within.

In search of truth and enlightenment, New Agers embrace and examine ancient practices with a modern eye. These include astrology, reincarnation, the tarot, visualisation and affirmations, astral-projection, goddess worship and shaminism. Ancient systems of medicine and healing such as herbalism, homeopathy, reflexology, crystal healing and aromatherapy are also seeing a revival in the New Age, known collectively as “alternative therapies.”

New Age Religion

There is no formal religion or specific doctrine within New Age practices. New Age spiritualists tend to believe that all paths lead to God and within New Age teachings and practices can be seen a mix of beliefs including Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Spiritualism. Fundamentally it is believed that everything that exists comes from a single source of divine energy.

Because there are so many beliefs and practices amongst New Age practitioners, some might focus on just a few and not all New Agers will accept or vouch for all concepts and practices that come under the heading of “New Age.” An essential element of their philosophy is that they explore and investigate the beliefs they feel most comfortable with. There is tolerance for all beliefs and systems of truth and purpose.

Most New Agers believe in a Universal Religion. God is “all” and therefore all religions are paths that lead to the one God. Most believe in Karma and many seek truth and enlightenment through mystical/spiritual/psychological experiences such as meditation and contemplation, guided imagery, hypnosis, dream analysis, astral travel or yoga in an attempt to bring about personal transformation.

In this striving to contact the “higher self” and through the aforementioned techniques, many New Agers will open themselves to the guidance of spiritual beings such as Angels, guides or Universal Energy. A common belief is that everything in the universe is interconnected, a part of the same energy and God is one name for this energy.

New Age Practices

The practices listed below will help give an idea of just some of the concepts, beliefs and systems pursued by New Agers:

Automatic Writing – Channeling – Crystal healing – Meditation – New Age Music – Divination (including astrology, tarot, crystal balls, scrying, runes and the I-ching) – Holistic Health (including aromatherapy, iridology, reflexology, reiki, massage, meditation, homeopathy, herbalism), Mythology, Spirituality, Synchronicity, Karma, Universalism, Prayer, Tantra, Cosmic Ordering, Goddess worship, Dances of Universal Peace, Shamanism, Wicca, Rosicrucian, New Religious Movements, Chakras, Kirlian photography, Auras, Self-help, Near death experiences and Out-of-body experiences, Parapsychology, Soul travel, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Palmistry, Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Oracles, Extrasensory perception, Earth mysteries, Ley lines, Magic, Numerology, Feng Shui

Many of these practices help connect the New Ager with the “natural world” which is also so much a part of their spiritual devotion.

“New Age” can therefore be described as an umbrella term for a diverse range of personal and network beliefs and practices influenced primarily to bring about greater self awareness through spiritual development and the enrichment of an individual’s personal beliefs.

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