Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Amusement Parks: Best Places for Summer, Family and Affordable Fun

Amusement Parks are a great place for summer, family, and affordable fun. Well known amusement parks such as: Disney World, often seem expensive. In actuality, those well-known amusement parks have a lot of great deals to help off-set the cost.

Disney World, for example, is offering free admission on your birthday in 2009. Did you go to Disney World a few years ago, but did not use all of your passes? If so, I would check and see if they are lifetime passes. Of course, lifetime passes mean that you can come back in another year and use them. For more information go to:

Disney, of course, is not the only amusement park out there. There are countless amusement parks in the U.S. Some of the best values at Amusement Parks are right in your backyard.

I live somewhere in the tri-state of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Holiday World, Kings Island and Six Flag Kentucky Kingdom are three amusement parks in that tri-state. All of which have great values.

At Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, guest that buy their tickets online will pay the kid price of $24.99. Anyone with a season pass can bring a friend for free. Besides access to rides, guest can also enjoy concerts for free with their passes. Raven Symone and Jesse McCartney will both be at Kentucky Kingdom during the month of July. Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is located in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information go to:

At Kings Island, guest that buy tickets online will save fifteen dollars off general admission. General admission is $47.99; online admission will be $32.99. Kings Island also has a special for the 2009 season. Guest that pay the regular admission price of $47.99 will be able to come back on another day for free. Kings Island also has the “starlight” discount. After 5pm, guest can go to the park and pay a discounted general admission fee of $24.99. Kings Island is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information go to:

Holiday world is home to the new Pilgrims Plunge. The Pilgrim Plunge is thought to be the World’s tallest water ride at 131 feet. It is also home the roller coaster, The Voyage. General admission is $39.95. Tickets for guest under 54″ and seniors that are 60 years or older cost $29.95. If you come one day and decide you want to come back the next, you can buy a next-day ticket for $20.00. Holiday World also gives out a lot of freebies. The freebies include: sunscreen, parking, inner tubes (for the water park), and unlimited soft drinks. For more information go to:

Amusement Parks are number four (4) on the list of the best places for summer, family and affordable fun. Be sure to read about the #5 best place for summer, family and affordable fun. Make sure to come back for the top three best places for summer, family and affordable fun!

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