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Alessi Bakery in Tampa, FL: Famous for Great Food and Scachatta

Tampa has a few restaurants and food establishments which are considered historic to the city; Alessi Bakery is one of those select few places that help make Tampa the city that it is. Alessi Bakery dates back to 1912, and has been an institution in the city ever since.

Alessi’s is well known for many delicious foods, including authentic Cuban sandwiches, deviled crabs, a wide variety of pastries, and the bakery is popular for its high-quality wedding cakes. But one thing you must get when you stop by Alessi Bakery is its scachatta.

About Alessi Bakery’s Scachatta

What is scachatta? Scachatta is a type of flat, square pizza. Alessi’s scachatta is made with a very soft, even-textured bread. However, unlike what you might expect of typical pizza bread, this scachatta bread is moist, not chewy. Unlike most pizzas where cheese is scattered all over the top of the pie, Alessi’s scachatta cheese is scattered on the top and simply complements – does not dominate – the overall flavor of the pizza. The original scachatta comes with ground beef.

In fact, what you really taste with Alessi Bakery’s scachatta is the delicious, unique tomato sauce mixed with an incredible blend of herbs and spices. It is very important to note that the overall flavor of the scachatta is neither spicy nor tart. In fact, it actually is an inimitable blend of sweet and spicy pizza flavors that have easily endured a century’s test of time.

Other Great Foods at Alessi’s

You could go to Alessi’s just for the scachatta…and many people do. But I never leave with just one item when I go to Alessi’s. In fact, I really cannot pay for my order and drive away without ordering a real Cuban sandwich (the kind with ham, salami, Spanish pork, Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, and true Cuban bread.

Deviled crabs and papa rellena (“stuffed potatoes”) are two staples at Alessi Bakery and absolutely must be purchased if you have an appreciation for that type of food. I never forget the Texas Pete hot sauce packets on the way out of the bakery!

Of course, no stop at Alessi Bakery is really complete without a pastry item. Their famous chocolate brownies, with chopped nuts and a light dusting of sugar on the bottom is a real treat. But we can’t forget the cold éclairs, authentic flan, assortment of chocolate mousse desserts, tasty cupcakes, or put-a-smile-on-your-face cookies – all of which take on a holiday theme throughout the year.

Oh, and if you are a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football fan, be sure to take home any of the red- and pewter-colored cookies, cupcakes, or other Bucs-themed desserts you can often find during the fall.

Nothing beats the friendly staff at Alessi’s. I have not come across one irritating associate there in all my years of going to the bakery. I grew up going there and continue to shopping there and enjoying their food to this day – my family has been Alessi Bakery fans for decades.

Visiting Alessi Bakery

Alessi Bakery is located at 2909 West Cypress Street in Tampa. The store is about two miles west of Downtown Tampa, and about two miles south of Raymond James Stadium. It is easily accessed from the Armenia/Howard Avenue and Himes Avenue exits along Interstate 275.

If the weather is nice, be sure you take some time to enjoy your meal with family, friends, or by yourself on the covered deck attached to the west side of the bakery or under the shade of the store’s covered front walkway – you will find plenty of tables and chairs in both locations. And if you are heading to the Florida State Fair in February, be sure you stop by the Alessi Bakery stand in the Expo Hall!


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