Sunday, March 12, 2017

Advice for Men on How to Date After Age 35

As a single woman, I have noticed more and more than age does not always equate to wisdom when it comes to dating. As a matter of fact, if a man has reached his mid to late 30’s and is still single, he tends to feel more uneasy about dating than he did as a pre-teen.

Here’s the big secret for you men — it’s the same for women. We have the same fears, the same insecurities, the same issues as you do. We just get date while wearing a bra. And, if you date while wearing a bra — that may be part of the problem….

You see, here’s the basic problem with dating – we all just want to be treated with respect and loved. But, once you mix hormones, hurt feelings, and a dating past into the mix, we have no idea how to do that. We get scared of being hurt again, so we push someone who we really like away, just to avoid the pain again. We say we want to date, but we don’t even try when we go out.

Well, we all just need to get over ourselves. Its not a problem of not having good men or women out there, its a problem of not having the self esteem and the confidence within ourselves to realize that we are worth having a relationship with for the long haul. We have to love ourselves to love others.

Warm and fuzzy therapy aside, it is hard to be single past your college years. There is a huge pool of the opposite sex at most colleges, and after its all over with, we have to really hunt and search to find a suitable partner to date.

Men, I beg of you, just be yourself. Relax and have fun – it will make us relax and have fun. If you’re unsure of yourself just remember that we’re just as unsure too. We want you to talk to us – and you’ll know pretty quickly if we don’t want to talk to you. If you feel like you’re getting mixed signals from us, we’re probably getting mixed signals from you too. Tell us what you want and we’ll tell you want we want.

After 30, a woman begins to me more self-aware and sure of who she is. She’s more confident than her 20 year old counterparts and more likely to shoot straight with you. So, shoot straight with her. If its not working, cut the ties and move on. But, if it is, hold on for dear life. Its hard to keep the good ones, so fight for us. And, in turn, we’ll fight for you.

A man in his 30’s who is single and wonderful is hard to find. When we find a good one, we want to hold onto him. So, just be a good one and get yourself out there. Dating will take care of itself.

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