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Advice and Tips for Your Bed Wetting Child Before a Sleepover

With the arrival of summertime many families find it to be the perfect time to introduce sleep overs and slumber parties. Children can stay up late and sleep late the next day, making summertime perfect for introducing your child to this activity.

Sleepovers for children are a big step toward the big kid world and with sleepovers comes many worries for both parents and children. Do they take their favorite teddy bear? What pajamas will they wear? Will they be scared without mom and/or dad to tuck them in? And for children that are bed wetter’s sleepovers and slumber parties cause a whole different set of concerns.

Some questions parents and children may consider are:

Do you tell the sleep over host (relative or friend) about the bedwetting situation?

What are the sleeping arrangements; will the children be sleeping in the same bed, bunk beds or sleeping bags?

What activities will be at the sleepover event? Will there be drinks that can trigger a bed wetting episode?

Some children may decline many invitations for a sleepover, even though they really want to go because of concerns about bed wetting. They may feel embarrassed or “different.” Answering the above questions can go a long way towards planning a successful sleepover experience as well as providing your children with advice on how to handle bed wetting and still experience this thrilling and fun rite of passage for many children.

What advice, tips and tools can parents give their children to allay their fears and worries about bedwetting?

First, talk to your child and find out exactly what their fears and concerns are. A shot gun suggestion of questions about what YOU think they are can actually cause more harm than good providing them with worries they may not have thought of. Be prepared to address these common worries with this advice.

Of course the first concern is if they will wet the bed. One method of avoiding this is to discuss with your child a visit to the doctor and medication than can help them reduce their urine output. There are several prescription medicines available for short term care. If you and your child agree a visit to the pediatrician to explore this option is in order. Be sure to discuss the medication and its effects with your child and when to take it at the sleep over. Advise the adult caregiver that this medication needs to be provided at a certain time and be sure to try it out a few times at home to test its effectiveness on your child.

Talk to your child about discussing the possibility of bedwetting with the adult in charge of the sleepover before you go ahead and discuss it. Some children may need this topic discussed outside the family very carefully.

Advise your children about bedwetting and other children. Many times children feel that they are the only ones who wet the bed. By using a site like you can access information like 2 out of every 10 children between the ages of 5-10 wet the bed. But showing them they are not the only ones they can feel more comfortable about their episodes.

If your child has been invited to a slumber party sleepover, you may want to advise them to start smaller, with an individual sleep over to decide how they handle the excitement and change of schedule that a smaller event may bring.

Talk to your child and advise them to avoid salty foods like chips and popcorn, as well as caffeine. Now is a good time to reinforce their ability to be responsible for their actions. These foods and drinks increase a child’s chances of wetting the bed.

Advise your child to sleep closest to the door or bathroom. If they need to get up in the middle of the night they can easily do so and go to the bathroom to handle any bed wetting episodes.

Together with your child make up an overnight travel bag. In the bag include a small package of wipes, clean pajama bottoms, and extra pairs of underwear and Good Nights (disposable underwear).

If your child will be using a sleeping bag, use a waterproof sleeping bag liner like those offered at the Bedwetting Store. They usually come with a carry case and are machine washable to use over and over again. Insert the liner into the sleeping bag before rolling it up and taking it to the sleepover and no one will even need to know it’s there.

Reassure your child that bedwetting is common, do not tease them or punish them and don’t allow others to tease them either. Acknowledging child’s concerns about bedwetting at an overnight and working together with them provides them with the tools and confidence they need to survive a night time of sleepovers, slumber parties and friendly fun.


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