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Academic Boarding Schools in Georgia and Tennessee

There are many academic boarding schools for high school students across the United States. While there are a number of schools that cater to troubled teens and special needs, there are many top-notch schools available for the high-achieving young adult. Boarding schools such as these are not for juvenile offenders. Instead, admission is rigorous and well-rounded. Some boarding schools are gender-specific while others are co-ed. Four top boarding schools are located in the Deep South in the states of Georgia and Tennessee. These schools are as academically rigorous as any in other region in the United States, with an added bonus of beautiful Southern architecture, graceful hospitality and warm, mild climates.

The McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Founded in 1905, the McCallie School in Chattanooga is an all-male boarding and day school for students who excel in academics. The school has a middle and a high school, but boarding is available for high school students only. As of 2011, tuition and boarding costs for high school are $38,000 per year. McCallie has many financial aid packages available, from need-based assistance to merit scholarships. McCallie has a significant endowment.

The advantages of a McCallie education are many. The school sits close to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus. McCallie offers a well rounded atmosphere of arts, academic achievement and athletics. Chattanooga is a mid-sized city known for its cultural renaissance and riverfront downtown. Boarding students at McCallie are exposed to the city and the Southeast region in general.

Brenau Academy in Gainesville, Georgia

Brenau Academy is located in Gainesville, Georgia, and is located adjacent to Brenau University. Brenau Academy is an all-female boarding high school. As of 2011, the Academy began offering an early college component, where students receive a high school diploma along with taking college credit courses. Cost of attendance since 2011 has been approximately $30,000 per year. Brenau offers need-based financial assistance. The Academy is accredited by SACS.

There are many advantages to a Brenau Academy education for young women. The entire college campus is open to the high school boarding students, including the Trustee Library along with over three art galleries and performances in the historic Pearce Auditorium. Brenau is located about a half hour north of the metro Atlanta area, which is steeped in the arts and cultural experiences. The school is also located in the region of the Chattahoochee National Forest, with some of the highest peaks and mountainous terrain less than an hour away.

The Darlington School in Rome, Georgia

The Upper Division of the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia, is a co-ed day and boarding institution. Boarding is available for young men and women grades 9 – 12. Academics are rigorous. As of 2011, boarding costs for this college prep program is $41,000 per year. A quarter of all students receive a financial grant. Darlington is accredited by SACS.

Darlington offers many advantages to the boarding school student. Rome is a mid-sized city with several colleges and universities within the town, including Berry College and Shorter College. Located less than an hour northwest of metro Atlanta, Darlington boarding students are able to explore the cultural and historic Atlanta downtown and surrounding areas, easily.

The St. Andrews – Sewanee School in Sewanee, Tennessee

Located atop Monteagle Mountain in Southeast Tennessee, St. Andrew’s is a small boarding school located adjacent to the University of the South, Sewanee. The school is committed to academic excellence. The cost of tuition, room and board and fees for a high school boarding student at St. Andrew’s is $40,000 per year as of 2011. The school offers many financial aid packages and is committed to providing need and merit based support to high achieving students. St. Andrew’s is accredited by SACS.

One of the major advantages of a St. Andrews boarding experience is the University of the South, whose campus connects to the school. Here students can take college courses while completing their high school education, as well as participate in art and cultural experiences. The campus is located in a rural setting and the views are breathtaking atop the scenic venues of Monteagle Mountain. Students are encouraged to experience the natural outdoors and classroom courses often take to the natural environment for science studies.

The climate at boarding schools in the South is mild, with brief winter events and long stretches of warm weather. Moreover, the four boarding schools mentioned here are established schools with long histories of academic achievement and outstanding placement rates in many colleges and universities across the country, with many scholarships awarded.

Sources: McCallie School, Brenau Academy, The Darlington School, St. Andrew’s – Sewanee School

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