Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Review of Splendid Taxi Cab Company in White Plains, New York

I have been using Splendid Taxi in White Plains, New York for over a month now. I am so glad that I found this company. They have been my source of getting to work each day. Due to a medical condition, I am not able to drive all the way to work. I drive myself for about 10 minutes in the morning. Then I call this company to take me to work the rest of the way which is about another 10 minutes.

Before I discovered Splendid, I was using another local company and I was spending $47 for one way from my house to where I work. That adds up to $94 a day, $470 a week and $1880 a month. I realized that I will go broke and not have a lot of money left over from my paychecks, if I do not think of something else fast. I had a feeling when this medical condition started, that it may last for a few months or more.

I called a few cab companies to get some prices and I found that Splendid had the best prices. I had also heard that from someone else. If I were to take a cab from my house to where I work, it would cost me about $30 one way. That is a $17 difference from the other company. I am able to drive myself half way to work so I am saving even more money. I am paying $17 one way including tip. That adds up to about $34 a day and $170 a week as compared to $470 a week.

I also like this company for other reasons. Every time I call, they send someone within 10 minutes. I never have to wait a long time. They are very reliable. I find that the drivers are very nice, friendly and sociable people. I feel very comfortable driving with them. They are all good drivers and they always follow the traffic laws. All the cars are very well kept. I do not fear that one of them will break down and that I will be late for work.

I highly recommend this company for the reasons stated above. Definitely check them out if you are in need of a cab service. Their number is 914-682-2222. I am sure that you will be very satisfied.

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