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9 Signs that Your Relationship Will Last

Until now, things were fine, your lover reached your expectations and, even you have had just a few dates with him, you’re convinced that your relationship will last. How can you be sure you’re right?

Is it true that there are no identical couples and that each relationship has its own particularities, but certain signs can suggest you if you have or not a future together, as a couple.

In this way you’ll succeed to protect yourself by an unshared love and by the sufferance after a painful breakup.

1. You have time for one another

We must recognize that we live in a society that doesn’t have too much time for anything, especially when it comes about love proofs and romance. If your boyfriend finds some moments to be carrying and to prove you how much he loves you, then you surely have changes to get over the problems inevitable in a couple.

2. You have almost the same age

We don’t care anymore about the taboos related to age, but are the disproportionate couples, regarding the partners’ age, truly happy or even sustainable?

-Studies shown that they aren’t. As long as there is a big age difference, the couple’s problems will be in imminent. We know that men grown up harder and that they need to reach a certain age to have the same mental maturity of women, but this difference should not be bigger than 7 years.

3. His ex relationships lasted

It will be easier for you to understand him if you know more about his former relationships. If he is the kind of man who had only long term relationships then your relationship may also last.

Meanwhile you can understand from his former relationships which are the reasons why he given up his girlfriends and how can you prevent the same problems in your couple.

4. The sex is good

The relationships in which the sex is a problem are not likely to succeed, that is why it would be ideal as before the relationship goes further to make sure that you are sexually compatible.

Try to solve the possible problems and to be opened to one another. In this way the relationship will provide additional content and more chances for success.

5. You are good friends

Even if the transition from friend to lover can be difficult if you were initially just good friends, your relationship might be more likely to succeed. That’s because you are used to say everything you feel and you know what the other wants from a relationship.

6. You know the future plans

If your boyfriend told you already what are his future plans and you are part of them, then there isn’t any doubt that he loves you and he wants your relationship to last.

Don’t try to force him to tell you more if he doesn’t want this, but pay attention to his wording and see how he perceives your relationship on long term.

7. You want the same thing

The relationships that last succeed to meet the needs of both partners. So make sure you and your lover will want the same things. In this way you avoid further problems and make efforts in a constructive manner.

8. Families / friends support you

You can not build a house on unstable land, as you can not build any relationship into a hostile environment. It’s true; you can make an effort worthy of Atlas to make things work, but does it works on long term?

We like stories in which the partners get over their problems, ending by getting married. But wouldn’t it be better to be little more diplomats and have a cordial relationship with your families and friends?

9. Love is in the air

You can tell that the relationship will last only if you’re sure that there is love. Try to find out what are the true feelings of your boyfriend (and yours), in order to understand if your relationship is a long term one or just an affair.


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