Wednesday, March 29, 2017

7 Tips to Stay Healthy During Flu And Cold Season

It’s that time of year again parents, the dreaded flu and cold season. Many thousands of Americans will be affected by the flu or flu-like symptoms. If you or any family member has suffered with the flu you know exactly how taxing it can be on the victim and the loved ones around them. It’s our jobs as parents to protect our children from any harm and danger if possible. During this time of year our children come into contact with many types of germs that can harm them and our whole family if they bring them back into the home. So this year let us be proactive in protecting our families. Here are 7 tips to protect your child from sickness and disease this season:

Tip 1

Encourage your children to wash their hands frequently. Remind them to slow down, use soap and warm water to kill the germs. Many stores also carry the mini bottles of hand sanitizer, so get one for your child to carry in their backpack to have at school when needed.

Tip 2

Be mindful to feed your children a well balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables. This will help their bodies remain strong to ward off germs and disease.

Tip 3

If you are not already doing it, give your child a daily multivitamin. Pick one that is all natural and free of preservatives, this will help the body with needed vitamins and minerals.

Tip 4

Assure that your children received 8 to 10 hours of sleep anight. A well rested body can better fight disease.

Tip 5

Keep plenty of liquids available for consumption. Your children will need to remain well hydrated during the flu and cold season. Avoid caffenated drinks which only aide in dehydration.

Tip 6

Keep cans of chicken soup handy, or cook a big pot and freeze some. The contents of this soup along with the broth aid in assisting the body to get well.

Tip 7

If your child complains of an itchy or sore throat, threat it immedicately with honey and lemon mixed with warm water. This will soothe the itchy throat.

Above I have explained 7 tips to help you keep your children healthy this flu and cold season. If you will practice these tips along with common sense, you child may be able to avoid the perils assoicated with the flu and colds. A sick, unhappy child is an unpleasant sight for a parent. So teach your children to take a part in keeping themselves well. Consult your physican in determining if the flu vacine is appropriate for you and your family members.

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