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7 Forgotten Ways to Get a Better Night Sleep

There are so many tips our there on how to get to sleep, or how to sleep better, most of these revolve around melatonin, Valerian root, and other natural sleep aids. While these are helpful and should remain part of your everyday sleep routine, there are a number of other, non supplement sleep remedies you should be following. Add these to your natural sleep aid routine and you will find yourself getting an even better night sleep.

Eating Your Way to A Good Night Sleep?

Most of you have probably heard that you should avoid eating a big meal before bed. In all actuality, if possible you should avoid eating anything within two hours of your bedtime. If you are the type of person who needs to eat a little something to make it through the night there are certain foods which have been shown to actually help you get a good night sleep (although it is still more recommended to not eat anything). If you decide to eat something eat one of the following: Bananas, dates, figs, milk, nut butter, turkey, tuna, whole grain crackers, or yogurt. These foods all have one thing in common, Tryptophan, which is a natural sleep aid. Half of a grapefruit is also supposed to be helpful.

Avoiding Stimulants

Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine should all be avoided five to six hours before bed time. Many people believe that alcohol helps them sleep better and that smoking a cigarette is relaxing so it should help them sleep. The truth is, that while these stimulants do have a relaxing effect helping you initial sleep well they will ultimately disturb your natural sleep cycles. In the case of alcohol, you will be unable to drift into a deep sleep, instead staying in the lighter sleep cycles. Many individuals who rely on alcohol to sleep will experience excessive amounts of deep sleep when they stop drinking alcohol. This often leads to realistic nightmares. If your interested in how to sleep better and feel rested these stimulants are not the key. Without going through your full sleep cycle your body is not getting the right type of rest, you could sleep 8 hours and still feel tired. You might have figured out a good method for how to fall asleep but in the long run you are not getting a good night sleep and it will catch up with you.


Tyramine falls into the stimulant category, however it deserves its own section because of how unrecognized it is in preventing people from getting a good night sleep. Tyramine increases the release of a neurotransmitter known as nor epinephrine. Nor epinephrine is a brain stimulant. Putting two and two together, eating tyramine results in your brain being stimulated, the opposite of what you want when you are trying to sleep. Its like your asking your child to go to sleep five minutes from the front of a ride at Disneyland. You can tell your child it’s your bed time were gonna have to skip this one, you can reason, and think all you want, that child is going to wide awake and running to get on. Common foods that have Tyramine are: Sugar, sausage, spinach, wine, tomatoes, sauerkraut, potatoes, ham, eggplant, bacon, cheese, and chocolate. Avoid all of these foods at least 3-4 hours before bed time.

This Medication May Cause Drowsiness…. Or Not

Many medicines warn that they may cause drowsiness and in many cases they do. However, for some individuals these medications may have the opposite effect. Thus leaving the individual energized, shaky, and alert. In some instances the individual may feel sleepy but int fact their brain is highly stimulated, thus they would be unable to get a good night sleep even if they tried. There are many medications to stay away from the main two categories to watch out for are the nasal decongestants, and cold medicines.

How to Sleep Better By Forming New Habits

Habit forming is usually viewed at as a bad thing. Habit forming usually refers to addicting substances, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and so in. In the case of getting a night sleep most of us have developed a set of habits that are making it impossible for us to get a good night sleep. Our bodies have internal cycles, and regulating these cycles involves the formation of a wide range of habits. Maybe your habit is to watch TV right before bed. This confuses your brain because, throughout the rest of the day, watching TV is something you do for fun and pleasure and is not associated with sleep. Then later you watch TV before going to sleep. New habits need to be formed that help your body begin preparation for sleep. The following are some good habits to form to help you get your sleep cycle back on track and under control.

– Never stay in bed when you are not sleepy. The only time that you should be in bed is when it is time to sleep. This helps to form a connection in brain that the object bed, equals the action sleep. If you lay down and are not sleepy get up and go into a different room.

– Tying into the previous habit, only go to bed when you are sleepy. Any activities to help you wind down should be done before you get in bed.

– Stay out of your bedroom as much as possible. The bedroom should be used for sleep and sex. Reading, Television, and all other activities should stay out of the bedroom.

– Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. Just remember that sleeping in may feel good at the time but it is impossible to regain lost sleep. Even if you slept only 6 hours a night during the week sleeping 10 on Saturday will not help you catch up. Set an alarm and get up at a relatively regular time every day. This will help set your internal clock.

– Always sleep in a dark room

– Unless there is a medical reason for you to nap, don’t. If you regularly take a nap, and have to continue taking that nap never do so after 3pm.

– Exercise. You can’t expect to get a good night sleep if your body has not’t used the energy from the previous night sleep. Exercising early in the evening works good to tire your body out. Exercising can also give you a short boost of energy to make it through the rest of the day. The perfect formula involves exercising five or six hours before bed and then spending the rest of the day doing your nightly activities and winding down.

– Take a hot bath or shower

– Sleep in complete silence. If silence is a problem consider investing in a white noise machine. These machines play soothing sounds such as the ocean or rain drops. you can also trying running a small fan or an air purifier.

– Clear your mind. Now that you have tried that and heard that a million times here is a better solution. Instead of laying there worrying about how to get a good night sleep, or how tire you are going to be in the morning from not sleeping, try to replace those thoughts with positive ones. Try to picture a happy time or memory in your mind. Visualize where you were, who was there and what happened. Relive the moment. Of course having a clear mind is best, but, its almost impossible for some people (especially those type As out there) Aim for second best and keep those thoughts focused and positive.

For Those of you Who Snore

Try to sleep on your side, this generally lessens the severity of your snore, thus leading to a better night sleep. Also, make sure to clean your nasal passages as best possible prior to going to sleep. Try using nasal irrigation two times daily, once in the morning and once before bed time.

For Those of you Who Don’t

Even though you may not snore there is a still a chance your nasal passages could be blocked. Ensuring that you are getting a good flow of oxygen into your body will help you sleep better. I highly recommend the breathe right nasal strips to anyone that has difficulty getting a good night sleep. Even individuals who do not suffer from snoring report better breathing and sleep as a result of using the nose strips.

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