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6 Things You Must Do Before Submitting to Article Banks & Directories

With the rise in unemployment, gas price fluctuations and the ability to travel less and less appealing more people are turning to making a living online by building websites for various niche products and services.

The Internet Has Become The Convenient Second Job

The Internet has become the easy-to-do second job. With a little ingenuity and some basic creative writing skills, there are a number of part-time, schedule it yourself, freelance positions waiting for writers with skills. This niche has grown out of the need for people to have original content for their website. These people don’t need help building their websites, but they need help populating their niche with unique, engaging content that will make visitors return time and again.

Must Do #1 – Remember, Article Directories Are Great, If Used Correctly

As a result, article directories have grown and blossomed where webmasters can shop for content that will make their websites more interesting. There are directories that have articles for just about every niche out there from penguins to handbags. When it comes to submitting your creative works to article directories, there are three things to remember that will make you quite successful.

The best article directories that will give you the most exposure include Ezine Articles, Article Dashboard, Buzzle, GoArticles, ArticlesBase, IdeaMarketers and others.

Must Do #2 – Remember, Article Marketing Is About Helping People

Before we get to the tips, first let’s cover a few basics that will make your writing a lot easier. The articles that you create are for the purpose of allowing others to take them and post them on their website with a linkback to your website. With that said, you want to create quality articles that are helpful and useful to the person reading them.

Must Do #3 – Keep Your Article Length Under 1000 Words

You also want to keep them short about 500 – 1000 words for the average length. Most articles are around 600 words except for the highly technical ones where the people reading are motivated to read long text. People reading on computer screens will get lost in a 2500 word article, and you’ll loose readers unless you put breaks in and use other web design techniques to give their eyes a break.

Must Do #4 – Stay Clear About Why You Are Writing & Submitting The Article

Article writing for the purpose of marketing and exposure is for three key benefits: branding of your website, gathering leads and promoting your site to the world. In order to effectively accomplish this, your article must be focused on one primary goal – to inform and educate your readership on a specific point.

Before you writing anything, figure out what the main purpose of the article and what the reader will benefit by reading your article. While it should be interesting and engaging, most people arrive at your website via a search engine. They come to your site because they have a question about something. Your article must answer that question. With this in mind, writing an article becomes relatively easy.

Must Do #5 – Maximize The Promotional Opportunities Of Your Website

Think about it. You are bringing people to your website by answering questions and solving problems. By submitting articles to article directories, you are increasing exposure to your site, and hopefully you have an Author’s Resource Box that includes a Call-To-Action and a link to your website.

Once they arrive, you should have a website optimized to offer a solution to the problem beyond the article. Whether it’s a e-zine signup form, free report that goes into more detail about a niche product or a product and service that is designed to help the visitor out.

Must Do #6 – Always Publish Content That Will Help Out Your Reader

While you want to get links back to your website from article marketing, remember that what you write is a statement about who you are. As a result, if you throw up a bunch of articles that are low quality, don’t meet the basic purpose of why someone would read it or is just badly written crap, you will be defeating the purpose of writing. You might as well stop and do something else, because your reputation will slowly go down the drain.

With these three things in mind, you should aim your article marketing efforts to the point where you will only want to write articles that are useful, interesting and helpful to the people who will ultimately read your stuff. Submitting lots of articles to article banks and directories is one of the best, free methods for promoting your product or service. Take care and write well. You will see the rewards for your efforts in increased visitors and more sales for your products and services.

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