Monday, March 20, 2017

5 Ways to Refresh Yourself During a 15-Minute Break

You might think that a 15-minute break at work is insignificant. After all, what can you really accomplish in 15 minutes, besides using the bathroom and grabbing a snack? Actually, you can accomplish a lot more than that. You can refresh yourself, physically and mentally, by trying the following rejuvenating activities:

1. Get some fresh air. If you work indoors, you can benefit from a five-minute walk outside. Whether it is sunny, rainy, or snowing, just getting out of your building and rejuvenating yourself by inhaling some fresh air can make a big difference in your mood and physical state.

2. Write in your journal. Take five minutes to record your thoughts in a journal. This rejuvenating activity is easy to do and can be done anywhere. You don’t have to write great literature – just let your mind wander away from work long enough to refresh yourself.

3. Listen to an audiobook. No matter where you are when you take your break, you can stealthily listen to a chapter or two of your favorite book on your iPod or other MP3-playing device. This rejuvenating activity is great because it takes your mind off of work and lets you become absorbed in another world. You can also do other things (eat, walk, etc.) at the same time.

4. Exercise. Depending on your work situation, it might be difficult to get any real exercise during your break. If you cannot reasonably go for a jog or do push-ups, you can at least do some stretches. Refresh yourself by focusing on your physical well-being for a few minutes.

5. Speak with someone. If you are taking a break, there is a good chance someone else at your office is doing the same. Find someone else on break and strike up a conversation. A little casual conversation now will make you feel better, and might lead to a better work environment, as well.

In fifteen minutes, you can rejuvenate yourself and feel better about work and life. Just take a few minutes to use one of these suggested activities to refresh yourself.

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