Monday, March 20, 2017

5 Tips to Establishing a Good Work Ethic

With today’s job market, you have to do more than the average worker. Mediocrity will hinder your growth as you mature from being just an employee to being an asset to a major corporation. The idea is to take the skills you have acquired in your experiences then utilize them; not just putting the statement in the headline of your resume. Having a good work ethic shows your willingness to advance in the job market and capability to maximize your potential.

Whether you are taking orders at a local fast food chain or managing high profiled accounts at a major financial institution, the objective is to have a good work ethic no matter where you are working.

Be Dependable

Punctuality is a must when it comes to having a good work ethic. Time is money and when employers set aside a schedule for you to adhere to this means they have factored in how the company’s financial needs will be met. Dependability is not just being present and on time but also being prepared. Preparation is having your necessary paperwork, supplies, tools and any other essential items you will need to complete your work. You cannot be relied upon if you are there but forgot your portfolio to show to your potential client.

Represent Your Company

The best way to represent your company is by your physical appearance and verbal communication. Behaviors such as frowning, no eye contact, crossed arms and you appearing to not be paying attention; can be very abrasive and send an intimidating message. By smiling and having an assertive body language you are sending a more welcoming message. When you exhibit yourself suitably then you exhibit the company suitably. These behaviors and attitudes are not just conducive to the working environment but outside of work as well. Even though you are not servicing clients or working on a team of co-workers while eating at a restaurant; by implementing these behaviors in other aspects of your life they will stay with you permanently .

Follow Through

Complete all assigned tasks. Do not leave work half finished or for someone else to complete. This includes cleaning your work area, not skipping over tasks and not taking shortcuts in order to finish the work. Carrying through all assigned and even unassigned work shows reliability.

Be Adaptable

Many work environments change daily. One day there may be a stern policy and the next day that policy may have changed. Be prepared to adjust in any given situation that may be thrown your way.
Employers want someone whom is flexible. They like workers that can tolerate the highs and lows of the company along with the down time and high stress periods of work. Being a flexible worker allows you to reap the benefits of what the company has to offer. It also allows the company to benefit as well. Workers who are more adaptable are the ones who potentially have more advancement within the company.

Have an Owner Mentality

This is not saying to go bossing everyone around. This means putting yourself in the owners and operators shoes. If you were an owner would you want your employees to be rude to customers, have employees steal company time or maybe even take short cuts in their work which might cost you thousands of dollars? No, you would not. Bear in mind you are the face of the company and if you had people to represent your company, wouldn’t you want them to do so respectfully?

You maybe asking yourself, why any of these tips are necessary. Instituting these habits in the most basic entry level jobs can prepare for the highest executive level jobs. It is not everything you need as a worker, but it’s a good start to establishing a good report with a company. Having a good work ethic is being a good worker.

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