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5 Tips for Keeping Your Kid's Bedroom Clean

Kids are messy and unorganized at times, even with parents best efforts to have their children gain some sort of responsibility. Keeping their bedrooms clean can seem to be even more of a challenge. It is amazing what kids can do in such little time to one room of the house, making it a disaster area in literally minutes. Through my own parental experiences, which include feelings of awe, frustration, surprise, and shock, it is surprising that a kid’s bedroom can contain a section of chaos within your own home. Here are some tips for cleaning in and cleaning out your kid’s bedroom to help (ok, perhaps minimize) the challenge of keeping their bedrooms picked up and orderly.

1) Give Them Their Own Clothes Hamper In Their Bedroom
This is a simple, inexpensive item to have in your child’s room for their clothes and their clothes only. Your child knows exactly where dirty clothes go and is easily accessible to them. Make it a daily habit to put dirty clothes in the hamper, which can be encouraged starting with toddlers. This is also helpful when doing laundry and there is no need for sorting between siblings clothing.

2) Do A Toy Cleanse
Kids outgrow toys, simply have too many toys, or forget about having them. Those toys can be the ones that permanently litter the floor (a.k.a. obstacle course) in their room. If there are toys your child received when they were 2 years old and they are now 5, chances are they won’t play with it often or at all. Donate it, garage sale it, or put it in a memory bin if it is a significant toy. If it is broken or in really bad shape, just do it – throw it away.

3) Have a Bin or Container for EVERYTHING
Make sure every toy has a place to go when it is time to clean up the bedroom. Make sure your child understands where each toy goes, whether it is in a container, on a shelf, or in the closet so everyone is on the same page. Gentle reminders are helpful for kids of all ages.

4) Put Pictures On the Outside of Each Bin or Container
This is especially helpful for younger kids who might get distracted while cleaning up or just simply forget where something goes. This tip is also helpful for parents for the same two reasons.

5) Do A Clothes Cleanse
Kids grow faster than we can believe it, and that means outgrowing clothes quickly as well. Instead of pushing the clothes that are too small to the bottom of the drawer or in the corner of the closet, donate it, garage sale it, or put that significant outfit in the memory box. If the knees in the pants are worn out, the shirt has a bad stain or two, or it’s just in bad shape, just do it – throw it away.

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