Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Early Breast Cancer Detection Begins with the Candelis ImageGrid

Breast cancer is a serious matter. It is quickly becoming one of the most widespread types of cancers for women in the western world. Detection is the best weapon against it. Unfortunately, the old standard form of mammography is no longer cutting it, since it is one of the most difficult exams to read due to lesions being disguised by normal tissue. pacs radiology combined with a mammography viewer is filling in that void and becoming widely accepted as the best method for early diagnosis of breast tumors.

A woman’s annual mammography examination requires the comparison of images from previous years. Digital images stored on mammography workstations provide your doctor or radiologist the easiest way to find these past images which they can then compare to newer ones. Digital mammography implementing an affordable PACS provides images which can be tweaked by your doctor to better contrast or improve an image, a capability simply not possible with film.

If your radiologist needs to spend an extra minute or two accessing mammography images, it may not seem like a huge deal. However, multiply that by the tens of thousands of mammograms taken annually, and you have yourself a problem. It is a waste of time for the radiology department while being a large financial burden to that institution.

candelis pacs enable medical professionals to access PACS workstations in real time over the web. No other device can increase productivity while also being an effective form communication. It also adds a more streamlined record-keeping and storage service, as well for viewing medical images.
It’s no wonder why an increasing number of breast centers are choosing to integrate full-field digital mammography workstations with their preexisting PACS workstations, archive, network, and Web distribution system. It acts as a means of enhancing radiologist efficiency and improving administrative efficiency.
Some its benefits are:

 PACS radiology allows for ease of access to all radiologic studies off only one database.
 An affordable PACS works to leverage the balance between the facilities Web server, network, and archive, working to save on huge costs.
 A mammography viewer eases comparing exams from different modalities off of one database. This would include digital mammography, PACS workstations, MRI, ultrasound, and PET.
 A mammography workstation functions far beyond that of a standard mammo viewer and forms of radiology medical imaging. They are fully capable of storing virtually any type of digital file.

A mammography workstation combined with Candelis PACS allows radiologists along with referring physicians the ability to view any radiologic examination, reporting off of one database and with one user interface. It’s no wonder health facilities are beginning to see benefits for both the patient and themselves.

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