Wednesday, February 1, 2017

. . . Continuation of Florida Snowbird

Likes and dislikes to consider for a vacation home are abundant

What it boils down to is the individuals. Choices range from embracing a party atmosphere, to a quieter lifestyle.

More glamorous places like the Florida Keys come with a price. Usually visitors go to the mainstream shops and party places.

A visit to the neighborhoods reveals houses with tennis court type fences to guard the place. Warm weather attracts indigents, because living outdoors is so easy. Hence, the excessive backyard fencing.

The Keys offer excitement. A backyard fence keeps the druggies away because they don’t have the vitality to climb.

Living close to the water clusters a diverse array of people.

Diverse equals diversity. An example of one neighborhood in South Florida is a prime example of why I don’t want to live near the water.

In this neighborhood middle class folks remained from a by gone day. As this beautiful area was discovered by new comers, the battles began. Construction of two new homes led to a petition to shut off access to a long standing public beach.

The ramifications for preexisting residents was glaringly apparent. First, they would lose convenient access to the water. Second, without being able to offer the access, resale value would plummet.

Yet,the petition hearing got scheduled. Folks in the neighborhood had to stop their lives so they could rally against the closure of the neighborhood beach.

Homeless people gravitate toward beaches. Again, many of these are addicts, or victims of mental illness. They could be and are wandering around the neighborhood while residents sleep.

Down a ways from this neighborhood, are cardboard mansions.

Let me correct that. They are cardboard condos. The building materials for these were so cheap, that hurricane damage turned out to be permanent. With only a shabby foundation to work with, repairs couldn’t return the original, crisp looking facade.

All of the lust and avarice surrounding waterside living is universal. Be it ocean or lake, the zeal that people have for being there is fodder for antagonism.

I’ve met people living in the high rise buildings along the oceanside that are happy there. All they have to do is walk out the door and onto the beach.

It was a different story when the hurricanes hit. Some of these literally got filled with sand on the first floor.

I like to feel as if I’m sort of a part of community. I love meeting people, and it seems easier to do this in a less glamorous setting. All the same, this is a personal preference. I can get to the beach in tens minutes. Beautiful beaches are found almost everywhere in Florida.

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