Friday, February 24, 2017

Allstate Insurance: Marketing Practices and Customer Service Review

A couple months, Allstate had been mailing a lot of offers to my mom for her to switch her car insurance. Considering my mom is on the list with the credit bureaus not to receive offers of service, credit, etc, we thought after a while that the junk mail from Allstate would stop. When it didn’t, I decided to call in to the Allstate customer service line listed in the letter.

The representative told me that she could not handle a removal request and she transferred me to another department. He removed my mom without any problems and then I told him to remove me as well. In a rather unprofessional matter, he flipped out wanting to know who he was talking to. I tried to explain that I handle everything for my mom, but he was not listening at all. He refused to remove me from the list and started lecturing me about how I could not remove her.

He actually added her back to the mailing list.

I hung up and then called straight back in. I had to be transferred yet again to another department. I asked for a manager. When the manager came on, I briefly explained the situation to him, but apparently, he was already aware of the representative’s version of what had happen. Then, he started trying to get me to switch to Allstate.

I told him that I didn’t appreciate the hard sale pitch and had no interest in changing companies. He said my mom’s name and that he “was removing her, whoever she was.” He then asked wouldn’t it be easier to trash the letters than to call in to be removed from the mailing list.

I explained to him that I care about the environment and I often take the time to call in to companies who send the most junk mail to be removed from their mailing lists.

He echoed the word environment as if I had just said something completely ludicrous and foreign. I asked, doesn’t Allstate care about the environment?

He did not reply and hung up on me. He never removed me from the mailing list either. But at least my mom was removed since she was getting the most junk mail from Allstate.

I had my mom call a local Allstate office to make sure I was removed. The person told her to be removed to make sure that we are on the list with the credit bureaus to avoid offers of service, credit, etc.

My mom assured her that we both are on that list, but were still getting these marketing offers. The lady at the Allstate office said she would do her best to find a way to remove me.

We haven’t gotten any more junk mail from Allstate since this happened. If their customer service is this bad when trying to be removed from a mailing list, what would they be like when filing a claim?

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