Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Agil Headset Filters Out Noise in Busy Public Places

Traveling a lot results in being in areas that are often overcrowded and rather loud. This is because of the large congestion of people talking about basically anything and everything. You can easily become frustrated by this noise if you are also talking to someone else or attempting to concentrate on something important. The Agil communication device gives us a glimmer of hope towards rectifying this problem through clever technology.

Agil was created to help filter the sounds in your surroundings. The device uses basic technology to help focus your attention on one specific sound. In order to properly work the person that you are communicating with must also have on an Agil device. The two devices can uniquely link with one another to communicate. Once they are linked all of the other sound will be filtered out and thus allow you to carry on a conversation minus all the interruptions.

The creators understood that it would be quite the hassle to create a product that you would only use for that one specific use. This is why they have also managed to make the device capable with MP3 players, cellphones, and headphones. Basically, it is very similar to a BlueTooth device but has the ability to filter out sounds as well. This offers hope for the Agil to receive continues updates to it’s software and become a more ideal product to own.

A quick test of the Agil showed that it does indeed work. I was quite impressed on how it was able to filter the sound around me. My first thought is that the device would work like a set of headphones in which sound can still enter depending on how loud you have the sound coming through the headphones at. However, the Agil uses smart technology to tune out the otherwise annoying sounds around you. Quite clever and very useful.

My overall opinion of this product is that it is cool yet needs a lot of retooling. It really does not offer that much besides filtering sound. In a society that is all about technology a product like this will need to become even more capable than it already is. Future developments of the Agil will be key in it becoming a successful tool in the fight against other people simply being too loud.

Steven A. Mottor, Product Review, 2010

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