Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Advice for New Students at the London School of Economics

You have just started your first year at the London School of Economics (LSE) and congratulations to you. My advice to you is as follows.

Set Your Goals

Think about what you plan to achieve over the course of your study. You will likely have two or three years to do something that will propel you enormously in life and these are the years when you will have a lot of time to do a lot before you start your career.

There are several things you should keep in mind. Your primary goal is to gain a great education before you start working. Employers are looking for the best graduates out there and you want to have the most applicable skills possible for the career path you choose. After your second year if you are doing your first degree you will go on to do your internship. This will likely set where you will go on to work. Think about real tangible achievements you want to have on your CV therefore. Whether it is specific academic achievements like prizes for some specific work, language certificates completed or sporting achievements like winning a certain competition or gaining a black belt in a martial art.

Many of us have learned a language at university or did some sport, but if you have achieved something tangible that you can demonstrate as a real achievement I think is really valuable. When you are studying, there are many opportunities. LSE has the Fresher’s Fair where you can choose from a range of clubs and societies. Think about the people you want to meet. If you are from Malaysia and you plan to return to your home country after you graduate, join the Malaysian society and make friends. These people may do the same and you will have some long time friends with whom you will have a lot in common.

Network But Not At The Cost of Academic Achievement

Networking is something that you can practice as an extension to making friends and it will help you greatly when you will begin your career especially in London. If you are planning to become an investment banker or a consultant with one of the top firms, keep in mind that many of your fellow students are planning to do the same and in several years time you may need their help which can potentially help you even climb the career ladder.

There are so many smart people at LSE that are going to go on to do great things in the world and the business world in particular. Get to know them. Ask them what they plan to do in the future. Where they are from. LSE has so many opportunities to do this. Join societies that interest you. Go to the pub after sports with your mates and talk to them. Share your interests and may you have a lot in common with them.

The teachers you have are also very valuable contacts that you should keep in mind. While you are learning from them, also build a relationship with them. In the future they may also go on to do interesting things and in the end they may have valuable contacts themselves in the business world which you will be able to exploit. LSE has a great tutoring programme where you can get to know some of the best academics at LSE who will be willing to provide you guidance in life. At real advantage of this guidance. They themselves have a lot of life experience which they can share with you and guide you towards success.

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