Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Website that Helps Pick Jeans that Will Fit the Best?

Are you very tall? Are you very short? Is it hard to find jeans that fit you right? Do you sometimes wish that you could get jeans custom made for you for a low cost? Well, although that might not be practical, there is a website meant to make buying jeans that much easier.

The website is and their focus is fitting designer jeans to you based on measurements you input in and are then saved into your profile.

Step 1: You select your gender and whether you will be inputting information in inches or in centimeters.

Step 2: You can either measure yourself or estimate. If you measure yourself you will need a soft measuring tape. Personally if you are opting to use this website it really does not make sense to skip measuring yourself. For each measurement there is a diagram showing you exactly where to measure.

Measurements to be taken are natural waist (smallest part of your waist), high hip (where you want the waistband to fall), low hip (fullest part of waist and buttocks), thigh (largest part), inseam,

Step 3: Going over body shape. Here you answer questions such as height, weight, jean size, inseam, and then answer the following questions:

1) Do you ever fluctuate between sizes?

2) How do you typically like your jeans to fit?

3) Where do you typically like your jeans to sit on your waist?

4) What is your favorite brand?

Then using diagrams you select the picture that most resembles your hip shape, seat shape, stomach shape, and thigh shape.

Step 4: User registration. Just basic information so that your profile can be saved so the next time you log on you do not need to repeat anything.

Step 5: A list of suggested jeans will appear along with pictures and a “fit rating”. The “fit rating” is how closely the jeans would fit you. Five stars would be the most perfect fit. It also lists the recommended size you should order and tells you if hemming would be required.

If you opt to venture away from the recommended jeans, then you can always search and a fit rating will still appear provided you are logged in under your profile. With free standard shipping and an easy virtual way to determine how well hundreds of jeans will fit you cannot go wrong. The website also offers a wide variety of brands including 7 for all mankind, Joe’s Jeans, William Rast etc.

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