Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Review of Theatres Near Waukesha, Wisconsin

In the Waukesha, Wisconsin area, several movie theatres are within driving distance.

Majestic Cinema: 770 Springdale Road, Brookfield, WI. The Majestic Cinema in Brookfield is definitely huge, but whether that leads to majesty is up for debate. In a recent article, I criticized the Majestic Cinema for being too ostentatious. While the theatre has a very calloused, business-like vibe, crammed full of many stores, it does have nice amenities within the theatres themselves. Stadium seating, large screens, and crystal clear audio heighten the viewing experience at the Majestic. The Majestic contains a pizzeria, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, and lounge for impressive convenience-but, as aforementioned, the theatre’s many shops make it seem like a bustling marketplace rather than a relaxing cinematic environment.

Hillside Cinemas: 2950 Hillside Drive, Delafield, WI. Just down the highway from the Majestic, Hillside Cinemas offers a more traditional theatre-going experience. Standard popcorn, nacho, and candy concession options are at an average price; admission is comparable to the larger, nearby Majestic Cinema. The theatre has a small arcade to help you pass the time while waiting for a show to start. The theatre screens are decent sized and feature stadium-style seating. Overall, Delafield’s Hillside theatre is a great choice for a relaxed movie-going experience. As an added bonus, Hillside also has occasional discounts on children’s movies.

Ridge Cinemas: 5200 South Moorland Road, New Berlin, WI. Owned and operated by Marcus Theatres, this 20 screen cinema has stadium seating in every theatre, surround sound, and standard theatre screen sizes. The location has prices similar to Hillside and the Majestic plus affordable concessions.

Budget South: 4475 South 108th Street, Greenfield, WI. Slightly further removed from the local Waukesha area, Silver Cinemas’ Budget South theatre is worth the extra few minutes of driving. The theatre has some fun pinball machines and other arcade games in the lobby, excellent concession prices, and, better still, dirt cheap admissions prices. Of course, there’s a catch, the budget theatre does not play movies right after their release dates. If you can wait a few extra weeks to see an upcoming film, going to see a flick at Budget South will save you a lot of money. The screens are decent-sized, with good quality audio, but unfortunately the theatres do not have stadium seating.

The Oriental: 2230 North Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI. In a recent review of the Oriental, I gave the theatre almost exclusively positive remarks. The theatre is not overwhelming impressive because of location or price-it is even further out-of-the way for Waukesha residents than the Budget South, and its prices are comparable to other theatres. What is impressive about the Oriental is the beautiful, vintage feel of the theatre, as well as the theatre’s propensity for playing independent films and niche mainstream titles. The theatre is worth the extra miles on your car if you want to see a unique show in a unique environment. The theatre does not feature stadium seating or amazing picture quality, but the overall ambiance and film-selection quality of the theatre is impeccable.

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