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A Guide for Children's Birthday Parties in the Bay Area

There are many different places to have your child’s birthday party. Some parents like to have it at their homes, and some prefer to have it at a venue that will clean the mess for them when the event is done. My son is turning 8 in a few weeks, and this research had perfect timing. I am all for having it somewhere other than my house!

The following venues are for just about any tastes, ages and price ranges, too.

Local Parks

To have a picnic style birthday party, all you need is a local park. Most places have tables that don’t need reservations, so there is no reservation cost to think of. The only problem is the ‘first come first serve’ issue. You will need to stake out your tables early in the morning and flag them with balloons in order to stave off any one from taking your prime location. Believe me; this is important if you are going to do the non-reservation!

Most local and city parks do have reservations available. They do cost, though. For my daughter’s party, we chose a large picnic area and paid $65. If you have a bounce house, you will be required to have a permit, and you can get one through the same reservation office. Out here, bounce houses run about $100 or so for the day. They make nice additions to the parties, and help the kids burn off the sugar.

One thing about having the party at a local or a city park: clean up your mess. Please leave the park the same way it was when you got there. Napkins and cups seem to sprout legs, so have the kids write their names on their cups and tell them they have to keep an eye on it!

Cloverleaf Family Bowl in Fremont, CA

If you or your kids are into bowling like my family is, then this is the place to have your child’s party. This is a great place and is family orientated.

They offer:

1 hour and 15 minutes of bowling
45 minutes for the party
Bowling balls and shoes
Soft drinks, pepperoni or cheese pizza
Plates, cups, table cloths, and napkins
Party invitations
One free bowling pass for each child
Souvenir bowling pin for the birthday child (this is really cool because the guests can sign it!)
There is an 8 person minimum for this, and it is $18.00 per child.

To plan your child’s party, go to or call (510) 656-4411.

Malibu Gran Prix in Redwood City, CA

Malibu Gran Prix is a cool place to take your older kids for a birthday party. I would not recommend this place for toddlers. This is definitely for grammar school age and above. (It is a minimum of 8 people.)

The Basic birthday package runs $13.99/person plus tax.
1 hour for a reserved table
Birthday party set up and a party host during table time
One soda and 2 slices of pepperoni or cheese pizza
Unlimited popcorn
1 round of Mini golf and 10 tokens

The Deluxe Package is $17.99/person plus tax.
You get all of the above plus one attraction ticket for the Bumper Boats. (Those are fun!!)

The Ultimate is $22.00/person plus tax.
This one includes the Basic package plus 3 laps on the Turbo Go Karts and 1 Bumper Boat session. Expensive, but cool!!

I remember going there as a kid and absolutely loving it. It is a rather expensive party package, but the memories would be worth it! They offer batting cages and an arcade, too.

There are many add-ons to the party packages, but that just adds to the amount due. To see more, log on to or call (650) 367-1765.

Pump It Up in Sunnyvale, CA

Pump It Up is a great place for kids of all ages. It is an indoor jump house jamboree of sorts. They have many jumpers set up for the kids to play on. I didn’t think it was much of a big deal until I went there for a party, and wow, it was awesome! You forget how old you are (mid thirties) and you just want to jump and play on everything! There are two rooms, and you have a set time in each.

The Jr Classic “Weekend” party is $255.00 and includes:
Up to 16 friends
A private party room
Invitations, party set up and clean up
Cups, plates, napkins

The Jr Classic “Weekday” party is $205.00 and that is for Monday through Thursday.
You can bring your own pizza and cake for this venue. Some are particular and only serve their food. This place you can bring your own. To see more, visit

Golfland- Milpitas, CA

This is the classic of all birthday party venues for me. I love Golfland! Since it is an outdoors event, the biggest factor is the weather.
They have a 10 person minimum for their parties.

Golf Birthday Party Package: $12.99/person
1 18 hole game of mini golf
10 arcade tokens
2 slices of thin crust pizza
Limited soft drinks
Cups, napkins, tablecloth, and plates
2 hour party room
No outside food. Cake and ice cream are allowed in only.

Arcade Birthday Package: $12.99/person
Same as “Golf” but with no golf and 35 tokens instead of 10.

Playground Birthday Party: $12.99/person
Same as “Golf”, but with no actual golf and 1 hour in the playground.

NOTE: A non-refundable $65.95 deposit required for every 10 people in the party.

There are many other places to have your child’s birthday party, too. The San Francisco Zoo offers birthday party packages starting at $380 for up to 12 people. They offer many different options and can be found at:

I would recommend researching fully the place you are thinking of having your party. Think about how many people will be attending, not just the kids. Some places charge for the adults, too, even if they are just standing around watching! Also read the fine print and see if there are any hidden fees or non-refundable deposits. Most places will give you free invitations and thank you cards, so that saves you the hassle of getting them yourself. Most of all, relax and enjoy watching your kid(s) being kids!

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