Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Dream Come True, Turned into My Personal Nightmare: My Review of Cartridge World

Owning a Dell printer has it’s setbacks. The ink cartridges cannot be purchased in any store. They must be purchased online on the web site, or by phone, which means you must have a credit card available, and you will also have to wait for it to arrive. I wish I had my old printer back. Those were the days when I could walk into any office supply store, purchase a generic ink cartridge, and continue with my business. But, since Dell did not inform me of their ink purchasing policy, here I sit with an empty cartridge once again.

Last Friday I stumbled on a site advertising the refilling of ink cartridges at a huge discount. The name of the store was Cartridge World, and a branch was to be opening soon in my area. It was like a dream come true, like when AOL went from five cents a minuet to unlimited usage. Imagine, I could gather all my empty cartridges, and bring them to Cartridge World for refilling, and have them back the very same day.

I first spoke to the clerk on the phone to get some information. How much would it cost? How long would it take to refill? And are you open yet? Black cartridges would be $15.75, and color slightly higher. although prices vary for different makes. But anyhow you look at it, it’s just ink, and most of us use gallons of it, so the cheaper the better. Not to mention the good we are doing for the environment when we recycle. The clerk was polite, and enthused, it would only take about twenty minuets to refill, and yes! they had just opened on the Monday.

I had to work on Saturday so I sent a friend to Cartridge World to refill my cartridges. I gave him 3 empties, one black and two color. I meant to give him two blacks and a color, my mistake. But that was OK, because when my current black was getting low, I could just run to Cartridge World and have my empty refilled again, and I would have color ink nearly forever, since I hardly ever used it. He had to wait longer than we thought, so he left them there, and picked them up a couple hours later. The clerk did give a $2.00 coupon for the wasted gas and time, however.

Today was my day off from work, and I had plans of printing out stacks of material that was long overdue, not to mention my Prison Uprise newsletter to send out. I got up early in the morning and finished the newsletter. Placed the refilled cartridges in my printer, and printed out an alignment page. Well, the printer kept calling for another alignment page, until finally 4 or 5 had been printed. “What a waste of ink” I thought to myself.

As the newsletter began printing out, I could see it was of poor quality. Some spots you could hardly read. There were spaces in-between the words, and I knew something was wrong with the cartridge. I immediately called the store and told the clerk what my problem was. She told me to bring the cartridge in and they would check it for me. After all they guarantee there products 100%. But I was all of a sudden not so happy anymore. I had the feeling of gloom that my balloon was about to pop.

I quickly removed the cartridge, and along with a test print and pages of wasted alignment readouts, I headed for the store which is about 15 minuets from my house. An inconvenience to say the least, but I needed this cartridge if I was going to get anything done today that I had planned.

When I arrived at the store, I was greeted by a friendly clerk, who was more than happy to take my cartridge to check. But it was more than just getting another one. I had come to this store to save money and time. And now I was losing money and time. What about all this wasted ink on these test papers? What about all the time wasted driving back and forth? I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to interrupt what I was doing to get this problem fixed. My solution to Dell’s purchasing policy wasn’t looking too good. “I want some kind of reimbursement for all of this,” I was thinking.

I looked around the store as I was waiting for the clerk to return with my cartridge. It was clean and orderly, Everything new. Another clerk, or perhaps the owner came from the back and began answering my questions. “So, It’s not a guarantee that when someone brings a cartridge in, it will be able to be refilled”? I snapped. “We test print them before we allow them to leave the store” she said,”and if they don’t print correctly, they can’t leave.” That should have been fair enough, but I wasn’t happy about all this. She told me about all the Dell cartridges they refilled all week and how mine was the first they had a problem with. But of coarse it would be mine!

This is where it gets worse. After about five minuets or so the original clerk returned to tell me that my cartridge was broke. It couldn’t be refilled because the “tracks” or something were broke. “They can go at anytime” she said. Pop, goes the balloon. I am now without a black cartridge at all. I have to go home, call Dell and order one on line, since they had no empties, or refilled Dell’s in stock. Not a happy camper anymore. It will be maybe 3 days before I can print anything out.

My experience at Cartridge World was poor. I feel I wasted more time and money than if I had just called Dell in the first place and ordered my ink cartridge. I think I was maybe too hard on the girls working there, and the circumstances were a bit out of their control. Although they guarantee their work, there are no guarantees you’ll go home with a filled cartridge, however.

I can blame this experience on Murphy’s Law, “where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” or even on Mercury Retrograde, when the planet Mercury causes havoc on any means of communication, or simply on bad luck. Will I go back to Cartridge World? Will I take my chances, and hope this was just a one time thing? I swore I wouldn’t. But only time will tell if I change my mind. Next time you need an ink cartridge refilled, you can always try your luck with Cartridge World.

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