Friday, February 24, 2017

7 Must Have Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

Although the prices of gas have dropped at a fast rate, learning to improve your gas mileage is still important. Not only will you save tons of dollars at the pump, you will conserve more fuel than you ever did before. Below I have listed the best tips to safely improve your gas mileage!

Getting rid of excess Weight: This may not apply to your passengers, however; it’s important to keep the weight in your car or truck less than 2000 pounds. This involves removing old gear, baggage and other out of date items that you may be carrying around. Even add-on such as car and bike rack will slow you down tremendously. Make sure to fully unload all of the unused gear and other supplies from your truck, this is where all the weight accumulates.

Check Tire Pressure: Before hitting the road for work or any type of road trip, check all of your tires inflation pressure. Make sure the tires are deflated in any type of way, if they are your car will have to work harder to move, this means using more fuel. If you have a SUV, stay away from the oversized wheels and stick to the dealership regulations.

Stop the Idling Game: If you’re going to be outside waiting for a long time or at a spot to where you’re expected to be stuck, turn the car off. Idling will cause you to use unlimited amounts of gas in a short period of time.

Get Proper Gas: When going to the pump to gas up your gas, use the right type of fuel that your car/truck requires. Using the wrong grade of gas will not only cause you car to run improper, make noise and ruining your fuel pump, it can possible cause long term problems with your engine later on.

Get a Check Up: Make sure to get your engine check up at least 2 times every 6 months. Pay special attention to all of the filters, this means air filter and fuel filter. Make sure both of these filters are clean and not laced with grit and grime. Having dirty filters will surely burn your gas faster than a gasoline house.

Drive with Sense: Sure everything on your car may be in order as far as parts, however; why is your gas still burning away? How you drive may possibly contribute to your gas disappearing. Make sure you drive “smooth” instead of like a complete maniac on the road! When you hit the gas, do it slowly, don’t slam on the petal and make the car jerk, you’re wallet will thank you!

Cruise Control: Sit back and enjoy the ride! You don’t always have to manually worry about adjusting your speed; just use the cruise control function. Not only will this save you from overworking yourself, it will enable you to set and maintain a constant speed, which in return will save gas.

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