Tuesday, February 7, 2017

5 Tips for Building Successful Roommate Situation

The school year is almost upon us, and for many students, it is their first year in college. The closer the school year gets the more eager everyone is to find out who will be their first roommate. Sharing a small space with a person you likely do not even know can be a scary experience. It is difficult to anticipate how it will turn out. You might get along really well as roommates, you might secretly (or not so secretly) want to scream at each other for every little thing, or you may just be indifferent to one another. With that said, I have put together a list of five things that are important to know when it comes to having a roommate.

1. Try to find common ground. Maybe you both really love chick-flicks, or maybe you both really enjoy going to football games. Having something to bond over can be really helpful to the roommate situation.

2. Respect one another’s space. It is easy to be loud and rowdy all the time in a college environment, but it is also important to be courteous of your roommate’s sleep and study habits. Studying may be an issue that both of you can compromise on. For instance, maybe you decided the room is a fun zone, and studying should be only done in the library. You might also decide that certain hours are for study time only. If you do not sort this out together, a lot of animosity can develop.

3. Since you are living in a small space together, use of certain things like the TV might come into conflict. Figure out what is really important to you and discuss it. Also, see if maybe you can watch something online. Sites such as www.hulu.com have a decent selection of television shows available at any time.

4. Discuss whether you want to have free reign over each other’s stuff or not. It can become problematic if your roommate starts eating your food or using your printer. Make sure to settle on whether your policy for those kinds of items are on an “ask me and we’ll see basis,” “use it any time you want basis,” or maybe you do not want to share your stuff at all.

5. Finally, do not rely on your roommate for everything; be independent. Sometimes it is just important to give each other space. Branch out and be your own person. Make a few friends on your own, or take up an activity away from your roommate. Constantly doing the same things all of the time can create an environment of suffocation.

Use these tips and you are on your way to a successful college roommate experience!

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