Thursday, February 9, 2017

5 Tips for Better Recycling in Your Neighborhood

Working together with your neighbors, both residential and business, to promote better recycling in your neighborhood will help you achieve a clean and beautiful local environment. In addition, you will help the planet by making sure recycled materials are in the best condition for quick reuse. Learn more below about 5 tips for better recycling in your area.

Tip #1: Break Down All Cardboard Boxes

While the public works department in your city or town may suggest you merely fold and bundle your cardboard boxes, recycling businesses actually recommend that you dismantle the cardboard boxes completely. Find the “seam” of the box where it is joined on one side or end and pull it apart. Tear the rest of the cardboard sections into small pieces no larger than the floor area of your blue bin. Offer any large, clean thick-walled cardboard boxes to neighbors for storage or packing for moving day.

Tip #2: Wash Out Glass Jars and Cans with Hot Soapy Water

Better recycling of glass jars, bottles and metal cans can be done when these items are washed thoroughly with hot soapy water to remove all food materials. Rinse the glass and metal containers before placing them in the recycling bins.

Tip #3: Encourage All Local Businesses to Recycle

Make a neighborhood presentation to a local business association, encouraging them to have recycling containers at their business instead of just trash cans. If several businesses join forces, they can share the cost of recycling pickup between them. Studies have shown people will recycle plastic and glass bottles, newspapers and other reusable materials if facilities are provided for them to do so.

Tip #4: Encourage Your Schools to Recycle

Contact your district or local school board about providing recycling containers for all cans, glass and plastic containers. Find out about providing industrial dishwashers for the school cafeteria so students can eat with reusable plates and cutlery, instead of disposables.

Tip #5: Adopt a Local Park

Get your neighbors together to adopt the park in your neighborhood to keep it free of litter and hazardous materials such as broken glass. Sort the recyclables from the park and put them in your municipal blue box.

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