Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5 Haircuts Every Black Man Should Get

A lot of black men love to simply go natural – you know the types, the ones that you can easily pick out who must do their own heads. But what about the black man who wants to look totally clean-cut, with a little edge, and of course sex appeal? These are the top 5 cuts every black man needs to try.

The Bald Fade. This is one of the hottest cuts a black man who possesses hair can have. This cut is almost completely shaved down to the crown at the back and sides of the head, with the top being cut to no more than around a half inch. It’s often worn by Marines, and is also called a “High and Tight cut”. It works only for black men who have hair on top, so a black man who is balding up top would not be able to pull this off very well. But for the black man who can pull it off, it’s hot!

The Afro Temp. Don’t be scared away by the word afro stuck in there – this is no afro from the 70’s! Rather, it’s a cut for a black man with great hair. The Afro Temp leaves just enough pile to make it considered an afro, but it is by no means sloppy. The sides and edges are nicely smoothed out with only a bare fade, but the top has the most height. It can be really hot if you’ve got the hair to pull it off!

The Lite Caeser. As the name implies, it’s a look that kind of looks like the helmet you would imagine King Caesar wearing, because it leaves the beard intact enough, shaping it down through the side burns but cutting it off at a certain point so as not to make it a full Caesar that would typically wrap around through the beard. It’s a great cut for a man who is not concerned about etiquette perhaps in the church or at work, as long side burns can be inappropriate at times. Otherwise, it is hot!

The Mohawk. Don’t be scared away by this one either! It’s actually really hot right now, especially with young black men. It’s like a fade, but the hair on the top of the head is shaped more into a Mohawk shape. It works if you have the hair to work with. Can’t envision it? Check out alexccampbell.com/mohawk_hot_to_cut_mohawks.aspx for a video presentation on it!

Bald. A clean cut for man black men, especially those who are balding. It can be cut so as to leave almost a peach fuzz, or it can be completely cleaned up leaving almost a shine. It can be really hot, even with young men who have begun to bald.

Some come on and step on out as a black man! With these great cuts, you can get back to the old, sexy you… or step on out for the first time as a young man with lots of style!

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