Friday, February 3, 2017

25 Ways to Say I Love You

After 10 years of marriage you run out of ways to say I Love You. But just because you have told your special someone those three special words what seems like hundreds or thousands of times, it never gets old. And you can never say it too much! Everyone wants to know they are loved, so spread the love in these typical, fun and unique ways!

1. Say It. Whisper it in their ear. Shout it from the rooftops!

2. Leave Post-Its throughout the house or in the car

3. Write it on the mirror with lipstick or eye liner

4. Buy cards for no reason other than to say I Love You.

5. Send balloons to their workplace.

6. Pick them flowers.

7. Make them a present with found objects for a meaningful way to say I Love You.

8. Post it on Facebook and show you aren’t ashamed to say it!

9. Remember their Birthdays. Remember their parents’ birthdays.

10. Offer to help when no help is warranted.

11. Hug often.

12. Do things around the house you hate so they don’t have to.

13. Write them a love poem. Even a bad one!

14. Put their picture on your desktop. It’s the little things.

15. Take out the trash.

16. Never go to bed, hang up the phone, or leave the house without saying I Love You.

17. Arrange a surprise day off with their boss and take them to all their favorite places.

18. Let them pick what movie to see.

19. Show interest in their interests.

20. Invite them with you when you hang out with your friends.

21. Get to know their friends.

22. Make an extra effort to do something before they ask (especially for you married folks!)

23. Tell their Mom she did a wonderful job raising them.

24. Call. Text. Email. Let them know you’re thinking about them when they aren’t around!

25. Show It. Saying I Love You isn’t the only way to express it. There are so many little ways to show how much you care.

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