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Twelve Easy Tips to Increase Luck Through Feng Shui (Vastu)

All of us have heard and practised so much from Feng Shui and proclaim how effective it is in improving our lives. So much that one gets the impression that it is the only gateway to increase a person’s luck. There are other ways like through astrology, occult and a few other Indian and oriental practices. But it can be boldly said now that Feng Shui correction is one quick way to heighten our personal luck. Did we not hear from our grandparents that we draw our luck from the places we live and work all through the day and night? Here are twelve easy ways to do just that … (In India, we call it Vastu)

1. The entrance door to your apartment / house is probably the most important according to Feng Shui. For it is through here that the positive energy and luck enters through the house. An obstruction both inside and outside from the front door can result in bad luck for the inmates. And it is better that the front door should lead directly to a spacious and well-lit room. It should not face a pillar or a shoe-shelf. Correct by removing the shoe rack or even shift the door.

2. Do not erect a mirror right opposite the front door. The positive energy (Chi in Feng Shui) that enters is reflected back by the mirror and escapes through the door!

3. Avoid sleeping in front of the door. According to Feng Shui, when a man’s feet faces the door directly, it is considered as a dying position. In fact, this is the position for dead bodies to be placed. So please place the bed either to the right or to the left of the door.

4. Keep a bowl of fresh salt in the toilets. Toilets by their very nature are a source of negative energy wherever they are located. Hence it is advisable to keep a bowl of unrefined salt on the window sill of the toilet. It is said that the salt will absorb the negative energy. Also do not forget to replace the wet salt with fresh dry salt every so often.

5. Do not hang date calenders either in front or back of the front door. It is said that they affect the longevity of the inmates and is symbolic of telling you how many days are left remaining in your life!

6. Do not sit facing a blank wall. Today most managers in corporate houses sit facing a blank wall with their computer screens in front of them. This is not good according to Feng Shui as it affects their thinking.

7. Do not place mirrors in the bedroom. Mirrors facing the bed can cause disturbances in the marital relationship between husband and wife. As it is bad Feng Shui it sometimes brings a third person in the otherwise healthy marriage !

8. Couples should never sleep in a double bed with two separate mattresses. This is because sleeping in separate mattresses can lead to separation !

9. Keep a laughing Buddha on a mantle or shelf facing directly the front door. The positive energy that enters through the main door is welcomed by the laughing Buddha and gets activated. The laughing Buddha is available at all leading shops and stores selling Feng Shui items.

10. Keep three old chinese coins in the cash box in your house. According to Feng Shui, displaying old chinese coins is a very effective way for increasing wealth and prosperity. These three coins are generally tied together through the common hole running through the center. It is also available in most shops selling Feng Shui items.

11. Keep all brooms and mops hidden. They symbolize the cleaning away of negative energies that enter the room. When they are exposed they are considered inauspicious. It is also said that if you place a broom outside the main door of your house in the upside down position, it gives protection against intruders. Do this only during the night. Keep it hidden inside the house during the day.

12. According to chinese Feng Shui, ducks are symbolic of love and romance in young couples. These ducks are best placed in the south-west corner of the bedroom since the “south-west” is the area for relationships and romance. If you are single and longing for a love mate you could do well by hanging a painting of these ducks in your bedroom. But please note that you have a pair and not one or three. One implies that you will continue to remain single ! Three could indicate that there could be a third person in the relationship !

These twelve tips from Feng Shui (Vastu) are easy to carry out for even a lay person who wants to solve the minor problems of his life.


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