Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Timeless Love Songs: Top Ten

Karaoke is a great pastime. It’s fun to do, and it’s even funnier to watch. But what can that little machine help you say to your loved one? Picking the right song can be everything, so let’s not start with ‘Should I stay or Should I go Now?’ How do you pick out a good love song? Well, as it happens, I have a list of love songs that should do just the trick.

10. I Walk the Line, By Johny Cash. This one doesn’t have to be a guy or a girl singing, so it’s a great romantic song.

9. When You Say You Love Me, By Josh Gromban. Again, this song could be sung by either sex, and it’s so gooey, it’s almost unbearable.

8. You Went and Saved The Best For Last, By Venessa Williams. Of course, this a strictly female vocal preformance, but it’s still a great song.

7. You Save Me And I Will Save The Day, by Train. This one’s equally a male vocal preformance only, but it’s a great song for the guy who wants to say it right.

6. I Drove All Night, by Celine Dion. Don’t be put off guys, you could sing this one too, it’s got a great lyric story.

5. Truly Madly Deeply, by Savage Garden. Yep, it’s still here, and it’s still one of the steamest songs out there.

4. Your Body Is A Wonderland, By John Mayer. This one’s for guys only, but it really gets you going.

3. I Want To Hold Your Hand, by the Beatles. Duh, everyone could have seen that one coming. The Beatles were going to be on here somewhere.

2. Delirous Love, by Neil Diamond. This is good one guys, I’m telling you.

1. Please Forgive Me, by Bryn Adams. Hands down, this is the most romantic pop song ever, don’t try and deny it. And yeah, a girl can sing it too.

Notes; You’ll notice a lack of hip hop and rap in the above list; that’s because your’s truly still doesn’t believe ‘phat’ ‘fly’ and ‘shorty’ are compliments. Other than that guys and dolls, have at it, good luck, and don’t go on to American Idol with one of these karaoke songs unless you aim to be humiliated.

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