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Tackle the Job Market This Fall

Disappointing as it may be, many college graduates are faced with the hunt for full time employment after a summer of temporary employment amid hours of permanent job searches. The beginning of fall can be a difficult time for students who graduated in May or June. Although many had summer jobs, it is the first time in their lives they are faced with uncertainty about the future. Most students have student loans and many are living at home with no alternative. In the academic year 2007-8, over 86% of students graduating with Bachelor’s degree borrowed money to pay for their undergraduate education, according to FinAid. And according to a recent Baltimore Sun article on life after college, 80% of graduating seniors move home at least until they have found some type of permanent employment. Now is not the time to despair and decide to give up on the college education and tremendous experience you have earned. Instead, you can take these steps and rejuvenate as you approach the job market with a new and updated plan.

First, take the time to reflect upon your job hunting strategy and determine why you still have not found the right job. One reason is some graduates still have not focused their efforts or really know what it is they want to do for the next few years. If you take a little time to determine what companies you have spoken to and what information your research has provided you with, you can focus on careers and jobs that are hiring, paying well, considering new graduates and meet your criteria as a potential employer. This will allow you to target the companies you would consider working for and the types of job you would consider working at to build experience for the future. Once you weed out the companies you are not interested in working for and focus on an evoked set of companies, you will be confident in your interviews and willing to accept the position should the job be offered.

Second, remember it is a new season and time to start fresh in your job search again. Take out the fall clothes, put on a fresh face and meet the challenge with a positive attitude and confidence. Remember, you earned a college degree in a very competitive environment and you are prepared to work and take the opportunity to help a company grow. At this point, you must remember whether you are interviewing or submitting your resume and cover letter, you should focus on what you can bring to the company. This means providing concrete facts on your willingness to spend hours building relationships with customers or working extra hours to meet deadlines and working on team projects to get the job done. The company needs to know how you intend to help them meet their goals and objectives. This is especially true of marketing and sales jobs.

Finally, as you are searching and interviewing, you can also register for additional classes or take an extra course in an area you may consider a weakness. This will serve to keep your resume updated and your skills current. If you need to practice a computer skill or become more adept at a language then go ahead and register for a course and be sure to add the fact that you are taking the class to your resume or cover letters to potential employees. Today you have the flexibility of both on campus and on-line classes so there is little excuse for hesitation or procrastination.

As in sales, it just takes one right match or one yes and you will be employed. In the meantime, be persistent, assertive, and confident and above all, keep up the job search. The good news is that when with a focus on the type of company you want to work for and the type of job you want to do, when you finally get the job it will be worth the work to get it. After all, you earned it.


Anderson, Jessica, Life After College For Many Means Returning Home, The Baltimore Sun, June 20, 2010

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