Thursday, January 26, 2017

Snack with Scrabble

A student of mine brought CHEEZ-IT baked snack crackers in his lunch the other day and I really didn’t pay much attention to them until I noticed the tiny squares had letters on them. LETTERS… yeah each cracker had a different letter, and like Alphabets cereal or Campbell’s Alphabet soup a child can make words. What sets these letters apart is the fact that Sunshine CHEEZE-IT’S promote the Scrabble crossword game for juniors.

My Husband and I love to play the board game Scrabble. For a while there we were playing every day. While our daughter was in the Military and far away from home we kept our minds busy with anything that did not revolve around the news or the T.V. Scrabble gave us an outlet that allowed us to sit together, challenge each other, snack, and have fun. The Scrabble board game is like a crossword puzzle for two or more players who arrange little tile letters to make words. Hasbro now has Scrabble available on-line to make it even easier to enjoy. We’re on our 3rd boxed game.

CHEEZ-IT Baked Snack Crackers from Sunshine

The little square crackers are the perfect dimension and to create the popular Scrabble Game tiles these crackers are the perfect matched size. When I purchased a box of CHEEZ-IT Baked snack crackers with the Scrabble logo on the box I could not wait to spell my name, and I could not get anybody in my family to play a game of Scrabble with me though so maybe I’ll take the box to school. The bad thing is we probably won’t get any words spelled since the tiles are edible and kids love CHEEZ-IT’S. If you’ve ever eaten these tasty crackers you’ll know that on the back of the box it says in Giant letters…GET YOUR OWN BOX.

If these tasty snack crackers, along with the really cool letters imprinted on them weren’t enough Sunshine went as far as printing a game board on the back, complete with WILD spaces, fun animals, and game rules. The box I bought was Game 2 of 3. The object is to create words on the game board using 26 scrabble Jr. CHEEZ-IT crackers. Collect points by completing words.

I was going to write out the rules for you so you can play, but then I realized that you’ll need to …GET YOUR OWN BOX.

This author was in no way compensated by Sunshine to review this product I had to buy my OWN BOX!

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