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Romantic Couples Costumes You Can Make Yourself

Turn a romantic evening or Halloween night into a special treat with these romantic couples costumes you can make yourself. No sewing is needed, just a visit to a craft store. There you’ll find all sorts of items that were never designed for making romantic couples costumes, like clip-on curtain rings and ornamental curtain cords, which you can use to connect fabric in elegant ways.

My favorite easy way to make romantic couples costumes uses duct tape to coat old clothes with matching patterns, like a heart on one costume and a bow and arrow on the other. Still more fun are romantic couples costumes of famous couples from literature, movies or real life. So pick your favorite from this enticing collection of romantic couples costumes you can make yourself.

Mirrored Lovers

For a sexy romantic couples costume you can make yourself, turn your bodies into mirrors that reflect each other. At a craft store look for a plain mirror with no frame (as this will be cheaper). In addition buy 2 high-quality duct tapes in your favorite colors. If you both like the same color, buy two variations of it to make a sexy romantic couples costume from two matching mirrors rather than identical ones.

To make the Mirrored Lovers romantic couples costume, lay a strip of duct tape over the edge of the mirror and fold it over on both sides. Repeat this step until you create a thick border around the mirror. Next, add romance to this romantic couples costume by increasing the size of the duct tape border to create the shape of a heart from the remaining (exposed) mirror.

Finally wrap duct tape around rope to create a duct tape cord. Attach the cord to the sides of the mirror (with duct tape, of course) to finish making the essential part of this romantic couples costume. Now, when you hang the mirrors around your necks and look at each other, you’ll see infinite reflections of yourselves, as if your love for each other runs deep into your heart.

It’s an easy romantic couples costume to make and one full of romance. And you can heighten the importance of your lover’s mirrors by each wearing clothes to match your mirrors exactly. All black for his black mirror, and all white for her white mirror, for example. Make this romantic couples costume a true set by pairing the colors logically, white with black, purple with pink, aquamarine blue with dark blue, etc.

Rainbow Lovers

For a breathtaking romantic couples costume you can make yourself, why not become two matching rainbows? At a party store buy helium balloons in many colors. Select a color theme for each of you. One of you can be water colors, like light blue, dark blue, aquamarine, grass green, hunter green, dark purple.

Now make this romantic couples costume more interesting by choosing a different color scheme for the next rainbow costume, like fire colors, red, orange, yellow, gold, copper and dark crimson. To make this romantic couples costume a brilliant success, don’t fill your balloons until the day you wish to dress up in your costumes.

To make the Rainbow Lovers romantic couples costume, each of you should dress in all the colors of his balloons. Then make your romantic couples costume even more interesting by adding accessories. A man can wear blue jeans with a green sweater, purple gloves, light blue scarf and a hunter green hat. A woman can wear red shoes, copper tights, dark yellow skirt, orange top and a crimson hat.

To make this romantic couples costume breathtaking, tie the helium balloons all around you, to his belt loops or her bra strap, to your arms and under your armpits. And be sure to hold a cluster of rainbow balloons in your hands.

Poetic Lovers

For the most romantic couples costume you can make yourself become giant poetry scrolls and dedicate a secret poem to each other. At a craft store buy rough, pale fabric in earth tones like sand or the color of an old parchment. Also buy craft wire, duct tape in a similar color, a stencil of the alphabet and gold spray paint. (You can also buy Rust Oleum hammered gold paint at home improvement stores).

To make the Poetic Lovers romantic couples costume each of you should create a giant scroll to wear over his body. The scroll will be made of a front and back, connect with taped fabric across your shoulders, so in fact you’ll be making a total of 4 giant poetry scrolls for this romantic couples costume.

Fold the fabric in half and cut it to match the length of your height from ankle to shoulder. Place craft wire at the bottom and side hems of each scroll, fold the fabric over the wire, then use the duct tape to secure the fold on the reverse side of the fabric. Finally, for each of the romantic couples costume cut two strips of fabric to connect the front and back together, so you can wear the scrolls over your shoulders.

The romantic aspect of this romantic couples costume you can make yourself should be done in secret. Each of you should write two poems, one for the back and one for the front. Use the stencil and gold spray paint to create immaculate handwriting. Here are a dozen audio love poems to inspire you.

Finish making this beautiful romantic couples costume by rolling the ends of the canvas as if it were a scroll. The craft wire will hold the fabric in place.

Star-cross Lovers

For the saddest romantic couples costume you can make yourself, create a pair of costumes that match and conflict simultaneously. Buy black, white and red duct tape. Take an old outfit or pajamas as the base on which to make this romantic couples costume. Cut strips of duct tape to coat the front of the garment all in black, then coat the back of the garment all in white.

For the second romantic couples costume you are making reverse the color order, using black on the back and white on the front. This will lend the romantic couples costume a feel of jarring opposites, like night and day.

Now add sadness to the romantic couples costume you are making. Using red duct tape create the image of a cracked heart on the breast of each costume. You can also create a stencil of a cracked heart and use red spray paint. Next cut the shapes of drops out of the red duct tape and paste these blood drops below the heart in a line of trickles.

Repeat the motif of tears to enhance the beauty of the romantic couples costume. Paint black teardrops beneath your eyes.

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