Saturday, January 28, 2017

Online Clep Study Makes it Easier to Pass Your Exam

If you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can study for your College Level Examination Program, or clep, test. Clep testing could be for you if you need to speed up the time it takes to earn your college degree. By taking a clep exam, you can earn anywhere from three to twelve college credits that can be applied to your degree program. Although there are thirty-four exams offered by the College Board, not every college offers credit for every exam, so you will need to check with your college or university about this. However, if they do offer credit, you can save both time and money through clep testing.

Online clep study can be the clep prep you need to help you achieve a passing score. Clep study can take several forms; finding the one or ones that work best for you may take a little experimentation.

One online place to start for specific information about what to expect on your clep exam is the website for the College Board. Here they offer a description of each exam, as well as suggestions for what to study in order to succeed.

After this, as part of your clep prep you will want to check out a clep study guide. Several are available, offered by InstantCert, Peterson’s, the College Board and others. Which you choose can depend on your grasp of the subject and how comfortable you are with taking exams. Many students find that a combination of several guides is the best way for them to excel at clep study.

Online clep study is available through InstantCert. Offering a series of online flashcards with questions and answers, this program offers a quick and useful review of a subject that takes little time but results in improved test scores.

Another online clep study aid are timed practice tests, available from Peterson’s and others. Practice tests give you a chance to see how questions are phrased, and even though you will have different questions for your actual exam, it helps you prepare by helping you think through it in advance, thus saving your valuable time on test day. The practice tests also give a great review of the material, another benefit that comes from this type of clep study guide.

Websites and discussion forums also offer another form of online clep study help. Here you can talk to people who have recently taken clep exams, and learn from their experiences. You might also learn some different ways of studying for your particular subject area test that can be helpful in your quest for a passing grade on the clep.

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