Saturday, January 28, 2017

Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy

Every woman who has ever been pregnant or is currently pregnant finds herself at one time or another being the recipient of advice from well meaning people. Some of this advice has been passed down through generations and are commonly referred to as old wives tales. Old wives tales have been around for so long that they are often regarded as fact. Some of these tales contain dire warnings about activities that should be avoided at all cost by pregnant women, for fear that they will harm their unborn child. Like urban myths, old wives tales are often personalized by the teller who knows for certain that her cousin’s boyfriend’s sister or some other distant relative failed to follow the advice and suffered dire consequences.

I worked with some very caring older women during my first pregnancy and out of their deep desire to help me navigate my way to mother hood, offered endless pieces of advice about what I should and shouldn’t do while pregnant. Some advice, like drinking plenty of water was sound and given whole hearted approval from my doctor.
Drinking plenty of water is a good habit at any time, but especially when you are expecting. Water can help you avoid constipation and dehydration. One reason that I read: that you should drink plenty of water so your baby won’t get dirty inside the amniotic fluid definitely fell into the category of old wives tale.

Another popular old wives tale concerns the mother to be raising her hands over her head and causing the umbilical cord to wrap around neck of the unborn baby, causing strangulation. It is true that sometimes the cord will find its way around the infant, but that is caused by the natural movements of the baby in the uterus. Nothing the mother does causes the cord to wrap around the baby. Besides, if it were true, how would you get dressed? If there were any truth to this rumor, there would be no maternity clothing designed to go over the head. And how would you reach items in the grocery store? Obviously there is no truth to this story.

Pregnant women have enough to focus on, making sure that they have a healthy baby. Old wives tales may be good for a laugh but any serious advice should come from medical professionals. They know how to ensure the health and safety of both mother and baby.

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