Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mobile Veterinary X-Ray Solutions

Both large and small-animal veterinary practices add additional value to the services they provide by offering mobile veterinary units in vans or trucks. Sometimes this is the only way to see your animal patients, but it can be challenging because you essentially need to bring all of the basics that would be provided at your office on the road with you. This also includes Veterinary x-ray equipment. Many vets choose to use Veterinary Digital X-ray solutions to meet this challenge. These can be sized to fit in a vehicle, and will provide you the information your need to offer excellent patient care even away from your main office.

Veterinarians can choose from Veterinary CR or Veterinary DR systems. These are digital imaging systems, both of which can be used in a mobile environment. Both CR and DR imagers will take digital x-rays that will be converted to the dicom format used for medical digital images. Both types of image capture systems are available in mobile models that can be easily rolled about on hand carts with wheels, so that you can move the equipment into place around your patient. Mobile systems are also lightweight, making them more convenient to move and load into your vehicle. Systems will take on a compact form for ease of getting the equipment into your mobile unit as well. CR systems have the advantage of being the most cost-effective digital imaging solution currently available, and they have the added advantage of offering you the flexibility to retrofit existing film imaging systems so that they can also take digital images. DR imaging systems offer the highest resolution imagers on the medical market today.

For even more versatility while out on the road, you can also use a mobile Veterinary digital x-ray system in conjunction with a Veterinary PACS software and hardware unit running on a laptop computer. The PACS system will then allow you to view the digital medical images you take out in the field, giving you speedy results and diagnoses. Digital images in dicom format may then also be sent via a wireless Internet connection back to your main office for further study and storage. PACS systems can be used on workstations to enhance the digital images through the contrast, brightness, zoom and crop features built in.

When working in a mobile environment, a veterinarian might never know exactly what types of services he or she will need to be able to offer on a moment’s notice, but with a digital x-ray unit on board you will have a major system in place for gaining valuable patient information.

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