Monday, January 2, 2017

10 Humorous Anecdotes of a Fat Girl

I am a fat girl and when someone asks for my weight, it is my usual practice to tell them the truth (of course deducting 30 pounds from my actual weight). It is very strange that my attitude evaporated faster then my weight. If I try to make a list of diets I have tried, then I think it will spill out from the standard legal size paper.

After so much efforts if I tell you that I have not lost any weight then it is a lie. I have lost 10 pound in 3 months and recovered back that 10 pounds with an additional bonus of 5 pounds in 15 days. This type of statistics prevents me to try something new.

Apart from these I have found out following humorous anecdotes which are very convincing and gives my mind very soothing effect. Let me confess, I have not developed all these anecdotes. But I have gathered it from the other fat girls like me.

My grandmother who is 64 read somewhere that “jogging a mile will add one minute in your life,” after 5 days she admitted into nursing home for 5 months costing $5500 per month.

A fat girl told me that her grandfather started jogging 5 miles a day when he was 68. He must be 73 now but for god’s sake, we don’t know where he is.

A fat girl joined a health club to loose some pounds. But after 30 days she lost 500 pounds and her middle portion is still intake.

A Fat girl loves long walks that are taken by the people who get on her nerves.

Fat girls usually have a pair of very ugly thighs, but thank god they can’t see it due to their big belly.

If a fat girl does the exercises daily then I don’t know the other advantages but at least she will die healthy.

A fat girl hates jogging, since she can’t control the jumping of ice from her glass.

A fat girl finds it very easy to pass gas when she presses her stomach with her both legs in a yoga class. She feels very relaxed, but all their class fellows started complaining.

A fat girl bought a new weight loss handy machine. Hopefully, this will work because the treadmill is covered in layers of folded clothes.

Humorous nature is directly proportional to the body weight, that’s why many fat girls, fat women and fat men are humorous like me.

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