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10 Horror Movies for Halloween : Alternates to the Classics

As Halloween night grows ever closer many horror fans struggle with the same problem.

What to watch to really get in the mood for a night of treats and tricks. Most scary movies guides will suggest the same classics year after year films such as The Exorcist,

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Night of the Living Dead. No one can deny that these are some of the most frightening and iconic of horror films but after repeated they can lose some of their chills. Here is a list of alternatives in the genre that will still give viewers the creeps but add a fresh dose of shivers this Halloween.

10. PumpkinHead

A gothic tale perfect for the Halloween season. A farmer calls to life a local legendary monster to extract revenge for his young son’s death. But can he control the monster he has unleashed? The creature itself is far more grotesque than his name, PumpkinHead, implies.

9. House of 1,000 Corpses

Rob Zombie’s homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may be short on plot and character development but makes up for it in atmosphere. This is audience’s first encounter with the firefly clan in all their brutal glory. Torture, bizarre rituals and even a few actual zombies give this film just the right ambience for Halloween.

8. Ginger Snaps

This Canadian flick takes the traditional werewolf movie and gives a new spin. Namely Ginger the teenaged girl doomed to become a werewolf while dealing with her sexuality, pms, and her sister and closest confidant. Ginger Snaps is a fun ride and brings a novel and modern look at an old legend.

7. Book of Shadows: The Blair Witch 2

This movie can stand on it’s own despite being a sequel. In the film it acknowledges that the original is fiction and explores the hype surrounding the movie and the town it was filmed in. A tour group visiting the woods where the original was filmed find that there is a fine line between obsession and reality. Again the woods in the fall with spooky apparitions and mysterious disappearances make this a good choice to get into a witchy mood.

6. Creepshow

Brought to the screen by George A. Romero and Stephen King, Creepshow delivers five vignettes from all walks of horror. Cockroaches, demonic monster, zombies and even serious case of moss overgrowth, Creepshow captures the short scary story another staple of Halloween entertaining.

5. Candyman

Urban legends are a popular way for people to frighten one another. How often is Bloody Mary repeated in front of mirrors at Halloween parties with the belief it will cause the ghost to emerge. Candyman takes the idea of the urban legend and creates its own version, a folkloric boogeyman who comes to those who call him and make them part of his story. Perhaps this film can serve as a warning to those on Halloween who are thinking of calling a spirit through the mirror.

4. Evil Dead 2

A classic but not as overplayed as others and featuring Bruce Campbell in his signature role of Ash. Need I say more.

3. The Strangers

After viewing this film of a couple’s home over run with psychos in masks you may just hesitate before opening the door for any trick or treaters.

2. May

Sad and disturbing at the same time it’s hard not to root for May. Even as she begins her reign of blood after an ill-fated Halloween Party.

1. Halloween 2007

Rob Zombie’s remake of the all time classic Halloween film will of course never replace the original but still is well done offering great scares and some interesting background on one of the most famous horror movie icons, Michael Myers.

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