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10 Guest Room Basics

Decide what fundamental items a guest room needs by giving some thought to what you would like if you were the guest. The simple goal is to ensure a visitor’s comfort. This tip sheet provides a homeowner with ten basic items for a guest room.

1 – Closet Space – A guest-ready room will have closet space void of the homeowner’s belongings if possible. Provide the guest with a closet free of your clothing or personal items. Store your personal items in another part of the home for the duration of the visit.

2 – A Bureau – Even if it is small, a bureau is an important item in the guest room. Make sure the bureau is empty and the draws clean. For an added touch, line the draws with inexpensive heavy weight gift-wrapping paper, which can easily be cut to fit the draws.

3 – Simple Robe – An extra terrycloth robe or two in the closet is a good idea in a guest room. Most visitors bring a robe, but just in case someone shows up unexpectedly, no one will be caught off guard.

4 – Reading Material – Stock the guest room with a thoughtful selection of books and up-to-date magazines; include a variety of appropriate reading material. Scour yard sales and the local library book sales for inexpensive books that appeal to a wide audience. Display the books in a large basket on the floor, which you can also pick up at a flea market for a few dollars.

5 – Bedding – A guest room basic is extra bedding. In the closet, store some pillows of various lofts. Depending on the season, a light or heavy blanket ought to be available. Extra bedding ought to be crisp and clean. Launder bedding prior to the guest visit and remake the bed.

6 – Mirror – No guest room is complete without a full-length mirror. Whether attached to the inside of a closet door or a freestanding Cheval, a mirror is a must-have to accommodate the visitor. Most Walmart department stores carry Cheval mirrors that will enhance any guest room.

7 – Seating – It does not have to be fancy, but a comfortable chair is definitely a guest room essential. Buy an old chair at a flea market or yard sale or check out Craig’s List. Freshen with upholstery cleaner and cover with an inexpensive decorative throw. A chair provides the guest with a place to relax. A chair also offers them a place to drape their clothing.

8 – Alarm Clock – A clock may seem overly basic in a guest room, but it is nonetheless an important fixture. There is no need to spend a fortune on a state-of-the-art clock, however. A simple clock with an alarm is ideal, which you can find for $10 and under at a Family Dollar store.

9 – Baskets or Bowls – A fabulous guest room essential includes a few baskets, bowls or containers. A guest appreciates having a place to put keys, change, wallets and such. Bowls or decorative small containers can hold jewelry, cell phones, lipstick and other small items.

10 – House Phone – While most people today have a cell phone, it is still a good idea to have a regular phone in the guest room. A cell phone may end up out of range of a signal, so a land phone is critical. A telephone is an important item in case of an emergency.

Although considered guest room basics, these ten items are certainly not the only things a homeowner can incorporate to make a guest room comfortable. If guests are frequent, a small television and DVD player make a nice addition. Used only on occasion, though, a TV can be moved from one room to the guest room, prior to the arrival of company.

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