Wednesday, January 4, 2017

10 Grocery Items You Must Store for the Winter

Imagine this: It’s dark outside, the streets are icy, and your stomach is growling. One thing that could make this scenario worse would be an empty pantry or freezer.

Don’t get stuck in the cold when it comes to wintertime at-home dining. Keep these 10 grocery items on hand for cold winter nights.

1. Soup – Stock extra cans of your favorite soup. Chicken noodle, vegetable, and tomato soup are examples of meals that are incredibly easy to make and sure to warm you up.

2. Bread – Carbohydrate-filled foods are known comfort foods, and during those cold months, comfort food calls. Bread goes perfectly with that soup too.

3. Casserole – Nothing freezes better than a store bought or homemade casserole. And on those cold dark nights, this one-dish meal is exactly what you need.

4. Pasta – An easy-to-make meal that satisfies every one’s comfort food craving. Just don’t forget to store several cans of vegetables too. No point in loading up on carbs if you can’t step-up the dish with healthy vegetables. Canned mushrooms, green beans, or even corn can complement a nice pasta meal.

5. Canned fish – Sardines and tuna packed in water are excellent sources of vitamin D; a vitamin most of us lack, especially during those dark winter months. Add sardines to a salad or to a bit of bread for a light winter evening meal.

6. Rice and beans – One bag of rice and one bag of beans will feed a family of four several times. Rice and beans is an inexpensive meal and can easily work with your favorite meats, spices, and vegetables. It’s safe to say that rice and beans is one of the most versatile meals around.

7. Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars – If the electricity goes out and you have to snuggle up to that fire, make it a fun evening with s’mores.

You don’t have a fireplace? No problem, s’mores taste good out of the microwave or directly from the package too.

8. Condiments – Without mayonnaise, salt, ketchup, or other condiments your meal might lack its luster. Purchase a “picnic pack” that includes individual serving size packages of condiments, and keep them in the pantry for desperate times.

9. Fruit – Fresh fruit is the most nutritious, but frozen or canned fruit isn’t bad either. Keep a frozen medley of berries and stock up on canned pineapple and peaches. Fruit makes for a healthy, sweet dessert or snack.

10. A gallon jug of water – Pipes do freeze in the winter time. Whether for drinking or brushing your teeth, a gallon jug of water can be one of the most important items to store.

Add your favorite, easy-to-store foods to this list, and after one trip to the grocery store you’ll be ready to eat well this winter.

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