Friday, January 6, 2017

10 Great Halloween Books for Preteens

There are so many terrific Halloween books for little kids, but you have to dig a little harder to find great Halloween books for pre-teens.

1. Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury This is a tale where a 13-year-old boy disappears into the Halloween Tree and his friends travel through time with the help of an older man. This is a gripping story that is a quick read (160 pages) that slips in history of Halloween into the plot.

2. Halloween NightBooks I and II by R.L. Stine From the infamous author of the Goosebumps series, R. L. Stine wrote a story about girls who plan to murder another girl who keeps taking their boyfriends. The story seems simple enough, but there is a twist at the end that will surprise you.

3. Five-Minute Halloween Mysteries by Ken Weber This is for the kids who can’t sit still long enough for Harry Potter. These short mysteries keep kids entertained and interested.

4. Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man by Wendelin Van Draanen This is a fun story about a seventh grade girl who tries to solve the mystery of who stole her families’ heirlooms twenty years ago. The book is a quick read (172 pages) and intriguing.

5. Widow’s Broom by Chris Van Allsburg The author of Polar Express wrote this exciting picture book for Halloween, which makes an excellent read-aloud with a flashlight. An old widow finds a witch’s broom accidentally and this short 32-page book keeps kids laughing and guessing until the end.

6. “The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight: More Poems to Trouble Your Sleep” by Jack Prelutsky This book is for the teachers in middle school who are struggling to get kids to read poetry. There are 12 bone-chilling poems about monsters accompanied with scary illustrations. It’s the perfect fix for boys who think poetry is lame.

7. Creepy Campfire Tales: Halloween Campout, Vol. 1 by James D. Adams This is a compilation of 11 short stories that take place around Halloween in New England and Ohio areas. From monsters and vampires to evil scarecrows that come to life, there are thrilling stories throughout the 136-page book.

8. Squampkin Patch: A Nasselrogt Adventureby JT Petty This is a bizarre tale of two children who lose their parents in a department store, escape from an orphanage that forces children to assemble zippers, then move into a home where the previous owner disappeared the Halloween prior. The home they move into has a rapidly growing garden of squash-pumpkins (squampkins) that eventually snatch the little sister.

9. The Halloween Party, Vol. 5 by E.A.M. Jakab, This is a “choose your own adventure” story that stars a new girl named Meg who invites you to a Halloween party with real ghouls. Kids will have fun making the story turn out different ways.

10. Horeseman#1 (The Hollow) by Christopher Golden The author of the Buffy series writes a story about a normal family that relocated to a small town called Sleepy Hollow after the mother dies. The town seems normal until they learn that the Headless Horseman tale is real and he is murdering people in town. This book is for the older pre-teens; it is actually scary and violent.

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