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10 Great Christmas Gifts for Men at JcPenney

JcPenney is a great place to buy Christmas gifts for the men in your life. The Men’s Department is a big priority for the Christmas holiday season. Areas are expanded or added to ensure that the customer gets the best possible selection of Men’s merchandise they can at JcPenney. Sales Associates are available to help customers on the floor. They can answer any questions the customers may have about the merchandise. Sales Associates can help fit someone for a dress shirt, casual pants , sports coat, suit coat, or dress pants. Also, they can check the stock room for a size that’s not available on the sales floor.

The JcPenney catalog carries a lot of different men’s clothing and gifts that are not available in the store. Exclusive items are added just for the Christmas season. JcPenney adds free shipping coupons to their catalogs for the holidays. Customers have to spend a certain amount to qualify and also have to have the coupon code. If JcPenney is out of a specific size of clothing in the store and a sales associate orders that item for you out of the catalog, shipping is free. Christmas time is not the only time this applies. All year long, you can take advantage of this little known secret.

Here is a list of 10 great Christmas gifts for Men that you can buy at JcPenney:

Leather Jacket
JcPenney has really nice Leather jackets and blazers at Christmas time. The Bomber jacket is just one of the styles they have available. The day after Thanksgiving through Christmas is the best time to buy a Leather jacket. The sales will be good during this time.

Flannel Shirt
All men like flannel shirts. St. John’s Bay and Docker brands are excellent choices. St. John’s Bay is JcPenney’s private brand and is good quality. They make two different weights of flannel shirts; medium and thick. Brawny is the thick weight. All men like the medium weight. If a man works outside a lot when it’s cold, he can use the Brawny flannel shirt.

Pajama Bottoms
Men love pajama bottoms. Buy them a colored t-shirt to go with it and they’re all set for winter. JcPenney has two choices of pajama bottoms to choose from; flannel and knit. The flannel are the most popular for Christmas gifts. And St. John’s Bay is the best brand to buy. The pajama bottoms come in several different color patterns; plaids, outdoor, Christmas, and solid. Straight leg and cuffed are the two style choices. Most men want the straight leg. Sale prices on pajama bottoms are good enough so you can really stock up. They make great men’s gifts.

Colored T-shirts
All men like colored t-shirts. St. John’s Bay has many different colors available for customers to choose from. Stafford makes a colored t-shirt with a pocket but doesn’t have as many colors. So if the man you’re buying for smokes or carries an ink pen, he would probably prefer the Stafford.

Dress Shirts
Stafford brand is the main dress shirts at JcPenny. Van Heusen and Pierre Cardin are two of the others they carry. Sales associates can help pick out colors and sizes.

Casual Dress Pants
Men love Docker pants. Dockers come in a flat front or pleated style. Colors such as stonewash, kakhi, blue, olive, gray, black, and while are available to choose from.

Levi, Silver Tab, and Arizona are just some of the brands that JcPenny. St. John’s Bay jeans are available in the mature men’s department.

Tool Sets
JcPenney sells a lot of tool sets during the holidays. I bought my husband one and he is happy with it. The price is really reasonable on the tool sets also.

JcPenney sells all sorts of novelty electronic and board games at Christmas time. Poker games are popular.

Dockers and Stafford are the main brands of wallets that JcPenny sells. Relic brand is a brand for the younger generation. At Christmas, JcPenney has a lot of really nice boxed gift sets with wallets in them. Customers have their choice of two colors; black and brown. Several styles are available such as bi-fold and tri-fold.

JcPenney is a great place to buy gifts for men. I’ve only listed 10 of them. Be sure to check out JcPenney for all your Christmas gift giving needs.

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